Police try to silence whistleblower

Attorney tells of demand to investigate senior officers in Gal Hirsch case: 'Police trying to silence story; truth will be revealed'.Mordechai Sones, 8/13/2018, 6:14 PM

Report: Former senior cop alleges Deri was framed

Former Police Brigadier General and whistleblower Guy Bir asks what prompted police probe against Aryeh Deri.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/13/2018, 9:00 AM

Detention extended for girl who slapped soldiers

Court orders Ahed Tamimi spend another five days in jail for slapping soldiers, releases cousin.Tzvi Lev, 12/29/2017, 12:15 AM

'There are limits to our patience'

IDF general responds to footage of young Arab woman kicking, slapping soldiers: 'Be calm, cool, and collected - but also know when to act.'Tal Polon, 12/19/2017, 11:09 AM

'Gaza is a ticking time bomb'

Army official warns that Gaza is a serious threat to Israel, insists it must be demilitarized completely.Nitsan Keidar, 6/28/2017, 11:31 AM

Brigadier General slams court for Azariya conviction

Gal Hirsch says operational incidents should stay confidential, military needs to handle them under wraps.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/8/2017, 1:24 PM

Religious Deputy Security Head to be Next Police Chief?

After Gal Hirsch forced to remove candidacy, Minister Erdan presents ISA deputy director as candidate for top officer.Uzi Baruch, 9/25/2015, 2:52 PM

Gal Hirsch: Israeli Life 'Directed by Unelected Interests'

Retired Brigadier General Gal Hirsch, who withdrew his candidacy for police commissioner, claims he was the victim of a 'smear campaign.'Yoni Kempinski, 9/24/2015, 10:50 AM

Scandal-Hit Hirsch Drops Candidacy for Police Commissioner

Retired General Gal Hirsch no longer aiming to be next commissioner due to harsh, lengthy opposition.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/23/2015, 9:42 PM

Acting Police Commissioner's Term Extended by 45 Days

Minister of Internal Security, Attorney General agree that Gal Hirsch will be vetted during this time.Gil Ronen, 8/30/2015, 7:56 PM

Erdan Re-Thinking Police Chief Appointment?

Amid corruption allegations and complaints from bereaved parents, Erdan meets with Maj. Gen. who skewered Hirsch in report on Lebanon war.Cynthia Blank, 8/30/2015, 11:32 AM

New Police Chief Slams Media 'Fairy Tales' of Alleged Corruption

New police commissioner denies reports of a 2-year-long FBI investigation against him for corruption.Matt Wanderman, 8/29/2015, 8:18 PM

Minister Weighs Bereaved Parents' Complaints on New Top Cop

Interior Security Minister Erdan meets parents who say new police commissioner led to their sons' deaths in Second Lebanon War.Ido Ben-Porat, 8/28/2015, 12:59 PM

Internal Security Ministry Blasts 'Interfering' Former Cops

Former commissioners protest Gal Hirsch appointment but never held emergency meetings over corruption scandals, source slams.Cynthia Blank, 8/27/2015, 8:33 AM

Former Police Chiefs Mobilize Against New Top Cop

Gal Hirsch 'unsuitable' choice while Gilad Erdan 'has no clue about police,' former police chiefs say in attempt to thwart appointment.Cynthia Blank, 8/26/2015, 9:59 PM

President: Give New Police Commissioner A Chance

Despite backlash over Gal Hirsch's war record, Rivlin urges Israeli public to give their support to a man whose 'success is our success.'Yishai Karov, 8/26/2015, 7:38 PM

Jewish Home MK: Support Top Cop Appointment

MK Smotrich calls on religious Zionists to back Gal Hirsch's selection, citing the 'hysteria' among police brass.Shimon Cohen, 8/26/2015, 2:56 PM

Bereaved Parents Oppose Choice of Hirsch as Top Cop

Incoming commissioner Hirsch was slammed for IDF's poor showing in Second Lebanon War. Some parents blame him for their sons' deaths.Benny Tucker, Ido Ben Porat, 8/26/2015, 1:50 PM

New Police Commissioner: 'Terrorists Should Be Shot!'

Brig. Gen. Gal Hirsch wrote on Facebook that Arabs who throw rocks are terrorists and should be treated as such.Arutz Sheva staff, 8/26/2015, 10:52 AM

Israel's New Chief of Police: Gen. Gal Hirsch

Internal Security Minister voices hope officer with distinguished IDF career has what it takes to shakeup police force wracked by scandals.Ido Ben-Porat, 8/25/2015, 8:16 PM