Erekat: Liberman is lying about secret Israel-PA talks

PLO Secretary-General dismisses Liberman's claims that Israel has been holding secret talks with the PA, calls him a liar.Dalit Halevi, 4/15/2016, 3:14 AM

PA tells UN to investigate soldier's shooting of terrorist

PA demands investigation of 'extrajudicial killings,' as chief negotiator Erekat claims Israel is 'rewarded with impunity.'Ari Yashar, 3/28/2016, 3:46 PM

Erekat claims IDF general is 'acting Palestinian president'

PLO Secretary-General claims Netanyahu is controlling the Palestinians through the Civil Administration and COGAT.Dalit Halevi, 1/26/2016, 3:42 AM

Saeb Erekat: PA 'waging a war' with Israel

Senior Palestinian Authority official asserts the body is at war with the Jewish state and that new talks are unlikely.Dalit Halevi, 1/24/2016, 8:36 AM

Erekat hails EU's 'anti-settlement' resolution

PA chief negotiator says EU should ban products from Judea and Samaria after passing resolution voiding agreements in that area.Ben Ariel, 1/19/2016, 6:30 AM

PA official: Netanyahu has destroyed Arab 'culture of peace'

Saeb Erekat expresses 'shock' over suspicions against his aide, despite admitting Israel routinely spies on PA activities.Cynthia Blank, 1/18/2016, 10:22 PM

Saeb Erekat's assistant suspected of spying for Israel

Aid to senior official arrested by PA security forces on suspicion of espionage. Erekat acknowledges incident.Ido Ben-Porat, 1/16/2016, 10:42 PM

PA leaders slam Aegean Airlines incident as 'apartheid'

PLO's Erekat says removal of two Arabs from a flight due to security concerns is "reminiscent of apartheid".Ben Ariel, 1/7/2016, 2:46 AM

Erekat denies suggesting secret peace talks with Israel

PLO Secretary-General denies Israeli report that he proposed to start secret negotiations with Israel last summer.Elad Benari, 12/29/2015, 6:45 AM

Erekat: PLO to make 'critical decisions' regarding Israel

PLO Secretary General says the Palestinian leadership will convene this week to decide how to move forward with regards to Israel.Dalit Halevi, 12/28/2015, 6:31 AM

Erekat: 'Settlers' are behaving like ISIS

PLO secretary general accuses Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria of carrying out ISIS-like crimes against Palestinians.Dalit Halevi, 12/20/2015, 2:05 AM

Racism is just fine, if it is aimed at Israel

Ronn Torossian, 12/16/2015, 12:04 PM

UN Amb: PA’s Erekat Paid Condolence Call to Terrorist

Amb. Danon tells Ban Ki Moon top PA negotiator paid visit to terrorist's family on December 5, after terrorist was killed.Mark Langfan, 12/14/2015, 8:41 PM

Erekat: Make peace or ISIS will take over

Senior PLO leader warns that if Israel doesn't agree to a Palestinian state, ISIS jihadists will replace the PA.Elad Benari, Canada, 12/11/2015, 10:02 PM

Saeb Erekat, alleged PA moderate, visits terrorist's family

Erekat, long-time head of PA negotiating team, makes official visit to family of terrorist killed during attack on Thursday.Matt Wanderman, 12/5/2015, 6:30 PM

The lies of Saeb Erekat

An incendiary propaganda document replete with blatant lies and utter distortions of history penned by Saeb Erekat, recently sent to foreign media, exposes the futility of the Palestinian mindset, and reveals just how far the Palestinian leadership is from accepting the premises necessary for true peace with Israel.Dr. Eran Lerman, 11/24/2015, 6:39 AM

Erekat blames Netanyahu for terror wave, won't condemn attacks

PA chief negotiator claims Netanyahu's "policies" are to blame for terror wave, refuses to condemn attacks on Israelis.Ben Ariel, 11/24/2015, 6:14 AM

PLO celebrates EU labeling but 'it isn't enough'

'War crime products must be banned not just labeled,' says terror group; Erekat lauds 'significant move to total boycott.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/11/2015, 4:23 PM

PA continues filing complaints against Israel at ICC

PA continuing its "diplomatic war" against Israel, files lawsuit over alleged "crimes of execution".Dalit Halevi, 11/10/2015, 6:46 AM

Irony: Inciting PA complains against Israeli 'executions'

PA declares it filed a complaint against Israel’s alleged “extrajudicial executions” with the ICC.Dalit Halevi, 11/3/2015, 6:13 AM

Erekat Demands Investigation of Israeli 'Executions'

PA chief negotiator silent on knife attacks, demands UN investigate Israel's "executions" of Palestinians.Dalit Halevi, 10/19/2015, 5:46 AM

Erekat Accuses Quartet of Caving in to Israel

PA chief negotiator says Quartet gave in to Israeli dictates by postponing a scheduled visit to Ramallah and Jerusalem this week.Ben Ariel, 10/16/2015, 5:16 AM

PA to Prosecute Israel for 'Extrajudicial Killing' of Terrorists

Erekat to file ICC petition against Israel for shooting terrorists in self-defense.Tova Dvorin, 10/13/2015, 4:50 PM

PA: Offer of Return to Negotiation is a Trap

Negotiator Saeb Erekat demands that Europeans guarantee Israeli 'recognition of Palestinian rights.'Gil Ronen, 9/10/2015, 11:48 PM

Erekat: Not Interested in Abbas's Job

Abbas should be looking elsewhere if he is considering Saeb Erekat as a successor, the PA negotiator said in an interview.Dalit Halevi, 9/7/2015, 12:13 AM

PA Officials Dismisses Netanyahu's Comments on Peace

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat says Netanyahu is prime minister of "the settlers" and isn't serious about peace.Ben Ariel, 9/4/2015, 2:12 AM

Yet Again: Reports Say Abbas to Quit as PA Chief

Fatah official says three positions Mahmoud Abbas has held for years, including PA chairman, may soon be up for grabs.Moshe Cohen, 9/3/2015, 9:06 AM

Report: Mahmoud Abbas to Step Down as PA Chairman

Resignation rumors resurface after Abbas assigns Saeb Erekat as Secretary General of the PLO Executive Committee.Tova Dvorin, 8/12/2015, 7:04 PM

IDF Mobilizes After PLO Blames Israel for Arson Attack

'Settler terrorism' responsible for attack which killed a toddler, Saeb Erekat insists; 4 IDF battalions dispatched.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/31/2015, 12:06 PM

Arab League to Meet Over Temple Mount Clashes

Saeb Erekat condemns 'dangerous developments' after Arab rioters clash with Israeli police at Judaism's holiest site.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/27/2015, 7:46 PM

Minister Shalom Meets with PA Chief Negotiator

Minister Silvan Shalom, who was appointed to head peace talks, met last week in Jordan with the PA’s chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat.Nitsan Keidar, 7/27/2015, 12:13 AM

Erekat Named PLO Secy-Gen, May Replace Abbas

PLO chief negotiator takes top spot after Abbas, sparking speculation he may replace chairman whose termed ended in 2009.Ari Yashar, 7/14/2015, 10:04 AM

PA: Next Step is an ICC Investigation of Israel

After submitting case Erekat says PA pressing for investigation to be launched, while outlining diplomatic warfare strategy.Dalit Halevy, 6/27/2015, 11:03 PM

Erekat: PA Should Promote 'National Struggle' of Terrorism

PA's Israel negotiator Saeb Erekat strategizes in new document cooperation with Hamas and the lending of more support to terrorists.Refael Levi, 6/25/2015, 12:02 PM

Erekat Recommends PLO Retract its Recognition of Israel

PLO chief negotiator suggests the PLO retract its recognition of Israel until it recognizes a Palestinian state.Elad Benari, 6/19/2015, 6:15 AM

PA Refuses to Restart Peace Talks on 'Settlement Blocs'

Chief negotiator Erekat says report on Netanyahu wanting to restart talks and define 'blocs' is attempt to steal 'state of Palestine.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/26/2015, 3:30 PM

Erekat: New Israeli Government is 'Racist'

Chief PA negotiator blasts Israeli government as "racist" and "extremist" following meeting with EU's Mogherini.Elad Benari, 5/22/2015, 6:15 AM

PA Chief Negotiator Skeptical About Peace

Saeb Erekat expresses skepticism about peace prospects with Israel, following Netanyahu's comments against a Palestinian state.Elad Benari, 4/27/2015, 5:45 AM

Erekat Calls for Forced, Full Withdrawals from Judea-Samaria

PA calls on US, EU to force Israel to withdraw from Area C, recognize 'Palestine', and release more terrorists.Dalit Halevi, 4/6/2015, 4:47 PM

First Obama Official Post-Election Israel Address - At J Street

Obama adviser first White House official at Israel event since vote - and chose radical leftist event, featuring Erekat, Labor sec.-general.Ari Yashar, 3/19/2015, 6:21 PM

PA: Negotiations 'Only on Two-State Solution' Basis

The PA officially announced Wednesday night that it was hoping to renew talks with Israel, regardless of who was Prime Minister.Yaakov Levi, 3/19/2015, 1:13 AM

Erekat Vows to Intensify Efforts Against Israel

PA chief negotiator says the results of the elections means PA will continue to pursue Israel at ICC.Elad Benari, 3/18/2015, 4:45 AM

Hamas: Leftist Government Disaster 'No Less than Netanyahu'

Hamas leader warns Israeli left victory means endless peace talks, even as 'West Bank' is being 'destroyed.'Ari Yashar, 3/16/2015, 9:00 AM

Erekat: Relations With Israel Reached the Point of No Return

Erekat threatens 'new stage' of enmity with Israel, demanding PA independence - or that Israel 'take full responsibility' for region.Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar, 1/20/2015, 3:43 PM

Erekat: There's No Difference Between Israel and ISIS

PA chief negotiator says Israel’s construction in Judea and Samaria is like the terrorism carried out by the Islamic State.Ben Ariel, 1/8/2015, 6:15 AM

Erekat Threatens: We'll Dismantle the Palestinian Authority

PA chief negotiator says the PA will not agree to the status quo, threatens the PA will dismantle itself and “hand the keys” back to Israel.Elad Benari, 1/5/2015, 6:14 AM

Israel Freezes $127M in Funds to the PA For ICC Bid

Netanyahu orders financial penalty against the PA, which is already struggling to pay off staggering debts, in retaliation for ICC bid.Uzi Baruch and Tova Dvorin, 1/3/2015, 10:01 PM

Erekat Unveils Slew of Conventions Abbas Signed

Erekat gives UN list of int'l treaties 'State of Palestine' signed onto in breach of Oslo Accords, says 'settlements' focus of ICC lawsuits.Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar, 1/1/2015, 5:26 PM

PA Co-opts Jesus the 'Palestinian Messiah and Martyr'

PA Christmas tradition of rewriting history continues as Jesus claimed as 'first Palestinian' by senior officials and Abbas.Ari Yashar, 12/29/2014, 9:21 AM

Erekat: Vote in UN Later Today or Monday

PA chief negotiator says the Security Council would vote on unilateral resolution later Friday or on Monday at the latest.Elad Benari, Canada, 12/26/2014, 10:06 PM

Erekat: UN to Vote on Resolution 'Very Soon'

Chief PA negotiator claims the Security Council will vote on the PA's unilateral resolution before the end of 2014.Elad Benari, 12/24/2014, 6:16 AM

Kerry Reportedly Vows UN Veto, PA Pushes UN Bid Anyway

Kerry vows veto on demand for Israeli withdrawals citing Knesset elections in Erekat meeting; PA bid on Wednesday.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/16/2014, 10:00 PM

Erekat: Hope Israelis Will Elect a Peace Partner

PA chief negotiator says that in the upcoming elections, Israelis will choose between being a "peace partner" and an "occupier".Elad Benari, 12/10/2014, 3:15 AM

Erekat: Jewish Homes in Jerusalem a 'Slap in the Face' to US

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat livid over more construction announcements, claims move insults US, international community, peace.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/4/2014, 11:40 AM

Kerry Will Not Unveil New Peace Plan

State Department spokeswoman says Kerry will meet PA negotiator Erekat but will not unveil an American peace plan.Ben Ariel, 11/4/2014, 2:12 AM

Kerry to Meet Chief PA Negotiator

Secretary of State John Kerry to meet Saeb Erekat to discuss how to advance the frozen peace process.Ben Ariel, Canada, 10/31/2014, 10:54 PM

Erekat: Construction Punishable Under International Law

Palestinian Authority officials condemn Israel's decision to build in Jerusalem, call on international community to take action.Elad Benari, 10/28/2014, 6:13 AM