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Who will benefit from the early elections in Israel?

Caroline Glick says it appears that the parties creating the crisis in the coalition are the ones who have something to lose.The Land Of Israel Network, 3/5/2018, 9:44 PM

How can you change your Purim experience forever?

Rabbi Shlomo Katz explains that Purim is the time to ask for everything.The Land Of Israel Network, 3/1/2018, 9:56 PM

So, who will take care of you when you are in the grave?

The Manager of the Burial Society of the Jerusalem Jewish community talks about the great challenges in doing the kindness of truth.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/28/2018, 1:13 AM

American consulate in Jerusalem prepares for transition

Soon the consulate will officially become the embassy - and the preparations are already underway.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/27/2018, 1:18 PM

It’s time to call out the 'right wing'

Why do ministers, who identify, at least in part, with the Israeli right - meet with senior Palestinian Authority officials?The Land Of Israel Network, 2/26/2018, 9:35 PM

Don't worry, it's the right time to be happy

How to touch the soul by touching on one of the deepest secrets in the human condition.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/23/2018, 12:13 AM

Can Netanyahu emerge legally unscathed?

Two lawyers analyze the prime minister's legal situation after police recommendations against Binyamin Netanyahu.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/21/2018, 3:13 AM

Gun control or more guards with guns?

Many in the US are turning to Israel to see how this country has been nearly immune from school shootings.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/20/2018, 1:43 AM

The true voices of Judea and Samaria

Fern Baker trains residents of Judea and Samaria to bring their authentic voice to the public.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/19/2018, 9:36 PM

Should we be nicer to infiltrators?

Refugees or migrant workers? A deep discussion of the issue that concerns many in the State of Israel.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/15/2018, 1:15 AM

A modern-day map for the End of Days

A revolutionary and eye opening address about the connection between the past and today.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/14/2018, 10:30 AM

Winds of war on Israel's northern border?

Will the incident on the Syrian border over the weekend spark a full-blown war? Who has an interest in fanning the flames?The Land Of Israel Network, 2/13/2018, 5:43 PM

Faith, family and F-16s

Eve Harrow tells the story of Baptist pastors, exploring their religion’s Jewish roots in Israel.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/13/2018, 6:55 AM

Navigating the minefield of Christian love for Torah

Tommy Waller reveals his uphill emotional journey of growth. Rabbi Ari Abramowitz shares the parallel journey from the Jewish side.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/9/2018, 4:12 AM

How to achieve 'crown knowledge'

What is the Jewish secret revealed to the world before the giving of the Torah?The Land Of Israel Network, 2/9/2018, 2:12 AM

Who dared to say 'shut up' to Nikki Haley?

Saeb Erekat confronted the US Ambassador to the United Nations. How did she react?The Land Of Israel Network, 2/5/2018, 10:20 PM

Are you descended from former Iberian Jews?

Meet Ashley Perry-Perez, the Director General of the Knesset Caucus for the Reconnection with the Descendants of Spanish Jewish Communities.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/4/2018, 11:53 PM

The secret of speech – less is more

Listen to one of the secrets of human communication expressed, according to the sages, in the giving of the Torah at Sinai.The Land Of Israel Network, 2/2/2018, 4:35 PM

Poll claims a drop in support for Israel? It's spin!

Why is a study showing less support for Israel among American Jews taken out of context? And how do politicians relate to it?The Land Of Israel Network, 1/30/2018, 9:27 PM

'It is time to understand that the US supports us'

Recent statements made by senior administration officials made it clear where the US stands vis-a-vis Israel.The Land of Israel Network, 1/29/2018, 6:53 PM

The secret of renewal: Learn from the trees

In the darkness of deep winter with the absence of greenery is exactly the time to realize potential for renewal and rejuvenation.The Land Of Israel Network, 1/28/2018, 11:46 PM

Is connecting people really as hard as parting the Red Sea?

Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares a beautiful and insightful thought about the extreme faith required to live a life of marital harmony.The Land Of Israel Network, 1/26/2018, 1:15 AM

The rabbi who seeks to change conventions in Judaism

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo talks about renewal in religion and Jewish law, and the need to make Judaism accessible to anyone who desires it.The Land Of Israel Network, 1/24/2018, 12:52 PM

Why doesn't the world deal with Mike Pence's praise for Israel?

The international media chose to hide the praise of the US vice president and focus on marginal events. Why did this happen?The Land Of Israel Network, 1/23/2018, 6:18 PM

'Hitting UNRWA where it hurts'

Josh Hasten looks to find out how steps taken by the US against UNRWA will affect the agency.The Land of Israel Network, 1/22/2018, 9:21 PM

The Secret to a Life of Renewal

How can we find in our lives the secret that will allow us to renew ourselves all the time? Rabbi Shlomo Katz has an answerThe Land Of Israeli Radio, 1/19/2018, 3:14 PM

Did Abbas kill the Israeli left?

MK Nachman Shai is trying to deal with the claim that Abbas's speech put an end to arguments of the leftist parties on the political levelThe Land Of Israel Netowrk, 1/16/2018, 9:49 PM

Preventing BDS activists from entering Israel? It is essential

Dan Diker talks about the damage caused by BDS activists around the world, and explains the importance of preventing their entry into IsraelThe Land Of Israel Network, 1/16/2018, 7:41 PM

Doing business according to Torah principles

'New Entrepreneurz' author discusses the role Torah precepts can play in today's global economy.The Land Of Israel Network, 1/14/2018, 8:14 PM

Building a ramp of faith

Is any offering of the heart ever wasted? Are any prayers ever ignored?The Land Of Israel Network, 1/12/2018, 3:46 AM

Why Oprah is wrong for America

Is Oprah Winfrey the ideal Democratic presidential nominee for 2020? Or would America be better off without her candidacy?The Land Of Israel Network, 1/9/2018, 2:56 PM

Does Israel need another death penalty law?

Israeli law already provides for death penalty, PMW legal strategist notes, and proposed 'death penalty for terrorists' law is superfluous.The Land Of Israel Network, 1/8/2018, 10:52 PM

Press coverage of Israel - an alternate reality?

How do you deal with the foreign press in Israel and the alternative reality it is trying to market to the world?The Land Of Israel Network, 1/7/2018, 10:51 PM

Do you dream to eat or eat to dream?

Soul of Israel: Rabbis Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz talk about the illusion of time.The Land of Israel Network, 1/5/2018, 3:04 PM

When darkness fell and the choice was between life and faith

Anthony Lishak talks with Eve Harrow about the choices that were faced by parents who wanted to save their children during the Holocaust.The Land Of Israel Network, 1/5/2018, 1:12 AM

Why Israel must encourage the protests in Iran

Most Israeli politicians remain silent about the demonstrations in Iran. Should Israel consciously encourage them?The Land Of Israel Network, 1/2/2018, 11:28 PM

Is Netanyahu corrupt?

Podcast: Will Prime Minister Netanyahu’s criminal investigations effect what could happen in Israeli politics in 2018?The Land of Israel Network, 12/27/2017, 5:14 PM