Jewish Man Opens Fire on Arabs Who Wounded His Wife

Arabs threw rocks at vehicle, wounding a Jewish woman. Her husband opened fire in defense.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 18:10

Training on a firing range, Gush Etzion (file
Training on a firing range, Gush Etzion (file
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arab rioters in Samaria hurled rocks at a car bearing Israeli license plates Saturday evening, wounding a Jewish woman who was inside it. The woman suffered light injuries and was later evacuated to a hospital.

Her husband got out of the car and opened fire in the direction of an adjoining olive grove, where he believed the attackers were located. The bullets did not hurt anyone. The incident took place outside the village of Azzoun, near Shaarei Tikva.

After firing in defense of himself and his wife, the Jewish man reportedly hurled rocks at an Arab vehicle outside Azzoun. No one was hurt but the car was damaged.

Israel Police have launched an investigation.

Israeli law enforcement authorities are considered extremely strict as regards the right of Jews to use their weapons in self defense. While the Israeli ethos in the early decades of the state openly favored the bearing of firearms by able-bodied men as a part of a general deterrent posture, a Department of Justice report by Attorney Yehudit Karp determined, in 1982, that Jews in Judea and Samaria are given too much freedom to use their guns against Arabs. An additional report by Karp in 1989 led to further limitations on the bearing and use of firearms by all Israeli men, citing a concern that they would use them to threaten or shoot their own wives.

Recently, the IDF, too, was reported to have issued strict instructions to soldiers regarding the use of firearms against Arab marauders. Soldiers were reportedly told to refrain from shooting to kill even if attacked by a fire bomber. Soldiers are reportedly expected to shoot at a fire bomber's legs, and even then – only up to knee level.

In other rioting on Saturday, about 20 Arabs threw rocks at the fence surrounding Karmei Tzur in Gush Etzion. Security forces used riot gear to disperse them.

About 30 Arabs ran wild near the community of Har Bracha in Samaria. They hurled rocks at security forces who responded with riot gear.