Tali Fahima Joins Islam

Fahima, who served a three year jail sentence for assisting terrorists, converted to Islam in an Umm El Fahm mosque.<br/><br/>

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 18:45

Tali Fahima
Tali Fahima
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Tali Fahima, a Jewish Israeli who served a jail sentence for security offenses, converted to Islam Tuesday in a mosque in Umm El Fahm. According to the local Islamic Movement website, Fahima said that “when I saw Sheikh Raed Salah for the first time I felt that something touched me inside. The man did not speak to me, not even once, but the expression on his face and his modesty called me to Islam.”

Fahima, now 34, was placed under administrative detention in 2004 after she crossed the lines into Palestinian Authority territory at the height of Great Terror War launched by Yasser Arafat. She began spending her days in the company of Zakariah Zubeidi, a wanted Fatah terrorist leader from Jenin. She was charged of assisting Zubeidi by translating an IDF document that had fallen into his hands.

She had also declared publicly, upon hearing that Zubeidi was wanted by the IDF, that she intended to serve as his human shield.

She was convicted in December 2005 of supporting a terror organization, assisting the enemy during wartime, contact with a foreign agent, passing information to the enemy and disobeying a legal order, and sentenced to three years in jail. She was released in early 2007.

Fahima follows in the footsteps of Uri Davis, another well known radical leftist who converted to Islam in 2008. Davis has been a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council for decades.

Fahima's name came to mind recently, for many Israelis, when journalist Anat Kam was arrested for suspected treason. The main reason for this, beside the similarity in their alleged deeds, was that Kam sported glasses with the same kind of thick black rims as Fahima.