NU MKs: Publish Shamgar Committee Report

National Union says conclusions of 'new Shamgar Committee' on terror prisoner deals should be made public before Shalit deal goes through.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 17:20

Israel news photo: Sasson Tiram

Members of the National Union Knesset faction called a press conference Monday in response to the reports of an impending deal for the release of hundreds of terrorist murderers in return for abducted soldier Gilad Shalit. The faction chairman, MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) called on the authorities to publish the conclusions of the committee which has been tasked with recommending a new approach to terror prisoner swaps. The committee, known as the “new Shamgar Committee,”  is scheduled to release its report within weeks.

"This thing should have become public knowledge,” Ketzaleh said. “It should be made known to the families of the hundreds and the thousands who were murdered by terrorists who were released in the Jibril deal and in additional deals and went back to practicing terror and murder.”

Ketzaleh also called upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to reveal publicly his opinion on the subject and dispel the fog surrounding his position. “If Netanyahu decided to change his mind, not to listen to the Shamgar committee's conclusions, Netanyahu should be a man and come out and say 'I changed my mind, I am untrue to my path...”

MK Uri Ariel said at the press conference that he told Noam Shalit a year ago that the way the State of Israel is going about the negotiations for his son is wrong. “Ask any expert on terror and he will tell you, whoever surrenders to terror brings more terror upon himself. There is an alternative to the current negotiations over Shalit,” he added. “All means of pressure should have been used in Gaza, economic and military, in order to bring about the release of Gilad Shalit.”

Teaching the world to surrender
MK Aryeh Eldad said: "I do not negotiate with Hamas just as the Americans do not negotiate with terror groups in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was a time when the state of Israel taught all the world how to fight terror, and now we teach all the world how to surrender to terror.”

“Once a terrorist is released to his home,” MK Michael Ben Ari said, “this is a tremendous incentive, because every terrorist is certain that his comrade will kidnap a soldier for him and that he will be released after a while. We have seen how every intifadah was more severe than the previous one.”

"The IDF can be strong once it has a government behind it that is strong and creates deterrence,” Ben Ari said. “Otherwise, even the most daring military operations will do no good.”