'Unity and deterrence needed to defeat evil'

Marc Prowisor, Director of Security for the One Israel Fund, thinks that Israel need an effective method of deterrence against our enemies.The Land Of Israel Network, Wednesday, 3:41 PM

Rivlin: We have lost a great light

President Rivlin meets with family of Israeli teen who was raped and murdered by Arab terrorist in Jerusalem last week.Arutz Sheva Staff, Wednesday, 2:47 PM

Songs in memory of Ori: Good will win

Hundreds of Bnei Akiva members take part in evening of song in memory of Ori Ansbacher.Hezki Baruch, Wednesday, 3:10 AM

In Memory of Ori Ansbacher: The Battle of Light vs. Darkness

Accessing the secret power of unspoken prayer.Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman, Tuesday, 10:50 PM

Terror? No; 'gender crime'

MK Aida Touma-Sliman claims Ori Ansbacher murder a heinous crime and shouldn't stain struggle of 'Palestinian people'.Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 5:44 PM

Ori's blood cries out to deaf ears

The media’s silent treatment for slain Israeli teen. Jack Engelhard, Tuesday, 9:59 AM

Yes, the Israeli people is superior to its enemies

Yes, Ori Ansbacher's mother asked the audience to “add light in the world, an act of kindness” to preserve her daughter's soul. Giulio Meotti, Tuesday, 8:48 AM

'This despicable terrorist must die'

MK Smotrich visits family of Ori Ansbacher, says she must be the last terror victim.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 5:49 AM

Liberman: The terrorist should be tried in a military court

Yisrael Beytenu chairman says terrorist who murdered Ori Ansbacher should be tried in a military court so he can be sentenced to death.Elad Benari, Tuesday, 3:46 AM

Video of manhunt and raid on mosque

Security cameras document raid on mosque near where Ori Ansbacher murderer was captured.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 6:32 PM

Terrorist who confessed to murdering teen appears in court

29-year-old Palestinian Arab terrorist who confessed to raping, murdering Israeli teen in terror attack appears in court.David Rosenberg, Monday, 2:46 PM

Murder victim dreamed of 'A world of peace'

Israeli teen who was raped and murdered last week wrote poem shortly before her murder, expressing hope for peace.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 8:52 AM

'I'll be back here to become a martyr'

Murderer of Ori Ansbacher was arrested two years ago on the Temple Mount and threatened: "If you let me go, I will come back with a knife."Elad Benari, Monday, 12:14 AM

Netanyahu pays condolence call to family of Ori Ansbacher

Prime Minister and his wife, Sara, visit family of murdered Israeli teen, share updates on investigation into terror attack.David Rosenberg, Sunday, 9:26 PM

Shin Bet: Murder of Israeli teen was terror attack

Israeli investigators say interrogation of suspected murderer points to terrorism as the motive behind brutal killing of Israeli teen.David Rosenberg, Sunday, 7:59 PM

Terrorist reenacts murder of Jewish teenager

Suspect in murder of Ori Ansbacher carried out reenactment of murder for investigators at Ein Yael. Remand hearing for suspect tomorrow.Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 2:01 PM