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And the 2012 Chutzpah Award goes to... UNRWA, the United Nations agency that runs Arab refugee camps.

Wed, Jan 11
A Direct Appeal to Netanyahu / Behind the Scene
This week's show appeals to people to make direct contact with PM Netanyahu at Wed, Jan 04
Provocations of Price Tag / Behind the Scene

Questions about who is really running the provocations of "Tag Mechir", or Price Tag vandalism.

Sun, Dec 25
Jewish Critics - Foreign Aid / Behind the Scene
The Moral Implications of Jewish Critics of Israel Accepting Aid from Foreign Governments. Sun, Dec 11
Israel Not Apartheid / Behind the Scene

How the PA uses revenues handed over by Israel to bolster its education ministry, its culture ministry and its communications ministry.

Sun, Dec 04

Is the UN wasting foreign aid in Gaza? Whims and Waste of UN Palestinian Refugee Policy.

Sun, Nov 27

Part 1: Iran is at war, firstly, with the US... Part 2:  The Myth of "Economic Peace"

Sun, Nov 20

How would it be possible to locate the unlisted and unregistered home of a Peace Now member? Could all this be a provocation? 

Sun, Nov 13
When Israel is under attack / Behind the Scene

How to cope with the dissonance. When Israel is under attack and  much of the world doesn't know about it. 

Sun, Nov 06

David Bedein doesn't hold back in this special episode on the latest round of deadly attacks on Israel's south from the Hamas regime.

Sun, Oct 30

Remembering 17-year-old Fern Rykiss. Her killer was released last week. Is Israel still obligated to hand over another 500 terrorists?

Sun, Oct 23

The implications of the Shalit deal which may not be readily understood: A symptom of a deeper issue in the Israeli mindset.

Mon, Oct 17
A Fourth Reich? / Behind the Scene

The greater context of the PLO, UNRWA and the threat to Israel; The attempt to foster a Fourth Reich.

Mon, Oct 10

 How to galvanize Radical Community Organizer Saul Alinsky tactics for Israel at this time.

Sun, Sep 25
The Destruction of Migron / Behind the Scene

The destruction of three homes in Migron in the context of a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...

Mon, Sep 12
Israel at War with Egypt? / Behind the Scene

Attack on Road to Eilat: Genesis of War with Egypt? Why did all witnesses attest to Egyptian troops opening fire?

Tue, Aug 30

Are the attacks on Israel's south and in Eilat 'chickens coming home to roost' resulting from the Disengagement?


Sun, Aug 21

One report exposes Gaza school summer camps promoting war -- a second brags about how Israeli funding for Gaza schools.

Sun, Aug 14

Revelation that the Palestinian "officers" who murdered of Ben-Yosef Livnat continue to function within the PA army.

Mon, Aug 08
The Voice of Reason / Behind the Scene

Suddenly, there are two distinct societies in Israel: Those who live on fixed public incomes, and the burgeoning corporate sector.

Thu, Aug 04