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About Tovia Singer

Tovia Singer is a rabbi and the founder and director of Outreach Judaism. He is the author of the Let's Get Biblical hardcover book and audio series. He originally started broadcasting with Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio in 2002.

About Tovia's Shows

The Tovia Singer Show

Tovia Singer's fast-paced, biting commentary on current events in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world makes for exciting and sometimes confrontational talk radio. Your live phone calls and chat messages are a big part of the show. Tovia Singer interviews Israeli and American politicians, rabbis, terror victims, authors and more, giving you the inside scoop on what's really going on in Israel and the Middle East. It broadcasts live every Tuesday (TnT - Tovia and Tamar Show) and Wednesday (Tovia Singer Show) 12 midnight US Eastern, and in Israel on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, at 7am in the morning because of the time zone difference. Broadcast only on Israel National Radio.
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Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

Tamar Yonah and Tovia Singer are each energetic and passionate broadcasters on their own podcasts, and when they get together it's like dynamite. They debate the latest Israeli and Jewish political issues, take your phone calls live on the air and argue with each other about everything from elections to Jewish food. The T&T Dynamite podcast airs live every Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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Tovia Singer's Latest Shows

Are We Living in the End Times? / The Tovia Singer Show

Are We Living in the End Times?                

Thu, Jul 31
Playing By the Rules / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

Israel plays by the rules of war, however the Terrorists don't   

Wed, Jul 30
The Tovia Singer Show / The Tovia Singer Show

The Tovia Singer Show - 24 July 2014                   

Thu, Jul 24
World's Hypocrisy / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

Israel was being bombed by the Hamas long before it responded with Operation Defensive Shield.

Wed, Jul 23
Tovia Singer Show / The Tovia Singer Show

Hamas and Obama each have their own agenda in the ongoing war: What is their driving strategy?

Thu, Jul 17
Tn'T summarizing of the news / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

Tovia & Tamar summarize the news on Operation Defensive Edge now on Day 9    

Wed, Jul 16
Radio shocker! / The Tovia Singer Show

This is a must-listen-to show!             

Thu, Jul 10
Rocket Rage! / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

The Dynamic duo describe the situation in Israel and take your calls!     

Wed, Jul 09
Politics, religion and commentar / The Tovia Singer Show

join Rabbi Tovia Singer for another show on everything from politics to religion.   

Thu, Jul 03
Funerals and Leadership / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

  Overview of the funerals and where the country is going now    

Wed, Jul 02
Astral Projection and Judaism / The Tovia Singer Show
Is it "kosher" for Jewish people to practice Astral Projection and lucid dreaming? Plus more questions answered live on the air. Thu, Jun 26
World Israel Bashing / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

The World either bashes Israel in the news, or ignores the real stories that need to reach people.

Wed, Jun 25
Tovia Singer Live from Indonesia / The Tovia Singer Show

Tovia broadcasts live from his speaking tour in Indonesia. Topics include the kidnapped Israeli youth and more.

Thu, Jun 19
Twisted Scripture / The Tovia Singer Show

Media bias, making radical life changes, and answering critics of Judaism. Don't miss this bombastic show.

Thu, Jun 12
Fatah & Hamas Relations / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

They fight, and make up. How long will this most recent attempt at unity last?

Thu, Jun 12
Slandering Israel Triggers Hate / The Tovia Singer Show

Media bias, missionaries and classic Judeo-phobia.                 

Thu, Jun 05
Arutz Sheva Makes a Shidduch? / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

A listener calls in and says he is engaged to another INR listener.   

Thu, May 22
The Truth About Kosher Meat / The Tovia Singer Show

Tovia discusses how kosher meat is prepared and reminisces about his days working at a kosher slaughterhouse.

Thu, May 15
OLMERT'S 6 YEAR SENTENCE / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

If Former PM Olmert goes to jail, where will they put him?    

Thu, May 15
Evangelical Convert to Judaism / The Tovia Singer Show

What is it like to go from being a Christian to being an Orthodox Jew? 

Thu, May 08