35,000 Jews spend Shabbat in Hevron

Kiryat Arba, Hevron streets fill with caravans and tents as Jews from Israel and the Diaspora gather for Shabbat.Eliran Aharon, 11/11/2017, 8:34 PM

Jewish property owners blocked from entering homes

Jews buy Hevron properties - but can't move in because their attempt to register as owners was blocked by authorities.Shlomo Pyutrikovsky, 7/10/2017, 10:24 AM

UN to name Yankee Stadium a Palestinian Heritage Site

You can hardly blame Abbas for going after other peoples historical treasures since the Palestinian Arabs have no history of their own…other than terrorism. Jack Engelhard, 7/9/2017, 11:29 PM

UNESCO: Cave of the Patriarchs belongs to Palestinian Authority

Likud minister: UNESCO's hypocrisy knows no bounds; we will strengthen our connection to Hevron.Chana Roberts, 7/7/2017, 12:39 PM

Hevron celebrates 50 years with star-studded gala event

Watch a clip with footage from the Six Day War, and join performers and MKs at a gala event on Thursday - at the Cave of the Patriarchs.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/24/2017, 3:06 PM

Secrets of the Cave of Machpela

A new video shares first-hand account of a visit to the cave itself, where bones and artifacts from First Temple times were discovered.Shlomo Vile, 12/20/2016, 2:56 PM

Stabbing thwarted at Hevron's Cave of Machpelah

Terrorist found with a knife in his possession ahead of an attack at holy site in Hevron.Ari Yashar, 5/6/2016, 7:43 AM

Knife-wielding Arab arrested next to Cave of Machpelah

Alert Border Police question 19-year-old walking by holy site in Hevron, find a knife on his person.Uzi Baruch, 3/5/2016, 7:03 PM

Terrorist shot trying to stab at Cave of Machpelah

Female terrorist pulls knife on Border Police in Hevron, but they get the jump on her and shoot her.Uzi Baruch, 2/14/2016, 5:35 PM

Four wounded in car ramming, two in stabbing

Arab terrorists run down officers near Ma'ale Adumim, female Arab terrorist stabs soldier in Hevron, as well as Arab who tried to stop her.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/13/2016, 6:28 PM

Chief Rabbi goes to strengthen Hevron

Rabbi Lau meets with Cave of Machpelah heads to discuss ways to boost hold over the ancient site, strengthens Hevron/Kiryat Arba Jews.Hezki Baruch, 2/4/2016, 8:24 PM

Hevron mourns Genadi Kofman 30 days later

Friends honor terror victim who 'helped without excuses,' 30 days after he passed following 3-week struggle for life.Eliran Aharon, 1/28/2016, 8:01 PM

'The sniper from Hevron' strikes again

Terrorist who shot female soldier Sunday likely the same elusive gunman who struck thrice previously, once fatally, leaving 'no traces.'Ari Yashar, 1/3/2016, 11:02 PM

Netanyahu: We've been here 4,000 years; terror can't defeat us

PM responds to death of terror victim, gets rebuffed by Hevron Likud head: 'enough words, time for action. Start by coming to visit.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/30/2015, 1:39 PM

Cave of Machpelah victim dies of his wounds 3 weeks later

Stabbing attack victim Ganedi Kofman succumbs to his serious wounds after close to a month hanging between life and death.Ari Yashar, 12/30/2015, 7:46 AM

Cave of Machpelah stab victim stabilizes slightly

Ganedi Kofman, stabbed in heart, lungs and other organs, stabilizes but remains in life-threatening danger; wife asks public to pray.Eliran Aharon, 12/12/2015, 6:03 PM

Hevron stabbing victim's wife appeals for prayers

Man stabbed by Arab terrorist outside Cave of Machpelah still in life-threatening danger, wife asks to pray lighting Hanukkah candles.Menachem Schwartz, 12/8/2015, 5:47 PM

Stabbing thwarted at Cave of Machpelah

Arab terrorist neutralized while attempting stabbing in Hevron, at grave of Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs.Ari Yashar, 10/26/2015, 3:17 PM

PA Drops UNESCO Kotel Bid - Partially

PA backs down on claiming Kotel as a Muslim site, but is still trying to claim Cave of Machpelah and Rachel's Tomb.Ari Yashar, 10/21/2015, 9:48 AM

Watch: Pop Star Sarit Hadad Prays With 10,000 Women in Hevron

Famous singer gives moving performance in ancient Judean city, visits Cave of Machpelah and grave of Avner as well as new museum.Oranit Etzer, 9/21/2015, 10:28 AM

Watch: Thousands Pray in Hevron Before Yom Kippur

4,000 Karliner hassidim recited the selihot prayers at the ancient Cave of Machpelah in an emotional service.Eliran Aharon, 9/18/2015, 8:39 AM

Violent Arab Riots in Hevron Wound IDF Soldier

Mass riots outside Cave of Machpelah hurl a hail of rocks, leave soldier lightly wounded in leg, in what has become Purim tradition.Kobi Finkler, Ari Yashar, 3/5/2015, 8:38 AM

Stabbing by Arab Woman Thwarted in Hevron

Attack on soldier at Cave of Machpelah stopped, after heavily armed terror cell in northern Samaria nabbed overnight by hareidi brigade.Ido Ben-Porat, Ari Yashar, 11/28/2014, 9:26 AM

Watch: Thousands Celebrate Sukkot in Hevron

Arutz Sheva caught all the action as thousands of Jews listened to music and danced in front of the Cave of Machpelah.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/13/2014, 10:53 AM

Hevron's Jews: We Expected Better Treatment

Jews will only be allowed into the Yitzchak Hall of the Cave of Patriarchs on Yom Kippur Eve, not on Yom Kippur itself.Oranit Etzer, 10/3/2014, 12:15 AM

Torah Scroll Waits for Pollard At Cave of Machpelah

Shaul Halfon dedicated a Torah scroll for Pollard's release three years ago, slams US administration's 'blind hate' of Israel.Benny Toker, Ari Yashar, 4/25/2014, 7:52 AM

Great Celebrations in Hevron - Pictures & Video

Masses of Jews visit Hevron's Cave of Machpelah, give support to Jewish residents following the murder on Passover eve.Uzi Baruch, 4/17/2014, 11:04 PM

Video: Arab Vandalizes Cave of Machpelah Mezuza

Security footage clearly shows the vandal in action.Gil Ronen, 8/5/2013, 11:44 AM

Again: Cave of Machpelah Mezuzah Torn Out

The desecration was caught on security camera footage and suspects were detained.Gil Ronen, 8/3/2013, 10:04 PM

Hevron: Muslim Worshippers Desecrate Jewish Holy Site

Tomb of the Patriarchs is Judaism's second holiest site.Ari Soffer, 7/13/2013, 10:56 PM

Min. Piron: Hevron Still on List for School Trips

Education Minister tells Arutz Sheva he thinks Hevron should not be preferred over other sites.Gil Ronen, 7/11/2013, 8:44 PM

Border Policewoman Thwarts Stabbing

Arab woman tried to enter the Cave of Machpela with 3 knives, intended to stab a policeman.Gil Ronen, 7/1/2013, 1:19 PM

Singer Calls for Messiah in Hevron Appearance

Amir Benayoun sings his hit 'Standing at the Gate,' directed at the Messiah, outside Cave of Machpelah.Gil Ronen, 6/25/2013, 1:42 AM

A First: Flag Dance at Hevron, Too

Hevron joins Jerusalem in the annual Rikudegalim celebrating their liberation from enemy hands.Gil Ronen, 5/8/2013, 7:00 PM

Islamists: Bennett 'Defiled' Cave of Patriarchs

Al Aqsa Foundation unhappy with Bayit Yehudi tour of Hevron.Gil Ronen, 4/13/2013, 10:25 PM

Bennett in Hevron: This is Where It all Began

Machpela House, which has been closed for a year, was opened up for the MKs.Gil Ronen, 4/11/2013, 8:16 PM

Thousands at Hevron Celebrate ‘Avraham’s Purchase’

Approximately 15,000 Jews flooded Hevron on the Sabbath, when the Torah reading opens with Avraham’s purchase of the Patriarchs Cave. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 11/11/2012, 1:13 PM

Torah Lights: Where Was Mother Sarah?

Torah insights from Efrat, Gush Etzion, in the Judean hills.Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, 11/9/2012, 10:17 AM

Video: Simchat Torah Dancing at Cave of the Patriarchs Main Hall

For the first time in many years the Yitzchak Hall in Hebron was open for Jews on the night after Simchat Torah. Watch the 2nd Night HakafotYoni Kempinski, 10/10/2012, 3:44 AM

Hevron Arabs Rampage in Funeral, Attack Jews

Four Arabs died in a traffic accident near Kiryat Arba. The funeral turned into an attack on Jewish motorists.Gil Ronen, 6/16/2012, 11:50 PM

Photo Essay in Hevron: ‘Let Jews Live Here’

Thousands of Jews are visiting Hevron during Passover and signing a petition demanding that Jews be allowed to live in a home they bought.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 4/11/2012, 10:33 AM

Fire in Machpela Cave

Cave was emptied of worshipers for 30 minutes as Border Police put out the blaze. No one hurt, no serious damage.Gil Ronen, 4/9/2012, 11:14 AM

Gov’t ‘Rains Out’ Jews from Patriarchs’ Cave

Heavy rains forced Jews out of the Patriarchs’ Cave in Hevron on the Sabbath because of lack of government funds for maintenance.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 2/20/2012, 2:17 PM

Hevron Police Chief: Cave of Patriarchs is Israel's Foundation

"Our primary goal is that not only Jews from Diaspora but also residents of Israel will flock to this holy site."Gil Ronen, 12/22/2011, 9:00 PM

Video & Photo Essay: Hevron Festival Draws Thousands

Shlomo Katz, Yishai Lapidot, Yosef Chaim Shwekey and more were on hand at the annual 2-day Hevron Sukkot Festival. Ben Bresky & Hezki Baruch, 10/19/2011, 12:31 PM

Video: 500 Women Pray for Jonathan Pollard in Hevron

Esther Pollard leads moving prayer service in the Cave of the Patriarchs for the release of Jonathan Pollard and for the strength of Israel.Elad Benari, 9/15/2011, 5:44 AM