Is IDF eating Hamas-grown tomatoes?

Facebook picture reveals that IDF uses Gaza-grown tomatoes.Family members of Gazan farmer express overt support for Hamas.Yoel Domb, 11/17/2016, 3:49 PM

New system to rate slaughterhouses on animal cruelty

Israelis who are worried about the way animals are treated prior to slaughter can now find out how the chicken they are eating was treated.Moshe Cohen, 12/6/2015, 8:47 PM

Authorities foil attempt to smuggle stingrays through checkpoint

Agriculture Ministry supervisors find unlicensed vehicle trying to smuggle illegally-fished perch and stingrays into Israeli market.Matt Wanderman, 11/8/2015, 3:55 PM

Farmers warn: Imported tomatoes are diseased

Agriculturalists Federation says tomatoes from Jordan are not fit for human consumption, have viruses.Shimon Cohen, 11/3/2015, 10:17 PM

Officials: Meat, chicken shortage on the way - stock up now!

Meat and chicken could be in short supply in the coming days if veterinarians go on strike as planned, government officials said.Moshe Cohen, 10/25/2015, 6:08 PM

The Dairy Industry: Fewer Farms, but More Milk

Israeli dairy production per capita one of the highest worldwide, according to Agriculture Ministry report.Reut Hadar, 5/19/2015, 1:42 PM

Former Agriculture Minister Pesach Grupper Dies at 88

Former Agriculture Minister Pesach Grupper passed away Monday night at the age of 88.Elad Benari, 4/30/2013, 6:44 AM

More Negev Locust Snack Food Abounds ‘On the Wing’

Another new swarm of locusts has been spotted in southern Israel, as small groups break off from a “mother swarm” in Egypt.Hana Levi Julian, 3/10/2013, 3:29 PM

Agriculture Ministry: No Locusts to Plague Israel for Passover

Israeli authorities say they have managed to exterminate nearly all of the locusts that crossed the border into the country from Egypt.Hana Levi Julian, 3/7/2013, 2:24 PM

No Locusts Allowed to Plague Israel

A swarm of one million locusts that was headed north from southern Israel has been stopped dead in its tracks.Hana Levi Julian, 3/6/2013, 1:43 PM

Egg Producers: Pay Us More, Or We'll Break Them

Within days, they Israelis will begin to notice a shortage of eggs due to a strike called by egg producers.David Lev, 11/5/2012, 12:45 AM

Pesach, Yom Ha'atzmaut Have Cows on the Run

During the 5 weeks between Passover and Lag Ba'omer, meat consumption in Israel jumps. David Lev, 4/23/2012, 10:05 PM

Ministry to Tourists: Bring the Etrog, Leave the Lulav Behind

Visitors to Israel for Sukkot may bring an etrog with them, but not a lulav. The reason: Preventing agricultural disease in Israel.David Lev, 9/22/2011, 12:35 PM