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Audio: Greatest Hoard of Bar Cochba Coins Ever Found; the Scholars Talk

Foundation Stone interviews the scholars who discovered the largest hoard of Bar Cochba coins
9/9/2009, 8:26 PM

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Foundation Stone interviews the scholars who discovered the largest hoard of Bar Cochba coins ever found in a provenanced excavation. A team of surveyors and archaeologists discovered living quarters of prominent Jews escaping the Romans during the Bar Cochba revolt. The still undisclosed location of the cave, in conjunction with other finds, proves conclusively that the settled area of the rebel state stretched far west and beyond its earlier assumed borders. David and Barnea discuss the facts and implications of this exciting, historical find. In the second segment Prof Amos Frumkin of the Cave Research Unit in Hebrew University explains his lifelong fascination with caves, their fascinating geological formations, and how they preserve historical remains that were erased on the surface. Dr. Boaz Zissu of Bar Ilan University then talks at length through the next segment about how this is his greatest personal find in his main field of study, the Bar Cochba period. As a scientist, he sees from the coins, weights, and sophisticated cave system, the well organized government Shimon Bar Cochba led. this find shows the populace lived in the main fertile settlement area of the country. The caves in the Judean desert were a last resort at the end of the revolt. In the final segment Barnea and David hang a bit loose! We talk about the newly revealed 3700 year old wall announced at the City of David conference fitting into a century long historical puzzle. Life in the Old City with visitors, and how to best use a Sukkot visit, including coming to the priestly gathering blessing to the Western Wall, and joining a Foundation Stone tour.

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