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Fascinating and newsworthy items this year were found in the City of David by Ronny Reich
10/22/2009, 4:03 PM

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Fascinating and newsworthy items this year were found in the City of David by Ronny Reich, professor of archaeology at Haifa University. Barnea asks Ronny about the unexpected implications of the fish bones found in a First Temple period dump; and the massive walls just uncovered from 3700 years ago, now open to the public. Ronny explains his personal interest in connecting the developments of the past century in understanding these walls, and David Willner asks Ronny to describe the Jerusalem David would have seen. Dr. Guy Steibel of Hebrew University shares his fascination with how texts and finds together reveal the actual human life of the people who are part of Israel's story. Director of the Masada excavations, following Prof Ehud Netzer, Guy shares how the actual study of Masada is just beginning! He feels he knows particular people and neighborhoods on the hill, and describes in detail their international imported foodstuffs. Regarding the past summer season at Elah Fortress- Khirbet Qeiyafa, where Guy probed the expected fortress area on top of the hill, he shares an important lesson in archaeology. As he weaves Alexander the Great and a later farmer sharing this hilltop, he offers strong encouragement to people choosing archaeology as a career. From the desert near Beer Sheva, Avner Goren talks as he walks on the inaugural Abraham's Path event. People of different cultures walk the path to meet people of different cultures, forging bonds through conversations, food, and experiencing the varied lifestyle of the local peoples. This is an international project, and this three day hike starts it off. Avner guides tour guides; was the archaeologist of Sinai and the Sinai field school; advised Bruce Feiler in his Walking the Bible series, and has been on so many TV specials one cannot count them. He is more expert in Turkey, Egypt, and other countries, than the local guides. This project culminates years of work, and we get it straight from the Path (see Marketing and developing an historical site is the need and great lack of many sites in Israel. The City of David is most fortunate to have Shahar Shilo as its Marketing Director! Shahar shares the range of activities and some upcoming news for visitors. A scholar in his own right, well traveled in the Middle East and Anatolia, with a particular expertise in the south of Israel, Shahar brings a full understanding of what the city of David represents, and how to communicate that to different segments of the population, averaging now 2500 people a day.  David questions him about recent claims and court cases that the excavations interfere with the surrounding village (see For more information, to hear earlier shows, and to suggest interview and discussion topics, see

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