Urgent Sinai Terror Alert

Terrorists are about to try and kidnap an Israeli in Sinai, says Counter-Terrorism Bureau. Urgent travel warning cites 'concrete evidence.'

Gil Ronen, | updated: 20:44

Sinai beach
Sinai beach
Israel news photo: file

Israeli tourists and vacationers are being told to evacuate the Sinai Desert immediately because of a terror alert. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau has said that it has "concrete evidence" regarding an immediate terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai.

"The Counter-Terrorism Bureau calls upon all Israelis staying in Sinai to leave the area immediately and return to Israel,” the agency warned. “The families of Israelis who are currently staying in Sinai are asked to contact them and inform them of this travel warning.” 

Despite warnings by the CTB that were reissued before Passover, tens of thousands of Israelis streamed to the peninsula that their forefathers crossed under Moses's leadership, thousands of years ago.

In September 2009, terrorists attempted to blow up an Israeli tourist bus between Taba and Sharm a-Sheikh. A technical malfunction prevented the bomb from exploding.