Increase in Terrorism in January

Terrorism rose in January, with 83 terrorist attacks. Firebombs, rockets were most commonly used weapons.

Maayana Miskin, | updated: 21:49

Terror rocket launched from civilian area (fi
Terror rocket launched from civilian area (fi
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Terrorism was up in January, with 83 terrorist attacks over the course of the month, compared to 74 in December 2010, according to a Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) report released Wednesday.

The rise in terrorism followed a report in December that terrorism had become less frequent in 2010 than in 2009.

Attacks were more frequent in January in Judea and Samaria in particular, where 33 attacks were reported. There were 18 attacks in the same region in December, and 20 each in October and November.

One attack was classified as a bombing, four involved grenades, and in one case terrorists used guns. The rest of the attacks were carried out using firebombs.

Rock attacks were apparently not included in the total. Terrorists often fling stones at moving vehicles, in some cases causing serious injury or death.

Terrorism was also more common in Jerusalem, where terrorists attacked 20 times in January compared to 18 in December.

In the Gaza region terrorism was slightly less frequent, with 30 attacks taking place in January, compared to 38 in December. Of the attacks, 12 were cases of rocket fire, 13 involved mortar fire, in three cases terrorists used firearms, in one case a bomb was used, and in one attack an RPG was the weapon of choice.

Terror from Gaza remained more frequent than it was in October or November of 2010, when there were 18 and 22 attacks respectively.

Three people were wounded by terrorists in January. All were police officers or soldiers who were hit by firebombs.