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      About Gabriella Licsko

      Gabriella Licsko is a lecturer on Jewish history and society focusing on different religious communities. She leads tours of different neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as tours across the country. Gabriella holds a bachelor's degree in Culture Studies and a master's degree in Jewish Studies and made aliyah from Hungary in 2007. She hosts the Welcome to the Tribe podcast every Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Israel National Radio.

      About Gabriella's Shows

      Welcome to the Tribe

      Welcome to the Tribe deals with Israeli society and every day life from the hassidic communities to the secular world, from the hilltops of Yehuda and Shomron to the biggest shopping malls, from American olim to exotic Jewish communities from India, Ethiopia and beyond. Tune in for Israeli society, geography and interesting people. Hosted by historian and researcher Gabriella Licsko every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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      Gabriella Licsko's Latest Shows

      Sephardic Metal Guitar Virtuoso / Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast

      Yossi Sassi, the king of Oriental Sephardic metal guitar opens up in this exclusive interview.

      Sun, Jul 21
      "Slayer" Loves Israel / Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast

      Interview with metal legend Dave Lombardo, a founding member of Slayer on why he loves Israel and his upbringing as an immigrant kid.

      Sun, May 19
      ProgStage Fest Rocks Israel / Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast

      Interviews with local & global bands that performed at the ProgStage festival in Israel.

      Sun, Nov 04
      Comparing Chabad and Breslov / Welcome to the Tribe
      Tue, Jul 19
      History of Walter Bingham Part 2 / Welcome to the Tribe
      Want to know the inside scoop about INR's elder statesman Walter Bingham? Tune in for part 2 Tue, Jul 12
      Walter Bingham: The Real Story / Welcome to the Tribe
      Want to know the inside scoop about INR's elder statesman Walter Bingham? Tune in.
      Wed, Jul 06
      Interview with Chief Rabbi Sacks / Welcome to the Tribe
      Exclusive interview with Philosopher Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks of the House of Lords. Tue, Jun 28
      Most Dangerous Bookstore Ever / Welcome to the Tribe
      How could a quality Jewish bookstore be more dangerous than gambling?        Tue, Jun 21
      How to Convert to Judaism / Welcome to the Tribe
      2 different views on converting to Judaism from a Bnei Brak yeshiva and the Joint Conversion Institute Tue, Jun 07
      The Real History of Tel-Aviv / Welcome to the Tribe
      Where can you find the settlement of Ahuzat Bayit in Israel today? Tel-Aviv was the "new Jewish " city. Tue, May 24
      Lag BaOmer Special! / Welcome to the Tribe

      The sociomystical aspects of Lag baOmer - Israel's religious mega-event!   

      Tue, May 17
      Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut? / Welcome to the Tribe

      How do Israelis celebrate Independence Day? Learn about religious similarities and differences.

      Tue, May 10
      Modern World - Jewish Values / Welcome to the Tribe
      Prof. Benyamin Ish Shalom is transforming how Israelis and Jews view themselves and their heritage. Tue, May 03
      Pro-Israel Muslims / Welcome to the Tribe
      Find out why Israel belongs to the Jews according to Islam and meet the Muslims who preach it. Wed, Apr 13
      "Your army camp should be holy " / Welcome to the Tribe
      Interview with Rabbi Tzvi Klebanow, a founder of Nachal Charedi the religious, orthodox IDF unit. Wed, Apr 06
      Torah Lifestyle with Creativity / Welcome to the Tribe
      An interview about the yishuv of Bat Ayin and Midreshet B'erot with Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum Tue, Mar 29
      Yaakov "Katzele " Katz Special / Welcome to the Tribe
      Yaakov "Katzeleh " Katz on the Yom Kippur War, Ariel Sharon, and the situation in Judea and Samaria. Wed, Mar 23
      Jewish Women's Day Special / Welcome to the Tribe
      Women's Day Special - Modern Esthers and Women Torah Scholars. Female heroines of the Holocaust. Tue, Mar 15
      To Reveal or not to Reveal? / Welcome to the Tribe
      Interview with Rabbi Avraham Sutton on how mainstream Judaism reacts to mystical tendencies. Tue, Mar 08
      Israeli-American Baseball / Welcome to the Tribe
      How Israeli culture affects Americans and how American culture affects Israel.  Wed, Mar 02