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      About Yitzchak Hutner

      Making a Difference is about regular people with inspirational stories. These are people who have had a positive impact on others. The focus of the show is on seeing how we can make a difference in other peoples' lives. Every situation presents us with an opportunity to reveal the hidden light of G-dliness, and the betterment of our relationships with each other, what is known in our Rabbis’ teachings as the aspect of “bein adam l'chavero”. The Making a Difference podcast is hosted by Yitzchak Hutner and airs every Monday at 5:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel national Radio. For questions or comments email yitzchak@israelnationalradio.com

      About Yitzchak's Shows

      Making a Difference

      Yitzchak Hutner is a graduate of McGill University and Yeshiva University. He has learned for many years at yeshivat kollel Boston in Jerusalem. He is also an avid long distance marathon runner and an independent financial advisor (www.ifamanagement.com). Above all, he is a scholar who emphasizes the inner essence of Torah. He and his family live in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. The Making a Difference podcast airs every Monday from 5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. in Israel on Israel National Radio. For questions or comments email yitzchak@israelnationalradio.com
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      Yitzchak Hutner's Latest Shows

      Israel Trauma Center Interview / Making a Difference
      Rabbi Legomsky of the Israel Trauma Center discusses how to provide care for emotional scars. Mon, Jul 18
      Jewish Music Star Sam Glaser / Making a Difference
      Interview with Jewish Music star Sam Glaser - named one of the top ten Jewish performers in the US. Mon, Jul 11
      What is Jewry's Biggest Problem? / Making a Difference
      What's the biggest problem facing the Jewish world today? Tune in and find out with a special guest Mon, Jul 04
      The One thing that was missing / Making a Difference
      The One thing that was missing...                  Mon, Jun 27
      Diaspora Yeshiva Band & Beyond / Making a Difference
      Avraham Rosenblum of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band gives a special live performance and interview. Mon, Jun 20
      Molded by our Actions / Making a Difference
      How our actions can influence our thoughts and help us improve our lives and change our hearts. Mon, Jun 13
      Inconsistencies / Making a Difference
      As we approach the time again of receiving the Torah, let us see how we can be more consistent. Mon, Jun 06
      The Challenge of the Spies / Making a Difference
      Why send the spies to scout out the land? What difference would it make?      Tue, May 31
      Shimon Bar Yochai & Lag B'Omer / Making a Difference
      Hundreds of thousands come to the Tomb of Shimon Bar Yochai on the Jewish holiday of Lag B'Omer. Sun, May 22
      The Measure of the Person / Making a Difference
      Learn from Pirkei Avos, the Ethics of the Fathers, about living a holy and spiritual life.  Mon, May 16
      Lashon Hara and Lashon Tov / Making a Difference
      Life and death in the power of the tongue. About how our words can make or break a situation. Tue, May 03
      Passover - Cleaning our Hearts / Making a Difference
      As we prepare for Pesach, we need to clean out a space in our heart.        Tue, Apr 12
      From Poverty to Charity Founder / Making a Difference
      The story of Arie Luria who grew up hungry and how he started the Yad Ezra V'shulamit charity. Mon, Apr 04
      Jewish Outreach and Kiruv / Making a Difference
      Rabbi Aharon Unger, author of Putting out the Fire speaks about how we all can do outreach.  Mon, Mar 28
      What are life's real big issues? / Making a Difference
      A philosophical and spiritual discussion on the small things in life that may actually be big things. Tue, Mar 22
      Hormones Could be Key to Health / Making a Difference
      Dr. Yisroel Yaffa explains how checking our hormones can make a huge difference in our lives. Mon, Mar 07
      Eliminating Anger from our Lives / Making a Difference
      How to eliminate anger from our lives. Featuring special guest Nachman Seltzer.   Mon, Feb 28
      Helping Special Needs Childen / Making a Difference
      From athlete to pianist with special needs children. Hear about the secrets that changed many lives Mon, Feb 21
      A Jewish Spiritual Therapist / Making a Difference
      A Jewish Spiritual Therapist for Jewish and Non-Jewish people in the comfort of your own home. Mon, Feb 14
      Spiritual Healing: / Making a Difference

      How we can channel our energy with life transforming consequences, with Ilan Feldman. 

      Mon, Feb 07