Mother of murdered American teen to address UN on PA terrorism

Ruth Schwartz, whose son Ezra was murdered by an Arab terrorist in 2015, to call on UN to force a halt to PA's funding of terrorists.David Rosenberg, 5/21/2017, 4:06 PM

Ezra Schwartz posthumously inducted into Rutgers fraternity

US student murdered by Arab terrorist posthumously remembered at college fraternity on Israeli Memorial Day.JTA, 5/1/2017, 4:04 PM

'Verdict won't bring the martyred back'

Friends of murdered yeshiva student say court's decision is just, but true justice can never be achieved in a case of murder.Hezki Baruch, 3/20/2017, 11:20 AM

4 life sentences for terrorist murderer

Murderer of US teen Ezra Schwartz, two others, receives 4 life sentences for deadly terrorist attack.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/19/2017, 4:50 PM

High Court upholds terrorist home demolition rulings

The homes of the terrorists who killed Yaakov Don, Ezra Schwartz, Shadi Arfa, Yisayev Aharon and Reuven Aviram will be destroyed.Shlomo Piotrokovsky, 2/15/2016, 1:28 PM

Obama hasn't prosecuted a single Palestinian terrorist

Justice Dept. officials admit to House hearing they failed mandate regarding terrorist murderers of US citizens in Israel.Ari Yashar, 2/3/2016, 10:30 AM

Ezra Schwartz’s parents come full circle

The parents of Ezra Schwartz, who was murdered in Gush Etzion, dedicated a trail in Oz VeGaon Nature Preserve to honor his memory.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/27/2015, 6:39 PM

Thousands attend memorial for Ezra Schwartz

Netanyahu opens special memorial ceremony for slain yeshiva student, who was 'on a mission to love the people of Israel.'Yoni Kempinski, 11/27/2015, 9:02 AM

Four days later: Obama calls Ezra Schwartz's parents

Over half a week after brutal murder of US citizen by Palestinian terrorist, US President calls family - still no official statement.Ari Yashar, 11/24/2015, 11:01 PM

Ezra Schwartz was eighteen and so am I

I find myself here, in Yeshiva, asking myself questions I should never have to ponder. When I lay out my clothes at night, it really shouldn’t cross my mind whether or not these clothes will be what I’m wearing when I die. Maury Rosenfeld , 11/24/2015, 10:30 PM

How to honor Ezra Schwartz

Ezra Schwartz was the 138th American citizen murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorist since the 1960s. Had he been buried where he was murdered, the US government would have boycotted the funeral.Att'y Stephen M. Flatow, 11/24/2015, 11:19 AM

Watch: New England Patriots' moment of silence for Ezra Schwartz

The New England Patriots held a moment of silence in honor of slain American yeshiva student Ezra Schwartz Monday.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/24/2015, 8:40 AM

New England Patriots to hold moment of silence for Ezra Schwartz

The name of terror victim 'Ezra Schwartz' will be on the lips of tens of millions of American football fans on Monday night.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/23/2015, 8:09 PM

Ezra Schwartz laid to rest

Funeral of Ezra Yehiel Schwartz, yeshiva student who was murdered by a terrorist Thursday in Gush Etzion, began Sunday morning, Boston time.Arutz Sheva staff, 11/22/2015, 7:19 PM

Days later, US condemns Ezra Schwartz's murder

US State Department, embassy condemn 18 year-old's murder in terror attack - but White House still silent.Tova Dvorin, 11/22/2015, 11:05 AM

Watch: Saying goodbye to terror victim Ezra Schwartz

18-year-old Ezra Schwartz's friends see his body off as it returns to US for burial.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/21/2015, 9:44 PM

Washington silent over murder of 18-year-old American

Republican presidential candidates condemn Palestinian terror in wake of murder of Ezra Schwartz - but where is the White House?Tova Dvorin, 11/20/2015, 9:29 AM