Nuclear Ambiguity Policy

Nuclear secret-leaker claims Israel 'hounding' him

Mordechai Vanunu confident he will not serve in prison again, says restrictions on him unnecessary as he has not been in plant in 30 years.AFP, 3/20/2017, 6:35 PM

Trump, chaos, and Israel's national security

Opinion: A cautionary message for Israel from an expert on nuclear conflict who has reservations on Trump and says: Prepare for the worst.Prof. Louis René Beres, 2/19/2017, 6:18 PM

Israel's nuclear strategy and US national security

Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the most decorated four-star general in the US and a loyal friend of Israel, sent a postscript to Prof. Beres' article. The Beres article is too long for A7 to post, so we have posted the link, followed by the postscript. Prof. Louis René Beres, 1/2/2017, 6:41 PM

After the UNESCO vote

Time for Israel to remind the world of the dangers of "Palestine."Prof. Louis René Beres, 10/19/2016, 8:44 AM

Powell: Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran

Ex-Secretary of State wrote in 2015 e-mail: "The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands."Gil Ronen, 9/17/2016, 8:02 PM

Always imperiled

Jews, modern Israel and crimes against humanity.Prof. Louis René Beres, 9/8/2016, 10:19 AM

Navigating amid chaos: Nuclear strategy

Israel must forge a nuclear strategy in the face of a world gone mad.Prof. Louis René Beres, 7/17/2016, 7:43 AM

Facing "abnormal" enemies

How, precisely, should the usually dense or opaque "geometry" of chaos best be deciphered by Israel?Prof. Louis René Beres, 5/8/2016, 8:35 AM

Israel's nuclear strategy: The rationality of pretended irrationality

Looking ahead, Israel will have to rely increasingly on a multi-faceted doctrine of nuclear deterrence because of the nature of its enemies. Prof. Louis René Beres, 4/11/2016, 6:45 AM

Analysis: Misunderstanding Palestine

Special to Arutz Sheva : The true costs of a two-state solution. Prof. Louis René Beres, 10/12/2014, 8:58 AM

Staying Strong

Enhancing Israel’s essential strategic options.Prof. Louis René Beres, 9/1/2014, 12:54 PM

Living with Iran: Israel's Strategic Imperative

In response to the almost inevitable Iranian nuclear bomb, Israel must suitably integrate a clear nuclear deterrence posture with multi-layered active defenses. Prof. Louis René Beres, 5/30/2014, 5:17 AM

Killing Israel: A Middle East Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

In a special article for Arutz Sheva, the world-renowned expert on nuclear power, international law and political science tells Israel what it must do - on land, sea, air and in the public eye - in the face of Iran's nuclearization.Prof. Louis René Beres, 4/8/2014, 11:53 AM

More Than Ever, Israel Must Rely Upon Itself

An internationally renowned expert weighs in on the conventional and nuclear threats inherent in Obama's plans, asserting that the President's position is constructed upon assorted historical and legal misunderstandings. Arutz Sheva exclusive.Prof. Louis René Beres, 3/29/2014, 8:39 PM

Israel's Nuclear Doctrine Needs Reexamination

Is determined nuclear secrecy necessarily in the best survival interests of the Jewish State? The ability to deter may depend on careful exposure of Israel's capability and determination. Prof. Louis René Beres, 12/9/2013, 8:15 AM

Legal Forum: Charge Former Knesset Head with Treason

Legal group seeks investigation after former Knesset Speaker declares Israel a nuclear, chemical power.Maayana Miskin, 12/8/2013, 10:22 AM

U.S. Slams Arab Push to Criticize Israel Over Nukes

Arab push to single out Israel over its nuclear arsenal won't help reach a nuclear-free Middle East, says American envoy to IAEA.Elad Benari, 9/18/2013, 5:13 AM

Report: Israel has 80 Nuclear Warheads; Production Frozen

Israel possesses 80 nuclear warheads and the capacity to make up to 190 more, American experts say.Maayana Miskin, 9/15/2013, 8:56 AM

Obama to Assad: It's Labor Day Weekend

A bit of bitter cynicism at the beginning leads to a sober analysis of probable US actions.Mark Langfan, 8/30/2013, 11:59 AM

Arab Nations Re-launch Push to Criticize Israel Over Nukes

Arab nations are re-launching efforts to single out Israel over its alleged nuclear arsenal.Elad Benari, 7/16/2013, 4:17 AM

Israel’s German Submarines Carry Nukes, says Der Spiegel

Israel’s has deployed missiles with nuclear warheads on three submarines purchased from Germany, Der Spiegel reports.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 6/3/2012, 1:11 PM

MK: Israel Can Annihilate Iran in a Second

MK Yaakov Katz pushes the envelope of Israel's nuclear ambiguity policy, says enemies should know Israel can destroy them.Gil Ronen, 5/2/2011, 5:16 PM

Canadian Donates Millions to Israel for ‘Smart Classes’

A Canadian Jewish philanthropist’s gift of more than $4 million enables children in the north and south to learn in “smart classrooms.” Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 8/17/2010, 9:52 AM

Arab League Lobbies to End Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity

Despite a warning from US President Obama, Arab nations lobby to end Israel's nuclear ambiguity.Maayana Miskin, 8/15/2010, 8:48 PM

Obama Backs Down from Changing US Policy on Israeli ’Ambiguity’

Obama backs down from changing long-standing US policy accepting Israel’s “nuclear ambiguity.” Report: Secret US letter on helping Israel. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/7/2010, 3:40 PM

Barak Says Obama Agrees with ‘Nuclear Ambiguity’

Barak says that President Obama agrees with Israel’s policy of “nuclear ambiguity.” Pressure grows for Israel to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 5/12/2010, 8:43 AM