Watch: Hoshana Rabbah prayers at Great Synagogue of Rome

Watch prayers for 7th day of Sukkot with the special cantillation of one of the world's oldest Jewish communities - that of Rome.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/20/2019, 10:53 AM

Used Israeli buses sent to Rome don’t meet EU standards

Buses intended to augment Rome's aging fleet require engine upgrades before use.Ruth Ellen Gruber, JTA, 4/20/2019, 8:54 PM

Tribute to the Jews of Rome: 'A Light unto the Nations'

Rome's electric company initiates project to illuminate dome of the city's magnificent Great Synagogue.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/14/2019, 10:38 PM

Stolen stumbling stone Holocaust memorials replaced in Rome

A group of 20 Stolpersteine, Holocaust memorials in downtown Rome that were stolen in December, have been replaced.JTA , 1/16/2019, 10:01 PM

Holocaust cobblestone memorials stolen from street in Rome

Memorials to Holocaust victims in Italy uprooted and stolen from Rome in what police call case of 'theft aggravated by racial hatred.'Ruth Ellen Gruber, JTA, 12/11/2018, 7:30 AM

Pro-Israel Antisemites & Pro-Jewish anti-Israelis

Riccardo Pacific talks about the dynamic political landscape in Europe at the European Jewish Association conference in BrusselsYoni Kempinski, Brussels, 11/6/2018, 9:17 PM

Report: Labor chief to meet Pope Francis

Avi Gabbay plans trip to Vatican, will meet with Pope Francis in visit organized by journalist who arranged 2014 papal visit to Israel.David Rosenberg, 6/25/2018, 10:54 AM

Rome mayor blocks street dedication for neofascist leader

Rome Mayor announces she will block naming of street after founder of Italy's major post-war neofascist party.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 6/16/2018, 1:53 AM

UNRWA in urgent search for cash at global gathering

Global powers meet in Rome to find solutions to UNRWA's funding crisis.AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/14/2018, 1:06 PM

'We will redeem Jerusalem, Rome, and India'

Al-Aqsa preacher promises to take revenge on 'heretics,' crush all those who oppose Islam.Dalit Halevi, 9/14/2017, 10:11 AM

Ryanair launches new flight from Tel Aviv to Rome

In honor of launch, new tickets available from 17 euros per seat. Tourism Minister: Ryanair is part of our great tourism revolution.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/27/2017, 3:41 PM

'We've been invaded': Italian mayor slams gov't migrant policy

Rural Italian mayors protest government's poor handling of migrant housing as residents use their cars to blockade road to their complex.Mordechai Sones, 7/19/2017, 12:14 AM

Mayor of Rome seeks to ban immigantion

Mayor says impossible to build further accomodations for new immigrants, calls for 'moratorium' on immigration to Italian capital.Gary Willig, 6/13/2017, 9:13 PM

Tombstones vandalized in Jewish cemetery in Rome

Dozens of gravestones desecrated at Verano cemetery in Rome, Italy.Ben Ariel, Canada, 5/12/2017, 8:14 PM

The horror and hope I saw in Rome

So the Romans erected an arch and Coliseum to celebrate their victory over Judea. Where are they now?Rabbi Elchanan Poupko, 4/30/2017, 6:33 PM

Remains of medieval Jews buried in Jewish cemetery

400-year-old Jewish remains receive Jewish burial after excavations disturb them.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/5/2017, 9:41 AM

Medieval Jewish cemetery uncovered in Rome

Italian archaeologists discover part of the so-called Campus Iudeorum, the long-lost cemetery used by Rome’s medieval Jewish community.JTA, 3/23/2017, 4:46 PM

Hundreds of runners mark Holocaust in Rome

Hundreds of participants in a road race through downtown Rome commemorate the Holocaust while looking to the future.JTA, 1/24/2017, 3:57 AM

Rome road race to commemorate the Holocaust

Road race passing sites of Holocaust and Jewish remembrance in Rome to highlight Italy events International Holocaust Memorial Day.JTA, 1/18/2017, 5:29 AM

Islam takes over the symbols of Western Christianity

Islam plans to have the call of the muezzin sound from the historic Christian sites of Europe. Giulio Meotti, 11/6/2016, 1:18 PM

The Muslim prayer at Rome's Coliseum was a declaration of war

That mass prayer means that it is not possible to turn Muslims into liberal secularists. Quite the contrary. Giulio Meotti, 10/25/2016, 11:39 AM

Rome synagogue security help deliver a baby on Yom Kippur eve

Two anti-terrorism military police helped a woman give birth to a baby girl on the street outside a Rome synagogue on Yom Kippur eve.JTA, 10/14/2016, 3:18 AM

Israel offers help to quake-stricken Italy

Watch: Israel sent condolonces and offered assistance to Italy following the fatal earthquake.ILTV, 8/26/2016, 7:03 AM

Italy grants $29M to enable completion of national Jewish museum

Museum under construction for over a decade finally to be finished.JTA, 5/3/2016, 9:56 PM

Italy is capitulating to Islamic autocrats

Rome is on the crosshairs of ISIS and thinks that grovelling will keep it safe. Giulio Meotti, 3/5/2016, 11:35 PM

An American Jew at the Pope's visit to the Rome Synagogue

Catholic-Jewish relations are far from perfect, but it is clear this Pope seeks to build relations between our two faiths.  Elie Hirschfeld, 2/2/2016, 8:00 AM

'Open a Door to Israel' exhibit opens in Rome

A new interactive exhibit to educate the world about Israeli society launched in Rome with Deputy Foreign Minister in attendance.Yoni Kempsinki, 1/24/2016, 12:26 PM

Security hyped for Pope's visit to Rome's main Synagogue

Pope Francis to visit main Roman synagogue and meet with Jewish community leaders on Sunday.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/17/2016, 1:49 PM

Italy: Police investigate Muslim site's 'Jewish blacklist'

Radio Islam mimics neo-Nazi sites, compiles list of 100 'influential Jews' - including popular Arutz Sheva columnists.Ari Soffer, 12/22/2015, 6:56 PM

Pope Francis to visit synagogue in Rome ghetto

Pope to become third pontiff to visit Rome's main synagogue, in ghetto where Jews were confined by Vatican until end of 1800s.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/17/2015, 8:42 PM

ISIS drone threats prompt closure of Rome's air space

Italy’s Interior Minister says air space over Rome will be closed to drones throughout the Holy Year celebrations beginning next month.Ben Ariel, 11/17/2015, 2:43 AM

Terrorist Attacks Tourist outside Rome's Colosseum

Man shouting 'Allah is great' holds woman hostage at knifepoint in the heart of the West; hundreds of onlookers horrified.Tova Dvorin, 7/15/2015, 5:59 PM

ISIS 'Conquers Rome' - On Twitter

Photos purport to show jihadist gloating at various landmarks, following numerous reports ISIS is trying to infiltrate Italy.Tova Dvorin, 5/18/2015, 7:29 PM

Homeless Muslim Man Saves Life of Israeli Woman in Rome

Homeless Muslim man in Rome saves an Israel woman after she jumped off a bridge into the Tiber River.Matt Wanderman, 5/17/2015, 9:29 PM

Islam Wants to Convert Rome

There are three "Romes". Will each of them fall before the Islamic hordes? The Pope has already capitulated. Giulio Meotti, 3/10/2015, 11:18 AM

ISIS: Pro-Palestinians in Europe Actually Sleeper ISIS Cells

New ISIS text calls on Muslims who are active in pro-Palestinian groups in the EU to rise up, conquer Rome by 2020.Tova Dvorin, 2/27/2015, 11:23 AM

Italian Jewish Leader Arrested Trying to Flee Auschwitz

'Disgrace' as Rome's Jewish community leader gets locked in death camp parents were murdered in, then interrogated by Polish police.Ari Yashar, 1/29/2015, 3:33 PM

Italy: Six Men Convicted of Spreading Anti-Semitic Ideas

Rome court convicts six men of spreading pro-fascist and anti-Semitic ideas with banners, posters and graffiti in the Italian capital.Ben Ariel, 1/21/2015, 5:16 AM

Netanyahu: 'International Islamic Terrorism Knows No Borders'

Netanyahu sends condolences to Canberra over Sydney siege from Rome; maintains Israel opposes peace deal with PA and Hamas.Tova Dvorin, 12/15/2014, 10:50 PM

Kerry Heads to Rome to Talk 'Palestinian State'

US Secretary of State to meet with Netanyahu, Russian FM over 'window of opportunity' to solve regional conflicts.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/14/2014, 7:45 AM

Museum Lets You Take a Tour of the Roman Ghetto

New museum exhibit allows visitors to experience the anti-Semitic confinement of the Jewish ghetto in 3D reconstructed maps.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/4/2014, 10:09 PM

Israel is the Crucial Border of Western Civilization

Europe's moral equivalence between terrorists and Israel.Why hasn’t the European Parliament ever convened to condemn the killing of Jews at the hands of an Arab terrorist? Giulio Meotti, 11/24/2014, 9:43 AM

Haniyeh: No to Disarmament

Gaza Hamas chief joins Mashaal's call to take Israel to International Criminal Court.Dalit Halevy, Gil Ronen, 9/13/2014, 10:27 PM

Italian Minister Says Rome 'Primary Target' for Islamic State

Italy at risk as symbol of West and Christianity according to interior minister, who notes at least 48 Italians have left for jihad.Ari Yashar, 9/10/2014, 8:18 AM

'Jews, the End is Near', Says Graffiti in Rome

Anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas appear across Rome in the wake of Israel's operation in Gaza. Rome's mayor condemns.Elad Benari, 7/30/2014, 3:12 AM

Suspect Found in Italian Anti-Semitic 'Pig's Heads' Case

Man allegedly responsible for anti-Semitic gesture is a member of right-wing and Neo-Fascist groups, local media report.Tova Dvorin, 2/2/2014, 1:26 PM

Pigs' Heads Mailed to Israeli Embassy, Synagogue in Rome

Italian police responding to bomb threat against Rome's main synagogue make grisly discovery.Arutz Sheva Staff and AFP, 1/25/2014, 6:12 PM

Netanyahu: Iran Will Wreak Havoc on Middle East

Following meeting with Italian PM Enrico Letta, Netanyahu says stopping Iran, not peace with PA, key to Middle East calm.Tova Dvorin, 12/2/2013, 9:58 PM

Prime Minister Headed to Rome for Talks with Pope Francis

Netanyahu takes off Sunday for Vatican; expected to discuss Iran deal, PA talks, and rumors of Pope Francis's visit in 2014.AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/1/2013, 1:33 PM

Pope Rejects Meeting with Bibi in Rome

Source says Netanyahu will not be meeting with Pope Francis during trip to Rome, as "audiences must be arranged in advance".Elad Benari, 10/21/2013, 2:42 AM

Nazi War Criminal's Funeral Interrupted Amid Protests

The funeral of Erich Priebke in a town near Rome was interrupted as hundreds of angry people protested against it.Elad Benari, 10/16/2013, 1:13 AM

Death of Nazi War Criminal Sparks Burial Debate

The death in Rome of a Nazi war criminal has sparked a furor after the Vatican banned a church funeral and Argentina refused the body.Elad Benari, 10/15/2013, 4:12 AM

Nazi War Criminal Dies in Italy at 100

Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke, who never showed remorse for his crimes, dies in Rome aged 100.Elad Benari, Canada, 10/11/2013, 9:49 PM

Rome: Scuffles Outside Home of Nazi War Criminal

Scuffles erupted outside the Rome home of Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke, as he celebrated his 100th birthday.Elad Benari, 7/30/2013, 2:16 AM

Israeli Historian Proves Roman-Jewish 'Friendship' Tablet

Tablet turns the world of historical research upside down; cites ancient Jewish warrior "Judah Maccabee"Hana Levi Julian, 7/25/2013, 6:38 PM

Foreign Ministry Helps Stranded Israelis Come Home

A special flight will bring home Israeli tourists who were stranded after airline Wind Jet cancelled their flight due to financial problems.Elad Benari, 8/13/2012, 1:10 AM

Rome Mayor Caught in Anti-Semitic Blunder

Rome mayor was forced to cancel a book presentation in City Hall following an outcry that it was to be given by a convicted neo-Nazi.Rachel Hirshfeld, 4/30/2012, 12:39 PM