FBI places Jerusalem terrorist on Most Wanted List

Justice Department charges woman who aided 2001 Sbarro attack, in which two Americans were killed.Elad Benari, 3/14/2017, 11:54 PM

US cancels visa for anti-Israel propagandist

Bassem Tamimi, best known as father of 'Shirley Temper,' loses visa to US for not admitting his arrests, convictions.Matt Wanderman, 3/9/2016, 5:16 PM

Obama hasn't prosecuted a single Palestinian terrorist

Justice Dept. officials admit to House hearing they failed mandate regarding terrorist murderers of US citizens in Israel.Ari Yashar, 2/3/2016, 10:30 AM

Anti-Israel Propaganda - Now, in US Elementary School

The trickle-down effect: Palestinian with terror links speaks to third graders in Ithaca, NY about 'Israeli oppression.'Tova Dvorin, 9/21/2015, 4:32 PM

Can Civilized People Let a Sociopath Like Tamimi be Adulated?

Op-ed: The Sbarro murderess is a media star . If you don't speak Arabic, you may not know it, nor whether the Arab world approves. It does.Arnold and Frimet Roth, 8/21/2012, 11:09 PM

Sbarro Terrorist gets Talk Show with Hamas

Ahlam Tamimi, who took part in the murder of 15 people, now has a talk show on Hamas TV.Maayana Miskin, 3/2/2012, 9:38 AM

Sbarro Bomber: "Why Should I Repent?"

Sbarro bombing co-conspirator and mass-murderess Ahlam Tamimi says she has no regrets and would do it again if given the opportunity.Gabe Kahn., 10/26/2011, 9:44 PM

Ahlam Tamimi Chose Sbarro's 'Religious Jews' as Murder Target

Sbarro's suicide bomber was driven there by Ahlam Tamimi because the place was frequented by "religious Jews," she told an interviewer.Chana Ya'ar, 10/22/2011, 11:05 PM

Last-Ditch Petition: Leave Sbarro Attacker in Jail

Families of Sbarro restaurant bombing victims seek public’s help keeping killer in jail. If released, they warn, she will inspire others. Maayana Miskin, 10/17/2011, 1:00 PM