United Hatzalah surprises Ambassador Friedman

United Hatzalah dedicates ambucycles to President Trump and Ambassador David Friedman.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 5/26/2017, 8:14 PM

Terror victims' message to visiting President Trump

Almagor Terror Victims Association welcomes Trump, demands PA stop funding terrorists before negotiations begin.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/24/2017, 9:07 AM

Arutz Sheva's Salute to Jerusalem - in pictures

Ambassador David Friedman, Governor Mike Huckabee, Mayor Nir Barkat, and other distinguished guests gather for Salute to Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/22/2017, 3:08 PM

Watch: Saluting Jerusalem

US Ambassador David Friedman, Governor Mike Huckabee, Mayor Nir Barkat join celebration marking liberation of Jerusalem.Mordechai Sones, 5/21/2017, 10:58 PM

Friedman: The media blew things out of proportion

US Ambassador to Israel speaks about the US position on the Western Wall, Jonathan Pollard, and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/17/2017, 10:02 AM

US Ambassador: There's no demand for a building freeze

New US Ambassador to Israel says Trump is coming to Israel with no 'pre-prepared plan or road map.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/17/2017, 9:13 AM

US message: We're committed to transfer embassy - sometime

Senior US officials convey messages to Israeli counterparts that Trump government committed to transfer embassy, but patience needed.Mordechai Sones, 5/16/2017, 10:45 PM

Watch: PM Netanyahu Meets US Ambassador David Friedman

Prime Minister Binyaamin Netanyahu meets with US Ambassador David Friedman. 'Visit to Kotel was a strong gesture of solidarity.'Gary Willig, 5/16/2017, 3:43 PM

'Welcome, dear friend'

Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely meets with new US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. 'A Palestinian state would be a second Gaza.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/16/2017, 3:32 PM

Watch: 'We've been waiting for this day to come'

Celebration for David Friedman's inauguration as Ambassador to Israel. 'Trump promised and delivered.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/16/2017, 2:55 PM

Rivlin to Friedman: Time to recognize Jerusalem as our capital

Watch: US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman presents credentials to Israeli president, formally begins service in Israel.David Rosenberg, 5/16/2017, 12:48 PM

The Palestinian Authority is the obstacle to peace

It is a new Middle East, but not the one the late Shimon Peres predicted. An Israeli minister expresses his hopes, beliefs and fears.Minister Ofir Akunis, 5/16/2017, 12:45 PM

Watch: New US Ambassador to Israel visits Western Wall

Newly appointed US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman visits Western Wall straight from airport..Yoni Kempinski, 5/15/2017, 8:07 PM

Ambassador Friedman arrives in Israel

New US Ambassador to Israel assumes post 1 week before visit of US president to Israel.Gary Willig, 5/15/2017, 5:40 PM

Friedman to Trump: Not much chance for Israel-PA peace deal

Sources say Ambassador to Israel warned Trump peace deal unlikely - but missed opportunity to fundamentally shape Trump's agenda.David Rosenberg, 5/12/2017, 10:57 AM

Friedman's Tweet: Fake news

US Ambassador to Israel's Twitter account impersonated, disinformation Tweet sent implying possible embassy move.Mordechai Sones, 5/9/2017, 6:15 PM

Reuters chief slams US Ambassador for desecrating 'Nakba Day'

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman set to arrive in Israel next week, draws criticism from Reuters bureau chief for 'insensitivity'.David Rosenberg, 5/9/2017, 5:31 PM

Embassy move nixed - or just delayed?

US officials say Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will be working from Tel Aviv, at least initially, but living in Jerusalem.Nitsan Keidar, 5/4/2017, 8:32 PM

Where will the new US Ambassador to Israel live?

As Trump administration mulls embassy move, new Ambassador to work from Jerusalem residence, entertain official guests in the capital.Orly Harari, 4/20/2017, 10:11 PM

Orthodox rabbi, education pioneer appointed advisor to Friedman

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, an Orthodox rabbi from New York who works in Jewish education, is to advise US Amb. David Friedman.Hillel Fendel, 4/6/2017, 2:35 PM

Dan Shapiro congratulates David Friedman on ambassadorship

President Obama's Ambassador to Israel congratulates David Friedman following swearing-in ceremony: 'He now has best job in the world.'David Rosenberg, 3/30/2017, 4:46 PM

Israel offers Trump opportunity for Republican-Democrat reconciliation

Three bi-partisan votes show that Trump gets support from both parties on Israel. David Singer, 3/30/2017, 8:51 AM

'The administration prioritizes the bond with Israel'

David Friedman sworn in as the United States Ambassador to Israel. Watch.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/30/2017, 12:27 AM

'Friedman committed to strengthening ties with Israel'

Senator Ted Cruz welcomes confirmation of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel.Elad Benari, Canada, 3/24/2017, 8:16 PM

It's final: David Friedman confirmed as Ambassador to Israel

Senate votes to confirm Trump's nominee, David Friedman, as US Ambassador to Israel.David Rosenberg, 3/23/2017, 9:05 PM

David Friedman approved by Senate committee

Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves Trump's pick for Ambassador to Israel. Friedman's nomination now moves to full Senate.David Rosenberg, 3/9/2017, 6:47 PM

Cardin to vote against Friedman

Top Democrat on Senate Foreign Relations Committee will oppose nomination of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel.JTA, 3/9/2017, 4:30 AM

Orthodox rabbinical organization supports Friedman as ambassador

TORA umbrella organization of Orthodox American rabbis says Trump nominee for ambassador to Israel represents Jewish values.Gary Willig, 3/7/2017, 10:18 PM

Key Senate Democrat backs Friedman as Ambassador to Israel

Committee chairman suggests Trump's ambassador pick will pass confirmation vote with bipartisan support.David Rosenberg, 3/2/2017, 10:24 PM

Sanders: Shouldn't US aid to Israel be diverted to Gaza?

Socialist Senator asks Trump nominee for ambassador to Israel if some US aid to Israel should go to Gaza and cut from groups in Yesha.Ron Kampeas, Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/2/2017, 9:05 PM

Is he a little too Jewish? Is Israel?

There is no question as to David Friedman’s abilities or credentials. The problem with Friedman is that he is too openly Jewish for the Reform Movement.Rabbi Berel Wein, 2/28/2017, 4:41 PM

Jewish leader expresses support for Friedman

Richard Sandler, chair of the board of trustees of the Jewish Federations of North America, backs David Friedman as ambassador to Israel.Ben Ariel, 2/27/2017, 4:12 AM

Rubio: Settlements are the smallest obstacle to 2-state solution

Participating in Senate hearing for David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel, Rubio explains why two-state solution is not viable.Hillel Fendel, 2/21/2017, 2:15 AM

Friedman 'excellent choice' for US ambassador

Republicans Overseas Israel head Marc Zell dismisses Reform criticism of US ambassador appointment and sees David Friedman as 'ideal choice'Yoel Domb, 2/20/2017, 10:02 PM

Orthodox Chamber of Commerce encourages confirmation of Friedman

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce writes Senate to recommend confirmation of David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel., 2/20/2017, 4:06 AM

Orthodox Coalition urges Senate to confirm David Friedman

Coalition for Jewish Values calls Trump's choice for Ambassador to Israel 'a breath of fresh air', calls on US Senate to confirm him.David Rosenberg, 2/19/2017, 10:51 PM

David Friedman's critics are hostile to Israel

ZOA statement: Five former ambassadors who sent letter critical of David Friedman are hostile to Israel, supported Iran deal.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/19/2017, 7:05 AM

The New York Times and its 27-page obsession

Trump and Israel are the gray lady's main subjects, while the rest of the world is practically ignored.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 2/19/2017, 6:43 AM

Reform Movement declares war on David Friedman

US Reform movement publicizes statement claiming Friedman has 'extreme views' on Israel and 'lacks qualifications' to be ambassador.Uzi Baruch, JTA, 2/18/2017, 11:08 PM

J Street spokeswoman 'forgets' group's anti-Israel bias

J Street Israel director slams Trump's pick for ambassador, can't recall incidents where J Street refused to work with pro-Israel groups.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/17/2017, 11:54 AM

Friedman: 'No excuse' for past rhetoric on liberal Jews

David Friedman apologizes for past rhetoric targeting liberal Jews.JTA, 2/17/2017, 3:31 AM

Watch: Anti-Israel radicals disrupt confirmation hearing

Anti-Israel radicals attempt to shut down Senate confirmation hearing of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/16/2017, 6:58 PM

Former ambassadors: Friedman is 'unqualified'

Five former ambassadors to Israel write Senate, claim David Friedman is unfit to serve as ambassador to Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/16/2017, 3:45 AM

Orthodox Union: Two-state peace model 'stale and illusory'

OU Sends Letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee ahead of David Friedman U.S. Ambassador to Israel confirmation hearing.Mordechai Sones, 2/14/2017, 8:33 PM

J Street seeks to block Friedman's appointment as ambassador

Left-wing org lobbies Senate to reject Friedman's nomination as Ambassador to Israel, 'accuses' him of being friend of settlement movement.Hillel Fendel, 2/12/2017, 2:54 PM

Senate to hold hearing for US Amb. to Israel this week

Senate Foreign Relations Committee announces hearing this Thursday for nomination of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel.Tal Polon, 2/12/2017, 11:19 AM

Abbas threatens steps against US over embassy move

PA Chairman threatens steps against US if President Trump moves embassy to Jerusalem as reports say announcement on move coming tomorrow.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/22/2017, 8:50 PM

New Israel Ambassador plans to live in Jerusalem

David Friedman says he won't live in ambassador's residence in Herzliya, plans to live and work in Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/22/2017, 7:45 AM

Will the US ambassador move to Jerusalem without the embassy?

Report claims Trump Administration to allow ambassador to live, work in Jerusalem while keeping embassy in Tel Aviv following Arab protests.Gary Willig, 1/10/2017, 8:51 PM

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro to resign January 20

Current US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro to resign Jan. 20, when Trump is sworn in. Trump adviser David Friedman to replace Shapiro.Gary Willig, 1/5/2017, 4:03 PM

US media, leave Beit El and Arutz Sheva alone

I feel a need, as a fellow journalist, to tell my liberal colleagues in the American press to get their hands off Beit El and Arutz Sheva. Giulio Meotti, 12/23/2016, 2:02 PM

WSJ OK with moving embassy to Jerusalem

Relocation 'would merely acknowledge the reality that Israel will never give up Jerusalem in any negotiated settlement'.Guy Cohen, 12/22/2016, 10:55 PM

'Friedman is the ideal choice for ambassador to Israel'

Marc Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, believes the prospects of the American embassy moving to Jerusalem are very very good.Eliran Aharon, 12/22/2016, 1:10 AM

Pro-Israel lobby NORPAC praises Trump’s Israel envoy pick

The NORPAC pro-Israel lobbying committee praised the appointment of David Friedman as the US ambassador to Israel.JTA, 12/21/2016, 10:37 PM

Trump donated $10,000 to Beit El yeshiva in 2003

US President-elect Donald Trump donated $10,000 towards building a yeshiva in Beit El in Samaria in 2003.Gary Willig, 12/18/2016, 10:44 PM

WATCH: Ambassador hopes for better Israel-America relationship

New Israel Ambassador David Friedman speaks with Arutz Sheva about Trump's relationship with Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/18/2016, 9:42 AM

Israelis welcome David Friedman as Trump’s Ambassador pick

New Israel Ambassador says embassy move can be done 'in a day.' costs zero taxpayer dollars.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/17/2016, 10:34 PM