New TV Campaign for Pollard

A new infomercial airing on TV stations in the United States is calling on the public to contact the White House and request Pollard's release.

Elad Benari, | updated: 03:10

Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard
Israel news photo: FreePollard


Organizations in the United States that are working towards the release of Jonathan Pollard have begun a new campaign in which they are asking the American public to call the White House and ask President Obama to free Pollard.

The new campaign comes in the form of a 30-second long infomercial which has already begun to air on stations such as CNN, Fox News and NSNBC


The purpose of the advertisement is to illustrate the growing support for Pollard's release among high-ranking U.S. officials. These include former Vice President Dan Quayle, former senior U.S. Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross, former CIA director James Woolsey, former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dennis DeConcini, and Federal Judge Stephen Williams.

Former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum and Former Secretary of State George Shultz have both sent letters to the President, asking that he free Pollard.

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