Kasich rules out independent presidential bid

Ohio Governor says running in a third party "doesn't feel right".Ben Ariel, 5/17/2016, 3:14 AM

Trump: I'd consider Kasich as my Vice President

Donald Trump says he would consider vetting John Kasich for the vice presidential nomination as Ohio Governor drops out of race.Ben Ariel, 5/5/2016, 3:15 AM

Kasich ends presidential bid

Battle for Republican nomination ends with departure of Trump's last remaining rival.David Rosenberg, 5/4/2016, 7:53 PM

Trump looks for big win in east coast Super Tuesday primaries

Cruz-Kasich alliance struggles, Trump seems poised to sweep Tuesday's five primaries. Sanders in desperate play for delegates.David Rosenberg, 4/26/2016, 2:29 PM

Trump lashes out at Cruz-Kasich alliance

Angered by rivals' decision to cooperate against him, Trump ridicules 'puppets' Cruz and Kasich as 'mathematically dead.'David Rosenberg, 4/25/2016, 8:00 PM

Cruz, Kasich ally against Trump

Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns agree to coordinate to stop Donald Trump.Shoshana Miskin, 4/25/2016, 8:57 AM

Jewish vote critical in GOP New York primary vote on Tuesday

Kasich, Cruz canvas NY Jewish voters, while Trump touts Jewish ties as Orthodox Jewish vote plays important role in Tuesday's GOP primary.David Rosenberg, 4/19/2016, 8:42 AM

John Kasich teaches Torah to the Jews

Kasich lectured Torah scholars in a Jewish bookstore and he was not being subtle... Jack Engelhard, 4/18/2016, 8:03 PM

Kasich: We shouldn't interfere in Israel-PA conflict

Republican presidential candidate says the United States should not interfere in the Israeli-PA conflict unless asked.Ben Ariel, Canada, 4/16/2016, 1:00 AM

Kasich: NATO should spread Judaeo-Christian values

'This is a battle between the civilized world and barbarians at the gate,' Republican presidential candidate John Kasich says.JTA, 4/14/2016, 10:32 AM

Trump, Kasich to skip Republican Jewish Coalition event

Ted Cruz will be only Republican presidential candidate to address Republican Jewish Coalition forum in Las Vegas.JTA, 4/5/2016, 11:06 AM

GOP implosion? Trump cancels pledge to back party nominee

Republican Party in crisis as frontrunner retracts pledge to support nominee. Fears grow of a GOP meltdown at summer convention.David Rosenberg, 3/30/2016, 9:42 PM

Poll: American Jews have unfavorable view of Trump and Cruz

New Gallup poll finds 72 percent of Jewish Americans have an unfavorable view of Cruz and Trump.Ben Ariel, Canada, 3/26/2016, 1:07 AM

Kasich will use 'full force' of presidency to fight BDS

Ohio Governor John Kasich is first Republican presidential candidate to address AIPAC Policy Conference.Ari Soffer, Washington DC, 3/22/2016, 12:03 AM

Kasich to address AIPAC conference

Ohio Governor to join fellow presidential candidates in speaking at AIPAC policy conference.Elad Benari, 3/18/2016, 2:50 AM

Republican debate canceled after Trump says he won't attend

Republican presidential debate that was scheduled for Monday canceled after Trump, and then John Kasich, bow out.Ben Ariel, 3/17/2016, 2:44 AM

Trump's rivals blast him over former KKK leader's endorsement

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz blast Trump for stuttering on David Duke's endorsement. Sanders weighs in as well.Ben Ariel, 2/29/2016, 4:14 AM