two state solution alternatives

Israel's real self-inficted wounds: Lauder stabs Israel in the back

Another Jew perpetrates a poisonous, absurd screed in the historically notorious anti-Israel New York Times. Is there no end to the self-destructiveness of so many leaders in the American Jewish community? Morton A. Klein, ZOA President, 3/22/2018, 6:04 PM

INTO THE FRAY To: AIPAC’s CEO - Picture the perils of “Palestine”

Palestinian statehood and a secure Israel are mutually exclusive goals. This was always the accepted wisdom in Israel - until the discourse was hijacked by the tyrannical diktats of politically correct dogma.Dr. Martin Sherman, 3/9/2018, 6:40 AM

AIIPAC doubles down on two-state solution

AIPAC’S Executive Director Howard Kohr, in his keynote speech,  took the occasion to “launch an impassioned plea for Palestinian statehood." Arab rejectionism makes that impossible. Steve Frank, 3/8/2018, 5:00 PM

The two-state solution's inconvenient truths

Because of the basis of "Palestinian" national identity, the two-state solution basically makes peace impossible. The objective factors that preclude a two state soluton should have been obvious to anyone analyzing the situation.Dr. Yale M. Zussman, 3/2/2018, 12:19 AM

Labor party head's plan is two-state destruction

Labor party chairman Avi Gabbay wants the 2-state solution, but he does not take into account what would happen if an Arab state was established in Judea and Samaria. Mark Langfan, 1/17/2018, 5:00 AM

'It's understood that two-state solution is dead'

Former MK Yoni Chetboun tells Arutz Sheva: 'For first time AIPAC understands that idea of a Palestinian state has collapsed.'Mordechai Sones, 3/29/2017, 10:37 AM

Two state solution equals final solution

Jews are supposed to be smart, but there are exceptions to the rule. Jack Engelhard, 3/27/2017, 10:13 AM

Another shattered dream?

Is Trump going to be another land for "peace" advocate? Victor Sharpe, 2/12/2017, 7:51 AM

INTO THE FRAY: A MUST READ:“Palestine” - The perils in pictures

As the coming Paris conference looms close, avid two-state proponents should understand what the prescription they advocate really means: Israel through the binoculars of a Palestinian “intelligence officer.” Dr. Martin Sherman, 1/13/2017, 10:03 AM

Two-staters in a Monty Python sketch

Don't leave it hanging, bury it already. Barry Shaw, 1/9/2017, 11:57 PM

 INTO THE FRAY: UN & Obama-The Blame Bibi bears (revisited)

Despite being in power continuously for over a half- decade, Netanyahu has done virtually nothing to install effective mechanisms to contain and counter the pernicious effects of the White House’s predilections Dr. Martin Sherman, 12/30/2016, 2:31 PM

INTO THE FRAY: John Kerry at Saban Forum—Misrepresenting Two-Statism

​​​​​​​Oslo failed not because Israelis built crèches, kindergartens and schools across pre-1967 lines, but because Palestinian-Arabs blew up Israeli cafes, buses and malls inside those linesDr. Martin Sherman, 12/9/2016, 1:16 PM

Ban Ki Moon’s lies justify terrorism. Obama could have prevented this

Ban’s lies are irresponsible for a man in his position considering that the Arabs use comments like his to justify terror. Ezequiel Doiny, 9/22/2016, 5:07 AM

INTO THE FRAY: What!!!???????

There is every reason, both “concretely & in principle”, why the idea of Jews living in a Palestinian-Arab state, under Palestinian-Arab sovereignty, is unacceptable.Dr. Martin Sherman, 8/5/2016, 6:03 AM

Every Day is "Opposite Day" with President Barack Obama

Obama has done exactly the opposite of what should be done in the Middle East for his entire term. Israel had better ignore his advice. Mark Langfan, 5/26/2015, 8:11 AM

Fatah is the Problem

It cannot be called a two-state solution, because there is no possiblity of one state on the other side.Prof. Alan Friedlander, 4/12/2015, 12:09 PM

Reassessing the Two State Solution

Obama's threats and Israel's problems. Mark Langfan, 3/27/2015, 12:46 AM

Could Netanyahu’s Economic Peace Make a Comeback?

In lieu of a political solution, Benyamin Netanyahu has long argued priorities should be shifted to economics. Is it a workable solution?Gedalyah Reback, 3/25/2015, 6:28 AM