A7 Radio Host Alex Traiman on NYC Speaking Tour

Arutz Sheva radio show host and writer Alex Traiman will be in the New York metropolitan area for a 10-day speaking tour and fundraising mission.

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“With so much disinformation coming out of the media with regard to Israel, it has never been more important to set the record straight,” says Traiman, who also serves as IsraelNationalNews’ director of marketing.

Traiman is in the process of booking speaking engagements and parlor meetings at various synagogues, community centers and homes throughout New York and New Jersey from November 27 until December 6. Speeches will focus on the current political and geographic realities in Israel.

In addition to the lectures, Traiman will be raising money for IsraelNationalNews, Radio and TV, and all of the various Yeshivat Beit El Educational Institutions.

“Individuals are amazed how much impact Arutz Sheva has on opinion makers with our small staff. Plus, the Jewish and non-Jewish communities are always impressed to learn that Arutz Sheva is owned and operated by the Yeshiva of Beit El,” Traiman added.

Arutz Sheva has many new upcoming initiatives including the redesign of its English news website.

To book a speaking engagement or fundraising meeting, please contact Alex Traiman at alex@israelnationalnews.com.