State Dept.: Kerry Will be 'Out of Town' During Netanyahu Speech

Where will Kerry be when Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses Congress? "Probably out of town", says his spokeswoman.Elad Benari, 2/20/2015, 12:12 AM

US Admits Shutting Out Israel from Iran Talks

White House accuses Israel of 'cherry-picking' information out of context 'to distort the negotiating position of the United States.'Gil Ronen, 2/19/2015, 10:09 AM

Jeb Bush 'Eager' to Hear Netanyahu's Congress Speech

Former Florida Governor says he is surprised by White House reaction to Netanyahu's upcoming speech to Congress.Elad Benari, 2/19/2015, 3:16 AM

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Republican Invite of Netanyahu

CNN poll finds 63% of Americans believe it was a bad move to invite Netanyahu to address Congress without consulting Obama.Ben Ariel, 2/18/2015, 3:13 AM

PM 'Expects the Courtesy' of Letting Him Address Congress

Netanyahu met Tuesday with US Reps. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) and Dennis A. Ross (R-FL), repeated his intention to speak to Congress.Gil Ronen, 2/17/2015, 1:40 PM

PM's Congress Speech to be Censored for Electioneering

Central Elections Committee ruled PM's Congress speech be broadcast with five minute delay so editors can remove 'electioneering' remarks.Ornit Etzer, Cynthia Blank, 2/16/2015, 4:17 PM

Rivlin: Israeli Leaders Should Address the Israeli Public

President Rivlin hints he is against Netanyahu's Congress speech, says Israeli leaders should present their opinions to Israelis.Ben Ariel, 2/16/2015, 4:45 AM

American Officials Deny Obama Admin is 'Punishing' Israel

Senior officials in Washington deny Channel 2 report that the Obama administration stopped sharing information with Israel on Iran.Elad Benari, 2/16/2015, 12:13 AM

Holocaust 2? More Horrifying than the Original.

Obama should personally drive Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Congress.Rabbi Dr. David Nesenoff, 2/15/2015, 5:04 PM

Bennett on CNN: Israel Will Not be the Next Czechoslovakia

Jewish Home chairman: Netanyahu's speech to Congress is essential so that Israel can make its case against a bad deal with Iran.Elad Benari, 2/15/2015, 6:29 AM

Jewish Democrats to Boehner: End the 'Firestorm' Over Netanyahu

Reps. Steve Israel, Ted Deutch and Nita Lowey say speaker John Boehner "politicized" U.S. relations with Israel.Elad Benari, 2/15/2015, 4:26 AM

Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel Supports Netanyahu's Congress Speech

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel calls on Obama to listen to Netanyahu's speech on the threat from Iran's nuclear program.Elad Benari, Canada, 2/13/2015, 11:24 PM

J Street Anti-Netanyahu Campaign 'Inflammatory' and 'Repugnant'

Anti Defamation League criticizes J Street's 'repugnant' anti-Netanyahu campaign for exacerbating 'already heated political moment.'Cynthia Blank, 2/12/2015, 2:51 PM

U.S. Jewish Orgs Pro-Netanyahu's Congressional Speech

ZOA condemns ADL and Reform Jewish groups for criticizing PM's acceptance of Congressional invitation.Hillel Fendel, 2/11/2015, 3:45 AM

Netanyahu and Congress: Wishful Thinking

The effect of a speech to half of Congress will be devastating.Dr. Avi Perry, 2/10/2015, 8:00 AM

Senators Petition Boehner to Postpone Netanyahu Speech

Democrats circulate a petition asking Speaker John Boehner to postpone the speech by Netanyahu until after Israeli elections.Elad Benari, 2/10/2015, 3:13 AM

Independent Senator to Boycott Netanyahu's Congress Speech

"I’m not going. I may watch it on TV," says Senator Bernie Sanders of PM Netanyahu's speech before Congress.Elad Benari, 2/10/2015, 12:15 AM

Reform Jewish Leader Calls Bibi Speech a 'Bad Idea'

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of Union for Reform Judaism, joins American Jewish leaders in urging PM to cancel Congress speech.Cynthia Blank, 2/8/2015, 8:37 AM

Biden Will Not Attend Netanyahu's Congress Speech

Vice President "expected to be travelling abroad" when Netanyahu addresses Congress next month, says official.Elad Benari, Canada, 2/6/2015, 10:08 PM

Senior White House Official to Visit Israel Despite Tensions

Despite tensions surrounding PM Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, senior White House advisor Phil Gordon will visit Israel later this month.Elad Benari, 2/4/2015, 5:14 AM

McCain: Relations With Israel 'the Worst I've Ever Seen'

Republican Senator John McCain says President Obama has had "unrealistic expectations" of Israel.Elad Benari, 2/2/2015, 6:12 AM

Yadlin: Netanyahu Brought Relations with U.S. to All-Time Low

Labor-Hatnua candidate for Defense Minister says Netanyahu "will not defeat Iran with speeches in Congress".Ben Ariel, 2/2/2015, 4:15 AM

Giuliani: Perfect Time for Netanyahu to Address Congress

Former New York Mayor tells Israeli television he has no idea why there is "such a fuss" over Netanyahu's speech to Congress.Elad Benari, 2/2/2015, 3:12 AM

Baker: Congress Speech Could Backfire on Bibi in Elections

Former secretary of state draws parallel to former PM Yitzhak Shamir, who confronted the US and was ousted by Rabin in 1992.Gil Ronen, 2/1/2015, 9:59 PM

Eli Yishai Accuses US of Intervening in Israeli Elections

Yachad - Ha'am Itanu Chairman Eli Yishai defends Netanyahu's right to speak at Congress; slams US and Israeli detractors.Ido Ben Porat, Cynthia Blank, 1/25/2015, 2:13 PM