Campus Nationalists Harassed

Meretz and Labor student activists at Hebrew U. try to link nationalist students with the Ku Klux Klan and Hitler. Meretz MKs ignore the slander.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 23:44

Students rally for Palestinian Authority
Students rally for Palestinian Authority
israel news photo: Flash 90

Zionist activists on the Hebrew University campuses in Jerusalem face daily harassment from leftists, some of whom label them as being like Hitler and the American racist Ku Klux Klan group, according to student Amit Barak.

Deputy chairman of the nationalist Im Tirztu [If you Wish It] group, Barak told Arutz 7 that leftist students on both of the university’s campuses in the capital use Nazi symbols and catcalls of ‘fascists” against his group.

“Several days ago, one of our activists who was walking with our newspaper was met by a student raising his hand” in a manner similar to the Hitler salute, he continued. The student was identified as a Meretz supporter. Barak said he complained to the three MKs of the Meretz party about the slurs, but MK Chaim Oron was the only who deplored the behavior. Party chairman MK Ilan Gil'on and MK Nitzan Horowitz ignored him.

Barak has appealed to Knesset Education Committee chairman Zevulun Orlev (Jewish Home) to hold a special hearing on the harassment, He also has complained to the university administration, but no reply has been received.

The student nationalists cited another example of a student newspaper caricature comparing Im Tirtzu with the Ku Klux Klan.

Barak said that at the end of one university media lecture, Im Tirtzu leader Erez Tadmor’s stand on the expulsion of Jews from their homes was met by one student who suggested that he add “Heil Hitler” to his statements. When Tadmor replied, the lecturer admonished him while ignoring the other student’s comment.

One student cell that is identified with the Labor party published a satire linking Im Tirtzu with the Nazi Sieg Heil victory slogan.