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Rabbi Pinchas Winston is an international lecturer and acclaimed author, having published more than 25 works about Judaism. His special focus is on 'geula b'rachamim' or 'redemption through mercy'.  His website,  www.ThirtySix.org , offers videos, essays and a his library of books he has authored.   To send Rabbi Winston your questions to be answered on the show, email:  PWinston@ThirtySix.org

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Have a question about Judaism that you don't understand, or maybe you're having relationship/in-law/sibling/family problems but don't know what the Torah would instruct on the best way to respond? Just write Rabbi Pinchas Winston for your 'Ask the Rabbi' question. email PWinston@ThirtySix.org Rabbi Winston is an international lecturer and acclaimed author, having published more than 25 works about Judaism. his website is: http://www.thirtysix.org 'Ask the Rabbi' airs every Monday at 11am EST/ 6pm Israel time.
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Rabbi Pinchas Winston's Latest Shows

Noach & Lessons For Life / ASK THE RABBI!

A dangerous flood by any other name is still a dangerous flood     

Mon, Oct 20

Will the real you kindly celebrate                    

Mon, Oct 06

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur force us to get real with what we truly want

Tue, Sep 30

Here comes the King. Are you real with that?                    

Tue, Sep 23

Here comes the King. Are you real with that?          

Mon, Sep 15

The Machzor is a guide to higher levels of spiritual growth.     

Mon, Sep 08
Rosh Hashanah Cometh? / ASK THE RABBI!

God’s is moving closer to you, but are you moving closer to Him? 

Mon, Sep 01
Holy & Promised / ASK THE RABBI!

Why living in Israel is so important, and yet so secondary to many Jews.

Mon, Aug 25
Humility In Action / ASK THE RABBI!

Humility In Actions                          

Mon, Aug 18

The Current War & Need For Humility                

Mon, Aug 11

What might the deeper reason for this war be, and how should We respond in terms of preparing for redemption?

Mon, Aug 11
Anticipate Redemption / ASK THE RABBI!

 Is it enough to simply learn some Torah and do my mitzvos to be a complete Jew?

Mon, Aug 04

Making Divine sense of this current war.          

Mon, Jul 28
Anti-Semitism / ASK THE RABBI!

Anti-Semitism & It’s Basis                       

Mon, Jul 21
The Three Weeks, Part 2 / ASK THE RABBI!

Ominous signs about current history.             

Mon, Jul 14
The Three Weeks / ASK THE RABBI!

The events of today are much greater than many people think      

Mon, Jul 07
Storm Before the Calm / ASK THE RABBI!

Why does the calm precede the storm?                

Tue, Jun 24
The Evil Inclination / ASK THE RABBI!

This week’s parshah about Korach’s rebellion is a good excuse to address the issue.

Tue, Jun 17
Lessons In Spying / ASK THE RABBI!

Joshua, Caleb, the spies, and speaking ill about the land of Israel.       

Tue, Jun 10

Torah! Torah! Torah! A battle cry for personal introspection and growth on the Jewish pilgrimage festival of Shavuot.

Mon, Jun 02