"If the checkpoint opens – we will block it with our bodies"

Head of the Beit El Council announced that the residents of the town will prevent the opening of the entry and exit checkpoint from RamallahArutz Sheva Staff, 12/17/2018, 3:59 PM

Attempted ramming attack near Jerusalem

Arab vehicle swerves out of its lane upon arriving at Jerusalem-area checkpoint. Security personnel arrest driver, open investigation.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/24/2018, 1:04 PM

4,500 rotten eggs could have been sold to your supermarket

Security guards arrest Arabs attempting to sell unsupervised eggs to Jerusalem stores.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/18/2017, 2:32 PM

A surprise in the trunk

Border Police stop suspicious Arab driver at checkpoint, discover would-be infiltrator hiding in car's trunk.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/18/2017, 12:28 PM

Checkpoint death was suicide-by-security forces

Jew shot dead rushing security checkpoint intended to be killed, left suicide note.Mordechai Sones, 5/2/2017, 10:04 PM

Motorcyclist pays 150K NIS to Defense Ministry for ramming

Motorcyclist to pay150,000 NIS to Defense Ministry after ramming policeman in 2013.Kobi Finkler, 1/30/2017, 3:06 PM

PA cop nabbed attempting to bribe way into Israel

3 suspects arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe Israeli guards at checkpoint, gain illegal entry into pre-1967 Israel.Nitzan Keidar, 1/17/2017, 2:22 PM

Letting other people's sons die

"I didn't fire at the terrorist because there was no proof and Ori died." And what if Ori were your son? What if that hesitation kills him? Paula R. Stern, 3/28/2016, 8:56 AM

CatC, March 7-10, is an anti-Israel Crusade

Far from turning the other cheek, Christian Palestinianists are committed to a jihad for Jesus, a kind of Chrislamic crusade against Jews and the Jewish state, and the Palestinian Jesus myth is a core component of Palestinian replacement theology. Richard Mather, 3/7/2016, 10:33 AM

"Jesus at the checkpost" in Bethlehem again

It’s that crazy Christian time of year in Bethlehem where traditional beliefs are thrown out of the church window. Barry Shaw, 3/5/2016, 11:02 PM

Filtration of terror

Separation is not enough.Prof. Alan Friedlander, 1/28/2016, 8:48 AM

Hard-hearted Jews

One has to call it by that name because it is so shocking. These are Jews who worry about Arab fears and anxieties at this time, not those of Israeli mothers and fathers.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 10/27/2015, 5:02 PM

What, exactly, is going on?

Taken from a speech given by the writer at the BICOM dinner in London on January 26th. A must read. Matti Friedman, 1/29/2015, 7:24 AM

Bomb Attack Thwarted at Gush Etzion Checkpoint

Border Policeman physically restrains terrorist dressed as IDF soldier; powerful explosive device neutralized.Yedidya Ben-Or, 7/27/2014, 11:59 AM

Arab Motorist Wounds Soldiers in Suspected Terror Attack

Arab driver in Judea's Gush Etzion injures four border police by running through checkpoint in suspected terror attack.Ari Yashar, 3/15/2014, 10:46 PM

Palestinian Arabs Vandalize Checkpoint

Graffiti at the site notes that damage was 'retaliation' for IDF killing wanted terrorist as incitement after funeral continues.Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin, 3/2/2014, 9:26 AM

PA: Dismantle Security Checkpoint at Beit-El

Extreme leftist group, PA regional councils demand that Israel open security checkpoint near Civil Administration - despite huge risk.Tova Dvorin, 2/7/2014, 9:22 AM

Car Smashes Through Checkpoint in Maaleh Adumim

Unknown persons smashed through a checkpoint near Jerusalem, injuring two guards. Attackers still at large.Maayana Miskin, 11/19/2013, 3:34 PM

Video: Syrian Rebels Destroy Military Checkpoint

Ahrar ash-Sham, a collection of jihadists fighting Assad, upload a video showing a car bomb ripping through a military checkpoint.Dalit Halevi & Elad Benari, 7/12/2013, 5:44 AM

Gunmen Open Fire after Setting Up Mock Iraqi Checkpoint, Kill 14

At least 14 people, including 10 border guards, were shot to death by gunmen at a fake Iraqi checkpoint they set up.Rina Tzvi , 6/6/2013, 5:52 PM

PA Man Tries to Run Down Soldiers

Soldiers asked PA resident to stop at a check point. Instead, he tried to run them down. Manhunt underway. Maayana Miskin, 2/6/2013, 7:44 AM

Terrorists Nabbed With Explosives at Checkpoint

For the third time in the last month, IDF security forces arrested terrorists trying to smuggle pipe-bombs through a checkpointGabe Kahn, 4/24/2012, 10:24 PM

Checkpoint Guard Shoots Axe-Swinging Terrorist

An Israeli soldier at a checkpoint north of Jerusalem shot an axe-swinging Palestinian Authority terrorist. The guard was not hurt. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/22/2012, 11:06 AM

'Hanukkah Miracle' Nixes Likely Terror Attack

An observant IDF soldier may have prevented a major terrorist attack, in what soldiers and commanders called a “Hanukkah miracle.David Lev, 12/27/2011, 1:18 PM

Yesha Council Complains to IBA Over "Border Crossing" Reference

The Yesha Council has complained to IBA Director General Moti Sklar about its characerization of security checkposts as "border crossings."Gabe Kahn., 3/31/2011, 5:12 AM

New App Tells Arabs How to Bypass IDF Checkpoints

The service, which suggests ways of sneaking into the coastal plain, was presented at Peres Center event. IDF: no comment.Gil Ronen, 3/9/2011, 6:12 PM

Video: Terrorist Eliminated Near Shechem

A would-be terrorist attack was prevented by IDF soldiers Saturday at the Bekaot crossing. The IDF releases video.Chana Ya'ar, 1/9/2011, 8:58 PM

IDF Foils Weapons Smuggling from Palestinian Authority

Soldiers at a checkpoint several miles east of metropolitan Tel Aviv discovered a submachine gun and pipe bombs from a PA-controlled city.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 11/24/2010, 10:44 AM

Video Catches Arab Terrorist Stabbing Jewish Security Guard

A video shows an Arab woman stabbing a Jewish guard at one of the checkpoints where critics claim Arabs are “humiliated” by security checks. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 12/6/2009, 5:05 PM

Security Restrictions Eased for Arabs in Judea and Samaria

The IDF has eased movement for Arabs of Judea and Samaria in honor of Eid al-Adha, a four day Muslim festival that began on Thursday. Avi Yellin, 11/27/2009, 11:13 AM

With Checkpoints Down, Weapons Flow Freely

Weapons are flowing freely into Shechem and other Palestinian Authority-controlled cities thanks to the removal of IDF checkpoints.Maayana Miskin, 10/12/2009, 7:59 PM

A Shot in the Air

, 9/22/2009, 12:00 AM

Key IDF Checkpoint Neutralized as Barak Returns from U.S.

Starting Friday, Arabs will be able to cross the IDF’s Hawara checkpoint near Shechem on foot without being checked. Gil Ronen, 7/1/2009, 6:51 PM