Hamas Orders More Terror Murders in Judea-Samaria

Politburo member Marzouk calls for terror until 'removal of occupation,' dubs murderers 'heroes' and 'pride of the nation.'Dalit Halevy, 7/24/2015, 1:13 PM

Hamas: 'Zionism is in Trouble'

Zionism “is in trouble,” the leadership of Hamas opined Sunday, as it gave its own evaluation of Operation Protective Edge.Dalit Halevi, 7/12/2015, 7:55 PM

Senior Hamas Member Condemns Sinai Terrorism

Mousa Abu Marzouk says ongoing Sinai terrorism "undermines our security".Elad Benari, Canada, 7/4/2015, 12:43 AM

New PLO Unity Government Talks 'Reach Impasse'

Fatah-Hamas rivalry heightens as talks break down within days; Hamas claims they were just 'some phone calls.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/30/2015, 1:25 PM

Hamas Accuses Tony Blair of Imposing 'Preconditions'

Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk responds to Quartet envoy's question of whether Hamas wants peace.Ben Ariel, 2/19/2015, 6:44 AM

Hamas Official: Egypt's Decision a 'Coup Against History'

Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk says decision to blacklist Hamas in Egypt is contrary to history.Ben Ariel, 2/2/2015, 5:14 AM

Is Hamas Considering Direct Talks with Israel?

Hamas said to be reviewing its strategy and might consider talking directly not just with Israel, but with the West as well.Elad Benari, 12/30/2014, 6:16 AM

Hamas: We're Committed to the Truce, Israel Violated It

Senior Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk says the group is committed to the ceasefire, claims Israel 'has repeatedly violated the agreement'.Ben Ariel, 12/21/2014, 2:03 AM

Hamas Blasts Fatah Over Failure to Rehabilitate Gaza

Hamas urges PA to facilitate the entry of construction material into Gaza, says it is frustrated that unity government isn't functioning.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/20/2014, 3:15 AM