Hundreds Remember Kahanes

Family members, friends and supporters attend a memorial evening in Jerusalem on Monday for terror vicitms Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev and Talya Kahane.

Elad Benari , | updated: 02:14

Rabbi Binyamin Kahane
Rabbi Binyamin Kahane
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Ten years after they were murdered by Arab terrorists, Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev Kahane and his wife Talya were remembered on Monday evening in a special memorial in Jerusalem.

Hundreds of family members, friends and supporters gathered at the Heichal David Hall in Jerusalem to tell stories about them and to recall the teachings of Rabbi Kahane.

Activist Baruch Marzel, who is a family friend, told Israel National News that while the Kahanes may have been murdered, “their way and their legacy is continuing and gaining strength.” Marzel recalled that “25 years ago Rabbi [Meir] Kahane (father of Rabbi Binyamin) was disqualified for saying that land should not be sold or rented to Arabs. Today, hundreds of rabbis are signing a petition that Rabbi Kahane started.”

Noam Federman, who was a close friend of Rabbi Binyamin Kahane, said: “He was a teacher, a guide, and a friend. He was endlessly devoted to the people of Israel, had a unique writing ability and a unique ability to counter the Arab enemy and the leftists who are plotting against the state and are endangering it.”

Itamar Ben Gvir said: “Today, ten years after the murder of Rabbi Binyamin and Talya Kahane, while many MKs and public figures in Israel understand that there is a problem, that if there’s no loyalty there can’t be citizenship, that people like Tibi and Zoabi should be thrown out of the Knesset, it’s time to apologize to the Kahane family. It’s time that the Israeli establishment recognizes the huge mistake it made. It’s time to recognize and cherish the devotion of these holy people who fought for the Land of Israel and for the people of Israel.”

Also speaking at the memorial was Rabbi Yitzchak Shapira, head of the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in Yitzhar and author of the book Torat Hamelech, and MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union). Popular  Israeli singer Ariel Zilber also took part in the evening and performed Jewish and Israeli music.  Rabbi Kahane’s students read Torah thoughts written in his memory.

Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev and Talya Kahane were killed in December of 2000 when Arab terrorists fired at their vehicle south of the Samarian community of Ofra, as they were driving from Jerusalem to their home in Kfar Tapuach.

Yekutiel Ben Yaakov, a close friend of Rabbi Kahane who organized Monday’s event, noted that more and more people attend the memorial each year. “This is actually the first gathering we’ve held in Jerusalem and we’ve organized it because many youths called us and demanded that we organize an event in memory of Rabbi Binyamin Kahane, because they want to know who was this great man who lived among us but whom they did not get to know,” he told Israel National News.

“Our job, as those who knew Rabbi Binyamin, is to do the best we can to spread his messages and writings,” said Ben Yaakov and added: “Ten years later, I have not yet begun to digest this loss, this pain and sorrow. I haven’t yet begun mourning him. That is how great the loss is.”