Russia: US refused to grant visas to members of UN delegation

Russia complains US Embassy after officials fail to receive visas in time to participate in UN General Assembly.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/24/2019, 2:56 PM

Netanyahu cancels UN visit over post-poll 'political context'

Netanyahu had been due to meet US President Donald Trump on the fringes of the General Assembly next week.AFP, 9/18/2019, 7:48 PM

US delaying visas of Iranian officials

Iranian officials may skip UN General Assembly if visas are not issued in time, Iranian news agency says.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/18/2019, 2:53 PM

Poway rabbi goes to the UN

Rabbi wounded in Poway shooting attack addresses UN General Assembly. 'I have made it my mission to fight darkness with a great big light.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/26/2019, 7:51 PM

Haley: We take vote on Hamas condemnation very seriously

US Ambassador urges countries at the UN to back US-drafted resolution condemning the Hamas terrorist organization.Elad Benari, 12/5/2018, 12:04 AM

UN to vote Thursday on US measure condemning Hamas

Measure would mark first time assembly takes aim at Hamas. 'If the UN can't adopt this, it has no business being involved in peace talks.'AFP, 12/1/2018, 7:28 PM

UN votes to allow PA to chair G77

General Assembly votes to allow Palestinian Authority to chair group of 77 developing nations. US, Israel and Australia vote against.Elad Benari, 10/17/2018, 12:03 AM

Iran dismisses Netanyahu's remarks at UN

"The world will laugh at Netanyahu's speech", says Iranian foreign ministry spokesman.Elad Benari, 9/28/2018, 2:38 AM

Regev: Abbas is a warmonger

Culture and Sport Minister blasts Abbas speech at UN, says Israel is the only sane democracy in the region.Elad Benari, 9/28/2018, 2:05 AM

Gazans burn pictures of Abbas

Hamas accuses PA chairman of causing a disaster to the Palestinian people and of betraying basic national values.Dalit Halevi, 9/28/2018, 1:08 AM

Danon slams Abbas' 'imaginary initiatives'

Israeli UN Amb. Danon slams PA Chairman Abbas for 'imaginary initiatives,' inability to negotiate directly with Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/27/2018, 10:25 PM

Palestinian Authority: Israel owes us taxes

Palestinian Authority tells donor countries that Israel owes taxes for companies operating in Area C.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/27/2018, 8:38 PM

Trump: 'We're with Israel 100%'

'Israel has no choice but to be aggressive,' Trump says regarding Syria, and expresses support for two-state solution.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/26/2018, 5:08 PM

Danon: Iran's actions spread terror

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN fires back after Iranian President says nuclear Israel is a threat to world peace.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/26/2018, 4:50 AM

Watch: Trump speaks, UN audience laughs

Trump says that his administration has accomplished more than almost any other in US history, but doesn't expect the audience's reaction.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/25/2018, 10:25 PM

Rouhani: 'Nuclear Israel the greatest threat to world peace'

Iranian president addresses UN General Assembly. 'No country can be forced to the negotiating table. There's no better way than dialogue.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/25/2018, 10:14 PM

Moscow: Trump did not 'take Russia's name in vain'

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman notes US president only briefly mentioned Russia in UN speech.Gary Willig, 9/25/2018, 9:37 PM

Trump's full speech at the UN

Full transcript of US President Donald Trump's address at the the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/25/2018, 7:52 PM

Erdogan: The UN is not stopping the massacre of Palestinians

Turkish president says in speech at General Assembly that his country will continue to support the Palestinians.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/25/2018, 7:42 PM

'Iranian leaders sow chaos, death and destruction'

US President Donald Trump addresses the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/25/2018, 6:17 PM

UN confirms former Chilean President as human rights chief

General Assembly approves appointment of Michelle Bachelet as the world body's new human rights chief.Ben Ariel, Canada, 8/11/2018, 1:29 AM

We live in the Age of Balaam - and haters are gonna hate

One hundred and twenty can stand in the General Assembly and vote in defense of haters and murderers, in defense of Hamas, but it is God Who will stymie Bilaam!  Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 6/28/2018, 4:07 PM

Haley: UN made a 'morally bankrupt judgment'

U.S. Ambassador blasts General Assembly after it approved a resolution condemning Israel over Gaza.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/14/2018, 1:05 AM

UN votes to condemn Israel over Gaza

General Assembly adopts resolution condemning Israel for the deaths of Arabs on the Gaza border. U.S. amendment fails to achieve majority.Elad Benari, 6/14/2018, 12:47 AM

'The people of Gaza are not our enemy. Hamas is'

Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomes U.S. support at the UN.Elad Benari, 6/14/2018, 12:09 AM

'Attacking Israel has become a favorite political sport'

U.S. Ambassador criticizes General Assembly's intention to condemn Israel. Danon: You're colluding with a terror organization.Elad Benari, 6/13/2018, 11:07 PM

UN General Assembly to vote on anti-Israel resolution

Measure introduced by Arab nations condemns Israeli 'excessive force' in defending Gaza border.JTA, 6/13/2018, 7:31 PM

U.S. asks UN to condemn Hamas over Gaza violence

Ambassador Haley blasts UN resolution condemning Israel for Gazan deaths, proposes amendment condemning Hamas for the violence.Elad Benari, 6/13/2018, 3:39 AM

'We would've voted against UN Jerusalem resolution'

Kosovo president says his nation would have voted with the United States against condemning Trump recognition of Jerusalem.Elad Benari, Canada, 1/5/2018, 10:33 PM

US to hold 'thank you' event for allies after UN Jerusalem vote

Ambassador Nikki Haley invites representatives of states which voted with US against anti-Israel UN resolution to 'thank you' reception.David Rosenberg, 12/22/2017, 12:44 PM

Iran: UN vote a 'no' to Trump's 'thuggish intimidation'

Iran’s Foreign Minister welcomes results of vote on Jerusalem at the UN General Assembly.Elad Benari, 12/22/2017, 5:46 AM

State Department: No decisions about cutting off foreign aid

State Department spokeswoman says no decisions have been made about cutting off foreign aid to countries that voted against U.S. at the UN.Elad Benari, 12/22/2017, 3:06 AM

Danon: There is a public UN and a private UN

Israel's UN Ambassador notes that despite PA's hopes, 65 countries didn't back General Assembly's condemnation of Trump's Jerusalem move.Elad Benari, 12/21/2017, 11:26 PM

'Palestinians can have the UN resolution - we have Jerusalem'

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan mocks Thursday's anti-Israel resolution denouncing President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem.David Rosenberg, 12/21/2017, 8:30 PM

'Jerusalem is our capital: Always was and always will be'

PM Netanyahu says growing number of nations refuse to participate in UN 'theater of the absurd.'Gary Willig, 12/21/2017, 8:14 PM

UN votes against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

UN General Assembly votes 128 to 9 to adopt anti-Israel resolution denouncing US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 35 abstain.David Rosenberg, 12/21/2017, 8:11 PM

'I wonder why Israel even stays in the UN'

Nikki Haley slams UN 'hostility towards Israel', rips General Assembly vote against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.David Rosenberg, 12/21/2017, 6:15 PM

'The UN - the house of lies'

PM says Israel preemptively rejects expected vote in UN General Assembly condemning international recognition of J'lem as Israel's capital.Nitsan Keidar, 12/21/2017, 12:22 PM

Iran: Trump shows contempt for democracy

Iranian Foreign Minister blasts United States for threatening to cut aid to countries that vote against it at UN General Assembly.Elad Benari, 12/21/2017, 6:12 AM

PA accuses U.S. of 'threatening' of UN members

PA official in charge of foreign affairs accuses U.S. of threatening UN member countries ahead of vote on Jerusalem.Elad Benari, 12/21/2017, 2:09 AM

Israel calls on world Jewry to appeal to govts on Jerusalem

Israel, US, work ceaselessly to defeat UN resolution denying Jewish, Israeli rights in Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/20/2017, 10:36 PM

Trump: US could cut aid to states that vote against Jerusalem

US President says nation will not tolerate countries which receive billions in aid from US but turn against it at the UN.Gary Willig, 12/20/2017, 7:27 PM

Haley: We will be 'taking names' at General Assembly

Ambassador Haley criticizes upcoming vote at UN against U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.Elad Benari, 12/20/2017, 1:35 AM

PA to seek General Assembly condemnation of Trump on Jerusalem

PA to respond to US veto at Security Council with symbolic but guaranteed vote in General Assembly to condemn Trump recognition of JerusalemAFP, 12/18/2017, 3:34 PM

Iranian Foreign Minister: Trump's comments were 'insulting'

Official slams Trump's speech at UN, as Trump warns that he plans to take action against the Iran deal.Tal Polon, 10/3/2017, 8:32 AM

Abbas: Israeli 'occupation' can't continue

PA chairman urges UN to take steps to impose peace on Israel, accept the PA as a full member.Elad Benari, Canada, 9/20/2017, 8:37 PM

Rouhani: 'Rogue Zionist regime' shouldn't preach

Iranian President blasts U.S. and Israel, warns his country will respond decisively to any violation of the nuclear deal.Elad Benari, Canada, 9/20/2017, 7:33 PM

Abbas praises Trump's seriousness about peace

PA chairman praises Trump for his efforts to achieve a peace deal with Israel.Elad Benari, Canada, 9/20/2017, 7:07 PM

'It's a completely different relationship'

Ambassador David Friedman says a new page has been turned in U.S.-Israel relations under President Trump.Eliran Aharon, 9/20/2017, 6:07 AM

Iran blasts 'ignorant' Trump

Iran’s Foreign Minister says Trump’s UN speech shows his lack of knowledge about Tehran’s fight against terrorism.Elad Benari, 9/20/2017, 5:35 AM

'Netanyahu's speech was the best he ever delivered'

Minister Tzachi Hanegbi tells Arutz Sheva: Israel can be satisfied with the results it achieved this week.Eliran Aharon, 9/20/2017, 5:04 AM

'Fix Iran nuclear deal or nix it'

Israeli PM speaks at UN, slams Iran nuclear deal for allowing Iran to develop an 'arsenal' of nuclear weapons.'Gary Willig, 9/19/2017, 9:54 PM

'We may have no choice but to destroy North Korea'

US President tells UN Iran nuclear deal 'one of the worst transactions US ever entered into' and 'an embarrassment' to the US.Gary Willig, 9/19/2017, 5:03 PM

Abbas to give 'important' speech at UN

Abbas spokesman says his UN speech will "define the characteristics of the next stage".Dalit Halevi, 9/18/2017, 6:44 AM

Netanyahu says 'no' to Swedish PM

PM Netanyahu refuses to meet Swedish PM Löfven at UN General Assembly.Eliran Aharon, 9/16/2017, 10:43 PM

Danon begins term as UN General Assembly Vice President

Israeli Ambassador to the UN elected to represent western European group, to help set General assembly's agenda.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/13/2017, 5:20 PM

On the table: 3,000 units across Judea and Samaria

Approval of 3,000 housing units delayed until after UN General Assembly, so as not to 'arm' Abbas.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/30/2017, 10:27 PM