Is Israel's political system like the coronavirus?

Jay Shapiro thinks there is a connection between unhealthy politics and the coronavirus crisis.Jay Shapiro, 3/20/2020, 5:28 PM

Trump plan: Will the PA continue to be an obstacle to peace?

President Trump has changed the rules: It is a new Middle East.Jay Shapiro, 3/13/2020, 5:08 PM

Israel's nightmare: A government that depends on anti-Israelis

Who works behind the scenes to form a coalition based on the Joint List - and why is the Palestinian Authority waiting impatiently for it?Jay Shapiro, 3/12/2020, 4:13 AM

Why do the Palestinians hate PM Netanyahu?

Jay Shapiro explains why Mahmoud Abbas would like to see Netanyahu out - and where the Palestinians' big mistakeJay Shapiro, 3/6/2020, 4:59 PM

Netanyahu, don't miss the historic opportunity

The coming period, despite the political uncertainty, is most appropriate to seize the opportunity and apply sovereignty.Jay Shapiro, 3/6/2020, 4:56 PM

Misinterpretation of the Israel-PA issue

Mistakes prevail for years: Israel Arabs protest against moving to Palestinian Authority.Jay Shapiro, 2/28/2020, 3:35 PM

Why are US Jews not enthusiastic about Trump's peace plan?

Among American Jews, there are voices saying the president's plan is bad. If Trump were not the president, they might have supported it.Jay Shapiro, 2/7/2020, 4:47 PM

The Christian fundamentalists and Israel: Friend or foe?

Jay Shapiro thinks the Israeli leadership should be careful about who is a friend and what are his intentions.Jay Shapiro, 1/31/2020, 4:44 PM

Increasing anti-Semitism: Is the world awakening?

Achievements against the the oldest hate which made a comeback.Jay Shapiro, 1/17/2020, 4:25 PM

Anti-Semitism is taking over the world

Jay Shapiro warns that hatred of Jews is taking on new forms and is becoming a widespread phenomenon in many countries.Jay Shapiro, 1/10/2020, 4:29 PM

The world must wake up: Anti-Semitism is making a comeback

Anti-Semitism is back in fashion in several new forms such as anti-Israelism.Jay Shapiro, 12/27/2019, 4:09 PM

Britain against anti-Semitic supporters: We will fight you

The Labour Party in Great Britain was trounced in the election, but it may only be a temporary reprieve.Jay Shapiro, 12/20/2019, 4:20 PM

The world understands: Eretz Yisrael belongs to us

The Balfour Declaration is still valid: Israel is the only owner of the land of Israel.Jay Shapiro, 12/13/2019, 4:05 PM

The Jewish roots of American Thanksgiving

The Bible dictates thanks.Jay Shapiro, 12/6/2019, 3:58 PM

Why is Evangelical Christian support in Israel so Important?

The importance of non-domestic support: Foreign Christians and Jews.Jay Shapiro, 11/22/2019, 4:10 PM

The world's oldest hate is still here

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism: Is there really a difference between them?Jay Shapiro, 11/1/2019, 4:13 PM

The political stalemate continues: Who will take responsibility?

Jay Shapiro examines attempts to form a government and fears that in the meantime, the next elections are on the horizon.Jay Shapiro, 10/4/2019, 5:45 PM

What were American cops looking for in Israel?

A delegation of police officers from the United States visited in Israel. What did they learn from the Israeli Police?Jay Shapiro, 9/27/2019, 5:39 PM

Surprising election: The spin of the voting percentage

Jay Shapiro claims that after warning us of low voter turnout, the public flocked to the polls and strengthened the left.Jay Shapiro, 9/20/2019, 6:09 PM

How do two congresswomen embarrass the US?

Jay Shapiro thinks that new congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are leading the House down a dangerous path.Jay Shapiro, 9/13/2019, 6:14 PM

Unbelievable: Anti-Semitism comes to life

The old and new anti-Semitism, expressed in hatred of Jews and the State of Israel, is becoming a routine issue.Jay Shapiro, 8/9/2019, 6:59 PM

Do we need new friends? Europe has become dangerous

Jay Shapiro thinks that the increasing alienation of Europe from Israel is problematic and dangerous.Jay Shapiro, 8/8/2019, 3:16 AM

When the Women's March becomes anti-Semitic

Jay Shapiro thinks that anti-Semitism can appear under many guises, and appear anywhere and anytime.Jay Shapiro, 8/2/2019, 6:54 PM

The Palestinians never miss a chance to miss a chance

The Palestinian problem: You can't help those who don't want to be helped.Jay Shapiro, 7/19/2019, 7:09 PM

Reality is stronger than protests: Jerusalem is Israel's capital

The United States has led the way, and the world is beginning to align: Is the application of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria on the way?Jay Shapiro, 6/14/2019, 3:12 PM

Is the US Congress infected with anti-Semitism?

Jay Shapiro is disappointed that the US Congress has not been able to pass a resolution against anti-Semitism.Jay Shapiro, 5/24/2019, 5:27 PM

Israel: When international powers collapse, growth continues

Israel may be a little dot on the map of the world, but the Jewish state's growth makes it an international player.Jay Shapiro, 5/17/2019, 3:28 PM

A rare phenomenon in the Middle East neighborhood

Jay Shapiro looks at the countries of the region and expresses his joy at having lived in a Jewish and democratic state.Jay Shapiro, 4/25/2019, 5:35 PM

The lying polls: It's time to change the system

Jay Shapiro thinks that the current polling method has gone bankrupt in the last election.Jay Shapiro, 4/23/2019, 5:40 AM

An election that will change nothing

The Israeli election is a waste of time and money.Jay Shapiro, 4/10/2019, 12:48 PM

Why do they hate us? Just because we're proud Jews

Jay Shaipro thinks that it's a shame that Jew hatred is now respectable in many countries.Jay Shapiro, 3/15/2019, 5:09 PM

Who cares about human rights? The other faces of Amnesty

Jay Shapiro accuses the human rights organization of trying to sever the Jewish connection to historical sites.Jay Shapiro, 3/8/2019, 5:03 PM

America is Israel's best friend? It depends who you ask

Donald Trump has shown to be a friend of Israel. Will Congress follow him in this policy?Jay Shapiro, 2/8/2019, 3:48 PM

Hate without limits: What motivates Jew-haters?

Antisemitism is a two thousand year hatred that take many facesJay Shapiro, 2/1/2019, 4:15 PM

The world must understand: Terrorists never change

Jay Shapiro says there's nothing new in the Middle East: Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are playing an old game.Jay Shapiro, 1/31/2019, 5:27 PM

When Israel became a dizzying diplomatic success

A year surprisingly well spent: When everyone wants to become a friend of Israel.Jay Shapiro, 1/11/2019, 1:19 AM

The Palestinian bluff: The terror authority

Jay Shapiro wonders when the world will understand that the PA fosters the image of the weak, while encouraging and directing terrorism.Jay Shapiro, 12/14/2018, 11:38 AM

The State of Israel: Is it more democratic or more Jewish?

Jay Shapiro thinks that the State of Israel can be both Jewish and democratic, despite various claims against this thesis.Jay Shapiro, 12/11/2018, 4:29 PM

Jerusalem: The city that should be above all politics

Jay Shapiro thinks that Jerusalem is more than an idea, it is a real city with real problem to solve.Jay Shapiro, 12/7/2018, 3:58 PM

'Anti-Semitism must be fought'

Jay Shapiro thinks it's time to try to uproot hatred of the Jews.Jay Shapiro, 12/1/2018, 5:56 PM

Hatred of Jews in the millennial generation

The Pittsburgh massacre in historical perspective: The tragedy was not a big surprise.Jay Shapiro, 11/23/2018, 2:01 PM

Don't live in illusions: Antisemitism is alive and well

Jay Shapiro thinks that the attack in Pittsburgh in not a novelty.Jay Shapiro, 11/16/2018, 2:40 PM

Israel is unique: Elections are our pride

Jay Shapiro thinks that Israel is an island of stability in a sea of disorder.Jay Shapiro, 11/9/2018, 2:14 AM

The future of non-orthodox American Jewry is in doubt

Jay Shapiro believes that ignorance means disappearance.Jay Shapiro, 10/19/2018, 4:47 PM

The path to peace begins in the classroom

Education is the key when we seek to fight UNRWA's support of terrorism.Jay Shapiro, 10/12/2018, 4:13 PM

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority: Two entities of terror

Jay Shapiro says there's nothing new in the Middle East: Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are playing an old game.Jay Shapiro, 9/23/2018, 6:04 PM

Impossible mission: Peace with the Palestinians

Jay Shapiro uses wishful peace t. He thinks that negotiations about peace will last forever.Jay Shapiro, 9/21/2018, 5:12 AM

Should we forgive the nations that hurt the Jews in the past?

Yom Kippur thoughts: The government also needs soul searching.Jay Shapiro, 9/18/2018, 2:15 AM

Don't like the new Nation-State Law? It's your problem

The reality of Israel: The new Nation-State Law is totally legitimate.Jay Shapiro, 8/31/2018, 4:43 AM

Why do Muslims not allow anyone to pray on the Temple Mount?

What really matters on the Temple Mount.Jay Shapiro, 8/21/2018, 12:46 AM

Does the Jewish-American leadership no longer support Israel?

Family problems: Jay Shapiro thinks that American Jewish leadership manifests lack of mutual respect.Jay Shapiro, 8/7/2018, 3:46 AM

Against a hypocritical world: Israel must tell its story

Jay Shapiro thinks that the Palestinians are ahead in the public relations game.Jay Shapiro, 7/13/2018, 3:42 AM

The terror borders - A stranger will not understand this

The world is mistakenly comparing American and Israel illegal border crossings.Jay Shapiro, 6/28/2018, 5:16 AM

Trump effect: The growing gaps in Israel-Diaspora relations

Jay Shapiro thinks that attitudes toward President Trump are signs of the growing gap between Israel and American Jews.Jay Shapiro, 6/21/2018, 7:02 AM

The world must stand up against Hamas terror in Gaza

Jay Shapiro thinks the international community is rushing to buy the poor show produced by Hamas propaganda in Gaza.Jay Shapiro, 6/14/2018, 3:12 AM

Gaza is Israel's swollen appendix

Gaza problem must be resolved in a way that make sure that the Israeli deterrence works.Jay Shapiro, 6/8/2018, 4:38 PM

Time for a review of Oslo: A self-imposed tragedy

Jay Shapiro thinks that the people who implemented the Oslo Agreement should be ashamed.Jay Shapiro, 6/1/2018, 4:14 AM