'We lose a family, and all they lose is a home'

Terror victims' families turn to High Court to ensure court maintains order to destroy terrorists' homes; 'his family knew what he planned.'Eliran Aharon, 2/10/2016, 3:08 PM

The New Israel Fund and those who support it are helping terrorists

The NIF is now helping terrorists. Those who fund the anti-Israel organization cannot plead ignorance. Ronn Torossian, 11/16/2015, 1:00 PM

High Court approves terror home demolitions

Homes of murderers of the Henkins, Danny Gonen, Malachi Rosenfeld will be razed.Arutz Sheva staff, 11/12/2015, 5:17 PM

Judge: Jewish Home MK 'encouraging bloodletting'

MK Moti Yogev accused of 'encouraging bloodletting' against the High Court, for criticizing a decision to halt terrorist home demolitions.Shlomo Pitrikovsky, 10/25/2015, 4:14 PM

US Orthodox Response to Har Nof Massacre

The Orthodox community in the US has the ability to demand action when American citizens are murdered. Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn, RZA, 12/1/2014, 12:57 PM

HRW: Terrorist Home Demolitions are 'War Crimes'

NGO calls on Israel to end practice of demolishing terrorists' homes as deterrent after deadly attacks.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/22/2014, 7:01 PM