1979 Egypt-Israel Treaty

1 Injured as Rocket Hits Downtown Netivot

Israel's asymmetrical cease-fire with Gaza continues as rockets continue to rain down on the south.Gabe Kahn., 3/13/2012, 10:55 PM

US Says Muslim Brotherhood Will Uphold Israel Treaty

The United States says it has "good guarantees" the Muslim Brotherhood will uphold the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.Gabe Kahn., 1/6/2012, 12:25 PM

Egypt: Islamist Party Open to Israel Talks

The Salafi al-Nour party, which won 25% of the votes in Egypt's elections, says the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty should be upheld.Gabe Kahn., 12/20/2011, 10:28 PM

Brotherhood Steps Back from Treaty Threats

The Muslim Brotherhood took a step back from threats it would "review" Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel.Gabe Kahn., 12/12/2011, 6:13 PM

Egyptian Ambassador Summoned to Explain Treaty Remarks

Egypt's ambassador summoned explain remarks by Prime Minister Sharaf that Cairo's treaty with Israel was open to change.Gabe Kahn., 9/16/2011, 4:18 PM

Egypt Deploys More Troops in Sinai

Egypt has deployed 1,500 more troops in the Sinai ahead of more 'counter-terror' operations with Israeli approval. Gabe Kahn., 8/29/2011, 8:35 PM

Egyptian Parliamentarians Want Eilat

Amidst tense relations between Israel and Cairo, Egyptian MPs want to press 'claim' for Eilat, ceded to Israel in 1979 Accords. Gabe Kahn., 8/26/2011, 1:59 PM

Egypt Planning to Develop its Border With Israel

Egyptian officials plan to develop the region adjoining its border with Israel as politicians push to re-militarize the Sinai.Gabe Kahn., 8/24/2011, 4:44 PM