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Jew Posts Satiric Facebook Joke - Gets Arrested

Recent army grad writes joke about Arab nurses stabbing patients and finds himself in jail; attorney: 'the police have lost direction.'Ido Ben-Porat, 10/13/2015, 11:02 AM

Watch: Journalist 'Punks' Iranian Negotiating Team

Reporter travels to Vienna with a fake ayatollah to confront Iranian negotiators over Tehran's dismal human rights record.Tova Dvorin, 7/10/2015, 10:41 AM

'I Confess: I Played Katy Perry's Music in Gaza'

Satirical Facebook page mocks the accounts of 'immoral' Gaza war reported by 'Breaking the Silence' with hilarious fake confessions.Gil Ronen, 5/14/2015, 6:20 PM

Latma's Satire TV Show - Now in English Online

Hebrew barrier blocking you from your Israeli right-wing comedy fix? Not any more - 'Hakol Shafit' is now with subtitles.Ari Yashar, 2/18/2015, 7:46 AM

Latma Regains Its Magic in Second Week on TV

After a weak start in its debut breaking the leftist hold on TV satire, Latma's Hakol Shafit brings back some of its classic shine.Ari Yashar, 2/13/2015, 11:35 AM

Right-Wing Satire Finally Breaks Leftist TV Hold

After a long wait, cult-classic Latma airs on TV; fans divided on first episode, but one thing for sure is TV satire no longer leftist only.Ari Yashar, 2/6/2015, 2:01 PM

Former Shin Bet Chief Urges Livni to Apologize

Yuval Diskin says Tzipi Livni's remarks on a satirical program were "unacceptable and ugly", urges her to apologize.Benny Moshe, 12/16/2014, 12:13 AM

Elkin: Livni 'Completely Lost It' on TV

Coalition chairman denounces the derogatory comments made by Livni against PM Netanyahu on a satirical television program.Shimon Cohen, 12/15/2014, 4:12 AM

Livni Hints Netanyahu is a 'Zero' and 'Garbage'

Former Justice Minister appears on a satirical television program but takes things a little too far.Uzi Baruch and Elad Benari, 12/14/2014, 1:35 AM

Right-Wing Satire Latma Finally Will Be on TV

Fans of the series rejoice as IBA signs contract to put Latma on air in three months, after having reneged on prior promises.Nir Har-Zahav, Ari Yashar, 11/5/2014, 11:29 AM

Netanyahu: Iran is Dangerous; That's No Joke

Prime Minister Netanyahu appears on satirical television show, in which he also talks about serious issues.Uzi Baruch and Elad Benari, 3/24/2014, 1:15 AM

Left-Bot Defeats 'Bogie-Bot' in Sharp Satire

Incisive cartoon satire illustrates the process by which leftist lawyers outmaneuvered the Defense Minister.Gil Ronen, 3/11/2014, 8:03 AM

'Never Fear, John is Here!'

On the heels of viral success, new 'John Kerry Solutions Ltd' website emphasizes US's 'legacy of failure' in the Middle East.Tova Dvorin, 2/17/2014, 5:54 PM

'John Kerry Solutions' : Build a New Western Wall

Kerry spoof continues to mock US proposals, focusing on Jerusalem: 'Why fight over an old wall? I'll build you a new one near the beach!'Gil Ronen, 2/2/2014, 4:43 PM

Egyptian Author Fears Jon Stewart

Quip by popular American satirist causes Amr Ammar to speculate on TV that Stewart seeks Jewish conquest of Egypt.Gil Ronen, 12/23/2013, 12:01 PM

Channel 1 to Sign Contract with 'Latma' Satire

Broadcasting Authority heads promise Knesset's Education Committee deal with nationalist satire show will be done in 2 months.Gil Ronen, 11/18/2013, 2:57 PM

LBC Video: Assad 'Weak' for Not Striking Israel

Lebanese satire program represents Syrian President Bashar Assad as weak, ineffective for inability to respond to IAF air strikesDalit Halevy, Tova Dvorin, 11/3/2013, 9:10 AM

Latma Issues Call for Help

The nationalist weekly satire has run out of funds and will go offline at the end of the month. Unless…Gil Ronen, 7/7/2013, 6:25 PM

Pesach Clip: 'I'm an Israeli Soldier'

The team at Latma satire presents an in-your-face message for the enemies of Israel and their sympathizers for Pesach.Gil Ronen, 3/19/2013, 10:13 AM

SNL Pulls 'Anti-Semitic' Parody on Hagel Hearing

Abe Foxman: skit is insensitive. Mark Langfan: it's "disgustingly racist, "putrid and lurid."Gil Ronen, 2/17/2013, 8:52 PM

Egypt Investigates Satirist Over Morsi 'Insult'

Egypt's state prosecutor ordered an investigation into a claim that a popular satirical show host insulted President Mohamed Morsi. Arutz Sheva staff, 1/1/2013, 7:34 PM

French Newspaper Firebombed Over Muhammed

The offices of a French newspaper were destroyed by a firebomb early Wednesday over a satire on the founder of Islam, Muhammed. Chana Ya'ar, 11/2/2011, 1:33 PM

Video Satire: Erdogan the Dumbbell

Israel’s "Latma” satire group, which produced “We Con the World” after the Turkish flotilla clash, now calls Erdogan a “dumbbell.” Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/11/2011, 2:26 PM