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Notable Progress Made to Save Hadassah Hospital

Doctors, the state, and hospital management reach understanding on a potential final deal to end ongoing labor dispute.Yosef Berger, 5/15/2014, 10:00 AM

Doctors Turn Down Hadassah Deal

Doctors reject a deal to try and put Hadassah Ein Kerem's bankrupt budget under control - practically guaranteeing new strikes.Yosef Berger, 5/11/2014, 8:44 PM

'Doctors Cannot Go on Strike, On Principle'

Medical professional and former MK Dr. Aryeh Eldad speaks to Arutz Sheva about the Hadassah strikes and what it means to be a doctor.Tova Dvorin, 2/16/2014, 8:23 AM

Eldad: Doctors Don't Have a Right to Strike

Former MK Aryeh Eldad told Arutz Sheva that he did not believe doctors had a right to strike.David Lev, 2/14/2014, 12:42 AM

Minister Attacks 'Suicide Pill' Bill

Minister of Pensioner Affairs attacks proposed law, which would allow doctors to provide patients with the means to kill themselves.Maayana Miskin, 1/26/2014, 10:37 AM

Doctors Strike over ‘Ugly Wave of Violence’

Doctors go on strike over attacks on medical staff. ‘We need to save lives, but our own lives are at risk.’Maayana Miskin, 1/19/2014, 10:31 AM

Doctor Explains Why Israelis Study Medicine Abroad

Israeli who recently graduated Italian medical school talks about his motives and challenges in studying abroad.Ari Yashar, 1/10/2014, 10:11 AM

Doctors to Identify Child Abuse Victims

A first group of 22 Israeli doctors has completed a course that provided them with the skills to identify child abuseDavid Lev, 10/10/2013, 11:05 AM

'Hospital Departments & Wards May be Closed'

As the resignation of medical residents is about to take effect, hospital officials are warning of a medical catastrophe.Yoni Kempinski & Gil Ronen, 10/2/2011, 8:18 PM

State: Force Residents to Work

Labor Court asked to instruct medical residents to keep working for at least a while longer. Decision: Monday.Gil Ronen, 10/2/2011, 8:13 PM

Doctors Regret Deal; Residents hold Hunger Strike

Doctors at four hospitals protest IMA deal with the government, demand its cancellation. Residents threaten hunger strike.Maayana Miskin, 9/4/2011, 9:26 PM

Psychiatric Residents Join Doctors' Strike

Residents at the largest psychiatric facility in Israel resigned en masse Thursday, joining the long-running doctors' strike.Chana Ya'ar, 8/11/2011, 2:07 PM

Deal to End Doctors' Strike May Be Close

The government and doctors seemed closer than ever to an agreement Thursday morning, but the deal was not done, doctors said,David Lev, 8/4/2011, 11:20 AM

RX for Israel: ‘Olim Doctors’

Ten North American doctors arrived in Israel on Monday to live, despite the doctors’ strike. “I believe a Jew’s place is in Israel,” says onTzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/26/2011, 3:33 PM

Doctors’ Strike Continues

Labor Court approves continuation of the strike. Hospitals working in Sabbath mode.Gil Ronen, 7/25/2011, 8:37 AM

As Doctors Strike, Residents Protest

Hundreds of medical residents walk out of their hospitals across Israel on Wednesday to protest a potential agreement to end the doctors' stElad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 7/21/2011, 2:15 AM

D-Day for Doctors

The Labor Court is to meet with the Finance Ministry and doctors Wednesday and may force them to negotiate an agreement or end the strike.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/20/2011, 8:27 AM

Interns Stage Walk Out

The interns at some Israeli hospitals left their department to protest the emerging contract that they say ignores their basic interests.Aryeh Ben Hayim, 7/19/2011, 9:39 PM

Mixed Healthcare News from OECD

OECD finds that Israelis are healthy, but hospitals are understaffed and overcrowded. Government promises change.Maayana Miskin, 7/1/2011, 12:38 PM

Doctors Practically on Strike

Hospitals and medical clinics around the country are on a part-time Sabbath schedule, as the doctors’ near-strike climbs a notch.Hillel Fendel, 6/20/2011, 2:35 PM