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Audio: Discipline Mix: Store Owner Interfaith Teacher; Rabbi Archaeolog

Your studies connect to finds in the field including your own personal discoveries
10/14/2009, 7:10 PM

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Imagine being a rabbi, archaeologist, and tour guide? Your studies connect to finds in the field including your own personal discoveries, and then you share it with the public. Rabbi Asher Altshul shares his vision and how each of his fields of expertise reinforces the other. Studying Talmudic passages with the knowledge of the cultural context, and the physical realities described in the texts, immeasurably enhances undertaking and retention. Asher gives a sample of Prof Chanan Eshel's publication of an oil lamp found in a Galilee site. It has a feeder to keep the oil flowing to the main lamp, which is a vessel described in the mishna. He describes how his classroom teaching is reinforced by historical and archaeological context, and vice versa. Asher has been leading Foundation Stone's Royal Frontiers and our new moonlight city of David tours with the Israel Center. In one of our most intriguing interviews, Moshe Kampinski, co-proprietor of Shorashim Gifts with his brother Dov, explains how his Old City store has become a mecca for Christians to understand Judaism and Jews. What is the new interest, how did it develop, and what is the common language and basis they use to communicate - and a couple great stories to boot! Jerusalem is implementing an interconnected route of parks around the city. Barnea tells of his family Succot hike through Nachal Chalilim, with highlights for visitors to note, and the plans of the city, including bike paths. Finally, David and Barnea shmooze about the news; the archaeological conference run by Hebrew University and the Israel Antiquities Authority is reviewed: Susiya's line of filed books connecting to verse and mishna; Mordechai Cogan's Carta Handbook of Assyrian and Babylonian inscriptions related to the bible; the new mosaic museum on the Jerusalem-Jericho road; our Second Temple period immersion tour every Friday, and more. For more information and to arrange tours see

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