Addicted: Getting out of the QUICK-FIX Mentality

What can be done to prevent addiction?What can we do to protect our children from falling into this deadly trap?Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twersky, 1/7/2016, 6:37 PM

Court ruling: 'Texas Hold 'em' forbidden by law

The Jerusalem District Court claim the game is based on luck rather than skill, and therefore exploits participantsShoshana Miskin, 12/27/2015, 8:43 PM

Is gambling in the spirit of Hanukkah?

Poker aficionado discusses the appropriateness of the game on Hanukkah.Raphael Poch, 12/13/2015, 5:03 PM

High school casino busted in Be'er Sheva

After five-month sting operation, 32 students arrested for engaging in illegal gambling ring.Cynthia Blank, 12/2/2015, 6:46 PM

Report: Israelis Have 'Lottery Fever,' And Like Music, Too

The Central Bureau of Statistics said that music, sports, and playing the lottery were among Israelis' favorite cultural activities.Moshe Cohen, 8/30/2015, 9:30 PM