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Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, soldier and commander in the IDF reserves, are the founders of and the creators and hosts of “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem”. The Israel Inspired - Light unto the Nations podcast serves as a vehicle for Ari and Jeremy to share their lives in Israel, their perspectives on current events in the Middle East, and the spiritual insights they glean from their experiences on the forefront of Israeli media and activism. Israel Inspired - A Light Unto the Nations broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday on Israel National Radio.

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The Boardroom

Charlie Harary is a prolific speaker who has traveled all over the country and abroad speaking for organizations, schools, universities and institutions on a variety of topics and to audiences of various sizes and affiliations. He has created dozens of videos that have received worldwide attention reaching hundreds of thousands of people in over 15 countries.
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As the world stands at the precipice of nuclear conflict the main question we should be asking ourselves is “Why is all this happening?” Wed, Mar 21

Ari Abramowitz distributes Arabic Noahide cards in eastern Jerusalem. Find out what the reaction is.

Thu, Mar 15

From Obama's AIPAC speech to Ahmadinejad's declarations of intent, Purim is playing out before our eyes.

Wed, Mar 07
And the Oscar Goes to... / The Boardroom

How can drinking lemonade help us understand the purpose of life? Listen to this program for those answers, and more…

Thu, Mar 01
Hearing is Believing / The Boardroom

Ari and Jeremy meet a descendant of Jethro who currently holds a seat in Israel’s parliament.

Fri, Feb 10
The Power of Loyalty / The Boardroom

Why is loyalty such a critical attribute? When is loyalty praiseworthy and when is it foolish?

Thu, Feb 02
Exodus Paralleled / The Boardroom

Does the Nation of Israel, or the world, deserve redemption?  How will it unfold?

Thu, Jan 19

Jeremy and Ari face off about whether there Is there a silver lining to Anti-Semitism.

Thu, Jan 12
With life testing us at every corner, can you be present and transcendent at the same time? Wed, Jan 04

Ari and TV show host Montel Williams reach a resolution that will pull on your heartstrings. Plus rapper Shyne comes for Shabbat.

Tue, Nov 01
Discover the final challenge Israel will face before Redemption and the only path to success. Fri, Jul 01
As Jonathan Pollard Misses the Funeral of His Beloved Father, terrorists walk free.   Tue, Jun 21
As the present parallels the past the nation of Israel seems in more trouble than ever.  Fri, Jun 17
Televised Temple Mount Broadcast / The Tovia Singer Show
A show packed with controversy, insight and spontaneity that only Tovia and Jeremy... Fri, Oct 02
Provocative Temple Mount Show.P2 / The Tovia Singer Show
This hour goes ballistic as Tovia and Jeremy pack the show with controversy and spontaneity. Fri, Sep 11
Provocative Temple Mount Show.P1 / The Tovia Singer Show

Buckle up as they confront listeners questions live on camera and on air.  

Fri, Sep 11
Televised Temple Mount Broadcast / The Tovia Singer Show
Live over the Temple Mount, Singer & Gimpel answer your questions on Judaism and Israel. Fri, Sep 04
Plugging into the Temple Mount / The Tovia Singer Show
Jeremy and Tovia’s Televised Temple Mount Broadcast Answers Callers.     Fri, Aug 14
A Spiritual Questions on Air! / The Tovia Singer Show

Israel National Radio’s Jeremy Gimpel joins Tovia as they answer listener’s questions on air!

Wed, Jun 10
God’s Salvation Plan / The Tovia Singer Show
Jeremy Gimpel, co-host of “Tuesday Night Live”, probes God’s plan for mankind leading to the End Times Fri, Jun 05