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      About Phil Chernofsky

      Phil Chernofsky is the educational director of the Orthodox Union's OU Israel Center in Jerusalem and editor of the Torah Tidbits parsha pamphlet. Since 1998, he has hosted Torah Tidbits Audio, a shiur on the weekly parsha with witty insights. It airs every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Israel time and is downloadable as a podcast on Israel National Radio. Phil made Aliyah to Israel over 30 years ago. He is the author of the newly released book And Every Single One Was Someone, a tribute to victims of the Holocaust.

      About Phil's Shows

      Torah Tidbits Audio

      Torah Tidbits Audio offers an uplifting discussion of the weekly Torah parsha and Jewish holidays with a smattering of modern hasidic music. Phil's special persona shines through with his personal anecdotes, love of baseball and old-time radio, and a commitment to Israel and Aliyah. It airs every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Israel time.
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      Phil Chernofsky's Latest Shows

      Just As Important as Matzah? / Torah Tidbits Audio

      What's just as important as matzva for the Passover seder? Tune in and find out in this Pesach podcast special.

      Fri, Apr 11
      TTA for Parshat M'tzora / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Torah Tidbits Audio for Parshat M'tzora 5774 & Pre-Pesach.    

      Fri, Apr 04
      TTA for Tazri’a-HaChodesh / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Torah Tidbits Audio with Phil Chernofsky for Parshat Tazri’a-HaChodesh (m'vorchim)

      Fri, Mar 28
      TTA for Parshat Sh'mini - Para / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Torah Tidbits Audio for Parshat Sh'mini - Para.         

      Fri, Mar 21
      Zachor -What Should We Remember? / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Not whom; we know whom. Amalek. The question is what.      

      Fri, Mar 14
      Multi-faceted T'shuva / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Multi-Faceted T'shuva - TTA for Parshat Vayikra and the Preponed Fast Day of Esther.  

      Thu, Mar 06
      TTA - Parshat P'kudei - Sh'kalim / Torah Tidbits Audio

      TTA for Parshat P'kudei & Shabbat Sh'kalim - The Shekel Vaccine.   

      Fri, Feb 28
      TTA for Vayakheil / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Sanctity of Time & Place. TTA for Vayakheil.           

      Fri, Feb 21
      TTA for Parshat Ki Tisa / Torah Tidbits Audio

      The Shabbat Factor, Purim Katan, and more from Parshat Ki Tisa.

      Fri, Feb 14
      Aharon 37 - Moshe 0 / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Aharon 37 - Moshe 0... and Will the real Adar please stand up. TTA for Parshat T'tzaveh.

      Fri, Feb 07
      TTA for Parshat T'ruma / Torah Tidbits Audio

      A Confluence of Kedusha. TTA for Parshat T'ruma-Rosh Chodesh.       

      Fri, Jan 31
      The Bigger Picture of the Torah / Torah Tidbits Audio

      The Bigger Picture of the Torah. Torah Tidbits Audio for Parshat Mishpatim.

      Fri, Jan 24
      TTA for Parshat Yitro / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Parshat Yitro - Don't Judge Them, But Learn From Them.        

      Fri, Jan 17
      Of Birds and Miracles- B'shalach / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Of Birds and Miracles... TTA for B'shalach.       

      Fri, Jan 10
      TTA for Parshat Bo / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Receiving the Torah 4 times and more. Torah Tidbits Audio for Parshat Bo.     

      Fri, Jan 03
      TTA for Parshat Va’eira / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Torah Tidbits Audio for Parshat Va’eira (M’vorchim)       

      Fri, Dec 27
      TTA for Parshat Sh'mot / Torah Tidbits Audio

      From Family to Nation - TTA for Parshat Sh'mot. Plus, can you build a snowman on Shabbat? 

      Fri, Dec 20
      The Fast of the 10th of Tevet / Torah Tidbits Audio

      The Friday Fast and the Agenda. TTA for Vayechi (and Asara b'Tevet)

      Fri, Dec 13
      TTA for Parshat Vayigash / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Bye-bye to Chanukah and a look at the reuniting of brothers and the unfortunate beginning of divisions in Judaism.

      Thu, Dec 05
      Why is Chanukah Eight Nights? / Torah Tidbits Audio

      Torah Tidbits Audio for Pasrhat Mekeitz and a discussion of Chanukah.     

      Fri, Nov 29