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Audio: Join a Dig, Performance History; Eilat Mazar Dates King David

What a lineup! No one understands involving the public in archaeology like Bernie and Fran Alpert
10/28/2009, 6:26 PM

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What a lineup! No one understands involving the public in archaeology like Bernie and Fran Alpert. From their own enthusiasm in discovering and touching history, they involved their friends, and realized everybody would get in on the act if they could – so they created a new educational model. Over one million people have enjoyed Archeological Seminars' programs. Bernie explains the immense scientific work generated and recorded by the dig. A stele, an inscription they found last year, is making waves among scholars to better understand the Hasmonean period. Fran is an experienced classroom educator and shares her secrets of how to touch people's hearts so they understand Israel is “where their roots lie.“ Get in on it at
Joyce Klein created Zippori Live, the unsurpassed interactive theater program at an historical site in Israel. She shares her vision of how a live person recreates and draws visitors into history, making stones and lifestyles come to life. This approach is transformative educationally, both on site and in the classroom. You will find the insights here worth pondering and considering. To find out more about making Jewish history come to life, write to her at
What is the most controversial site today in Israel? The City of David. The focus of that fight is the northern top of the hill where a massive structure has been uncovered by Dr. Eilat Mazar, who attributes it to King David! This conclusion is under attack by scholars. Eilat addresses it head-on! The story of what made her dig here is fantastic. She tells the story of how the destruction of Temple Mount remains brought about the adoption of wet sifting, in turn producing 60 percent of her finds including the personal seals of biblical characters. This success influenced Elah Fortress and other digs. Dr. Mazar conducts a wide ranging discussion on archaeology, its importance, new and old methods, the thinking, the implications, and her own story of how she was drawn into this world by her grandfather Benjamin Mazar. This a unique, personable, exciting, and enlightening session with one of the most articulate spokespeople for Israel's history. Really a day seminar condensed into less than an hour.
Dr. Mazar is in the forefront of protecting the site and the remains of the Temple Mount. Eilat asks that you participate in the petition to stop the destruction of Temple Mount Antiquities at, and become familiar with this topic. Barnea Selavan and David Willner of Foundation Stone thank Eve Harow (Judean Eve) for the opportunity to broadcast on Israel National Radio.
For more information, to order tours and seminars, and to hear other programs see or call 310 909-8497.

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