Analysts: Gas Price Hike Could be Election's 'Dark Horse'

Israelis usually don't think about gas price hikes - but two weeks before election, it may become an important issue.Moshe Cohen, 2/26/2015, 2:35 PM

Could Gas Price Jump Two Weeks Before Election Affect Results?

After four straight months of falling gasoline prices, the party appears to be over for Israeli drivers. Will it affect how they vote?Moshe Cohen, 2/22/2015, 8:09 PM

Gas Prices Drop to Lowest in Five Years

At midnight self-service Benzene 95 prices are to drop over half a shekel from last month, as prices reach their lowest in five years.Nir Har-Zahav, Ari Yashar, 12/30/2014, 6:21 PM

Not Much Panic Over Syria, But Gas Price Could Change That

Israelis are keeping calm in the wake of Syrian attack threats, but they may panic Saturday night when they see the new price of gasDavid Lev, 8/29/2013, 2:05 PM

Israelis to be Hit With Wave of Rising Prices

Israel's largest supermarket chain, Shufersal, announced Wednesday that it was raising prices across the board on thousands of productsDavid Lev, 11/1/2012, 10:44 AM

Egypt Offers Gas – At Higher Rates

An Egyptian minister said Cairo would be happy to sell Israel gas again, if Jerusalem agreed to a rate hike.Gabe Kahn, 4/23/2012, 10:29 PM

Sinai Pipeline Attack #14

Attacking the Sinai gas pipeline is now a much-loved custom among local terrorists; attack tally for the past year is 14.Gabe Kahn, 4/9/2012, 7:08 PM

Social Justice Rallies

, 8/14/2011, 12:08 AM

Consumers Brace for Rate Hikes as IEC Asks Gov't for Help

IEC officials have asked Israel's government for an immediate solution to the stoppage of gas from Egypt; a 20% rate hike to hit consumers.Gabe Kahn., 7/12/2011, 7:36 PM

Egypt's Arabi Wants Camp David Accords Amended

Egyptian foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi wants Egypt's 1979 peace accord with Israel altered; makes a second run at hiking gas prices.Gabe Kahn., 5/26/2011, 6:37 PM