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172 Olim Escape War-Torn Ukraine for Israel

Ukrainian immigrants welcomed home after experiencing the horrors of the civil war in Donetsk.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/21/2015, 10:22 PM

Anti-Iran Deal Campaign Warns 'Annihilation Looms'

Interfaith campaign taps millions of Christians in US to demand Congress drop the deal, with viral video and millions of e-mails.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/12/2015, 12:34 PM

Condemnation of Church Arson Continues to Pour In

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), slams arson as 'a product of xenophobia.'Moshe Cohen, 6/18/2015, 2:40 PM

100 Ukrainian Jews Land in Israel

IFCJ brings Ukrainians fleeing violent Russia-Ukraine conflict in Donetsk to find new homes in central Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/29/2015, 8:34 AM

IFCJ Donates $650,000 to Ukrainian Jewry

Emergency funds to bolster security, supplies to Jews caught in the line of fire between Kiev, pro-Russian rebels.Nissan Tzur, 2/9/2015, 8:47 PM

Jewish Refugees from Ukraine Immigrate to Israel

226 new Ukrainian immigrants arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport Monday afternoon; greeted by celebratory ceremony.Yoni Kempinski, 12/22/2014, 9:55 PM

Emergency Aid Sent to Ukrainian Jewish Refugees

As Rosh Hashana approaches, some 5,000 Jews remain homeless, despite ceasefire between government and pro-Russian forces.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/23/2014, 5:15 PM

Summer Camps Says 'No Thanks' to Christian Aid

Criticism from rabbis led to cancellation of IFCJ's aid to summer camps. The cash will go to a special needs village instead.Gil Ronen, 6/29/2014, 9:49 PM

Leading Rabbi: Evangelists More Exalted than Cyrus

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed says US evangelists deserve love and respect for assisting Israel with no strings attached.Gil Ronen, 6/12/2014, 6:16 PM

IFCJ Fires Back at Samaria Rabbi in Funding Feud

Samaria's regional rabbi attacks Education Ministry for taking money from Christians, says they seek control over Israel.Ido Ben Porat, Gil Ronen, 6/12/2014, 5:37 PM

Rabbis: Stay Away from Jewish-Christian Group

The Binyamin Region Rabbinical Council instructed schools in the region to reject program funding from a Jewish-Christian group of donorsYaakov Levi, 5/8/2014, 11:12 AM

New Fund Will Protect World Jewry

The IFCJ and Jewish Agency have partnered with the Friendship Fund to raise funds to protect Jewish communities from rising anti-Semitism.A7 Staff, 7/3/2012, 3:56 PM

IFCJ, New Israel Fund Sued by Divorced Fathers

Divorced Israeli fathers file multi-million dollar U.S. lawsuits against funds, Israeli government, women's groups.Gil Ronen, 5/10/2012, 7:38 PM

IFCJ Marks Ten Years

IFCJ holds special conference in the Knesset and talks about Christian support for Israel.Elad Benari, 12/17/2010, 3:13 AM

IFCJ Unfazed by Scandal

Int'l Fellowship of Christians and Jews claims no knowledge of embarrassing exposes in Israel regarding a flagship anti-violence project.Gil Ronen, 12/7/2010, 11:19 AM

R. Elyashiv: Refuse IFCJ Money

Venerated rabbi adds his voice to those who say that ICFJ supports missionary activity.Gil Ronen, 10/21/2009, 5:44 PM