'Israel has every right to defend itself'

Former Austrian Chancellor expresses support for Israel amid rocket fire from Gaza.Elad Benari, 11/13/2019, 5:56 AM

Austrian conservative leader to win parliamentary election

Sebastian Kurz has in the past expressed support for Israel and vowed to combat anti-Semitism.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 9/29/2019, 7:39 PM

Austria to grant citizenship to descendants of Nazi victims

Waving ban on dual citizenship and residency requirements, Austria to offer citizenship to descendants of refugees who fled Austria.AFP, 9/20/2019, 11:05 AM

'I'm convinced you will continue the fight against BDS'

Minister Gilad Erdan hosts former Austrian chancellor at the base of the Yamam counter-terrorism unit of the Israel Police.Ben Ariel, 7/11/2019, 4:40 AM

Photos of Holocaust survivors defaced in Vienna

Photos of Holocaust survivors exhibited on a central Vienna street defaced with swastikas.Ben Ariel, 5/23/2019, 5:36 AM

Austrian Chancellor condemns Rouhani's remarks on Israel

"Questioning Israel's right to exist is absolutely unacceptable," says Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.Elad Benari, 11/25/2018, 1:53 AM

Netanyahu: Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same

Israeli premier praises Austrian chancellor for confronting anti-Semitism, as Austria hosts conference on anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/21/2018, 2:42 PM

Austrian Chancellor: We're fully committed to Israel's security

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemns ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza, calls for violence to stop immediately.Elad Benari, 11/13/2018, 5:05 AM

Austrian Chancellor: Israel's security is our interest

Sebastian Kurz stresses his country's commitment to Israel's security, explains why embassy relocation is not on the agenda at the moment.Elad Benari, 10/14/2018, 5:26 AM

Meeting with Netanyahu 'excellent', Jews 'part of Austria'

Kurz: 'Measures taken in Austria against anti-Semitism to ensure security of our Jewish community.'Mordechai Sones, 9/27/2018, 10:39 AM

Austrian Chancellor denounces calls for Israel's destruction

Austrian Chancellor says during meeting with Iranian President that calling for Israel’s destruction is “absolutely unacceptable”.Elad Benari, 7/5/2018, 6:14 AM

'Austria is committed to Israel's security'

Chancellor Kurz meets with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem, vows to fight anti-Semitism at home.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/12/2018, 2:44 PM

Threats to Austrian chancellor over mosque closures

Austrian government decision to close seven mosques, expel 60 imams leads to wave of death threats to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.Mordechai Sones, 6/12/2018, 12:12 PM

Austria: We took too long to admit our role in Holocaust

Chancellor of Austria says his country waited too long to 'be honest' about its involvement 'as a perpetrator' in the Holocaust.David Rosenberg, 6/12/2018, 10:14 AM

Austrian chancellor arrives in Israel, visits Yad Vashem

Sebastian Kurz visits Western Wall, Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, signs agreement with museum opening access to Austrian archives.JTA, 6/10/2018, 10:53 PM

Austria to expel 40 imans, close 7 mosques

Mosques run by Turkish umbrella group to be shuttered in crackdown on 'political Islam' in Austria.'Gary Willig, 6/8/2018, 10:33 AM

Will Europe deploy soldiers to guard against African migration?

Austrian Chancellor Kurz proposes to send European border guards to stop illegal migrants, send them back to their home countries.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/28/2018, 10:57 AM

Austrian Chancellor to visit Israel

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announces June visit to Israel, where he will meet Holocaust survivors.Ben Ariel, 5/7/2018, 5:13 AM

Austrian chancellor decries anti-Semitism

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz acknowledges his country’s “shame” at its Holocaust legacy.JTA, 3/15/2018, 10:09 PM

Report: Israel to abandon bid for UN Security Council seat

Israel reportedly ditches effort for first-ever spot on UN Security Council after seeing low likelihood of success.Tzvi Lev, 3/11/2018, 4:46 PM

Netanyahu meets Austrian Chancellor

Netanyahu says Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz promised to change his country's voting patterns at the UN.Elad Benari, Canada, 2/16/2018, 9:29 PM

Kurz says Austria bears 'responsibility' for Holocaust

Austrian Chancellor Kurz admits country's role in Holocaust, promises to fight anti-Semitism.AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/28/2018, 12:02 AM

'Punish author of anti-Semitic fraternity song'

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz urges punishment for authors of anti-Semitic poem that appeared in a fraternity’s songbook.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/26/2018, 5:44 AM

New Austrian Chancellor vows to fight anti-Semitism

New Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says his government will fight anti-Semitism in all its forms.Ben Ariel, 12/21/2017, 5:16 AM

Austrian election winner: 'Zero tolerance' for anti-Semitism

Sebastian Kurz says he will demand a clear stance against anti-Semitism from potential coalition partners in government he's set to form.AFP, 10/17/2017, 12:55 PM

Netanyahu congratulates Austrian Chancellor-elect

Netanyahu phone Austrian Chancellor-elect Sebastian Kurz, invites him to visit Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/17/2017, 4:42 AM

Austria: A Europe Without Jews is Not Europe

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz joins in on calls in Europe for Jews to stay despite recent terrorist attacks.Ben Ariel, 2/17/2015, 3:14 AM