Stanford student threatens to 'physically fight campus Zionists'

'Students for Justice in Palestine' activist says he will 'physically fight' Zionist students following passage of Israel's Nationality Law.JTA, 7/24/2018, 8:45 AM

Tel Aviv, California universities cooperate on tech programs

Tel Aviv University scientists to collaborate with Stanford, UC Berkeley under $10 million grant.JTA, 3/22/2018, 8:38 AM

Rambam, Stanford to cooperate on future of medicine

Rambam Hospital in Haifa and Stanford Medicine in California sign cooperation agreement to work together on the future of medicine.JTA, 3/12/2018, 4:24 PM

Swastikas at Stanford University second time in month

Suspected hate-crime follows similar December swastika appearance, printing of anti-Semitic fliers last week.JTA, 1/30/2017, 7:42 AM

Printers at 3 colleges produce anti-Semitic fliers

Printers on the campuses of Stanford, Vanderbilt and California, Berkeley produce anti-Semitic fliers in a suspected hacking attempt.JTA, 1/27/2017, 4:32 AM

Despite anti-Semitism gaffe, Stanford students oppose BDS

Virulent pro-Palestinian activism on campus apparently not swaying student public opinion against Israel, poll reveals.Tova Dvorin, 5/30/2016, 10:34 AM

Stanford student leader who said Jews run the world to step down

Student senator who claimed it isn't anti-Semitic to talk about 'Jewish power', control of 'the media and economy' won't run for reelection.JTA, 4/12/2016, 3:54 PM

Stanford student leader steps down over anti-Israel comments

Stanford student who asserted that Jews "control the banks and the media" announces he will not seek re-election.Ben Ariel, 4/12/2016, 12:15 AM

Stanford: Jewish groups rally, demand apology for anti-Semitism

Debate delegitimizing anti-Semitism snowballs at Stanford after student refuses to apologize for 'Jews control media' comment.Tova Dvorin, 4/8/2016, 7:50 AM

ADL fights Stanford University anti-Semitism

Anti-Defamation League pledges action against anti-Semitic student resolution, after avoidant response from university Hillel.Tova Dvorin, 4/7/2016, 10:16 PM

Stanford Hillel avoids condemning anti-Semitic debate

Debate over whether 'Jews control banks and media' emphasizes need for anti-hate education, Hillel says - but does not condemn BDS coup.Tova Dvorin, 4/7/2016, 10:37 AM

Stanford Senate debates whether 'Jews control banks and media'

Students strike clauses defining delegitimization of Israel as 'anti-Semitic'; student claims view that Jews 'control' media is 'valid.'Tova Dvorin, 4/6/2016, 9:53 PM

Swastikas Graffitied on Stanford University Fraternity House

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's fraternity house at Stanford was vandalized Saturday night with swastikas and other anti-Semitic slurs.Cynthia Blank, 4/27/2015, 10:03 PM

More Anti-Semitism? Stanford Student Grilled for Being Jewish

Student coalition asks student government candidate if her identity will affect her vote on divestment, then decides not to endorse her.Ari Yashar, 4/15/2015, 11:53 AM