Lithuania defends Nazi collaborator accused of killing Jews

Defense comes in response to American activist’s lawsuit demanding removal of plaque in Vilnius honoring Jonas Noreika.JTA, 11/4/2018, 1:24 PM

Award winning Jewish filmmaker: The dilemma of a Nazi collaborator

Rudolf van den Berg on alleged Nazi collaborator Susskind: What would I have been willing to do to protect my children in the Holocaust?Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 8/8/2018, 8:03 AM

Ukrainian city to hold festival in honor of Nazi collaborator

Ukrainian Jews condemn festival celebrating Nazi collaborator whose troops killed Jews on anniversary of major pogrom.JTA, 6/28/2017, 4:07 PM

Why is New York City honoring a Nazi collaborator?

Jewish groups up in arms over street marker on Broadway honoring French collaborator convicted of treason.Ben Shaul, 5/8/2017, 1:05 PM

Nazi collaborator fan represents Ukraine at Holocaust symposium

Supporter of Nazi collaborator whose troops murdered thousands of Jews to represent Ukraine at International Holocaust symposium in Paris.JTA, 3/6/2017, 8:21 PM

Watch: Ukrainian marchers in Kiev chant ‘Jews out’

Ukrainian nationalists chant “Jews out” at march celebrating the birthday of a Nazi collaborator whose troops killed thousands of Jews.JTA, 1/3/2017, 10:24 PM