Denmark: Two suspects arrested in vandalism of Jewish cemetery

Two men, aged 27 and 38, arrested on suspicion of vandalism of gravestones in Jewish section of cemetery in Randers.Ben Ariel, 11/14/2019, 6:02 AM

Stickers shaped like yellow stars placed in Scandinavia

Stickers shaped like yellow stars that Nazis made Jews wear during the Holocaust placed on multiple Jewish sites in Denmark and Sweden.Arutz Sheva Staff and JTA, 11/11/2019, 3:42 AM

Jewish graves desecrated in Denmark

Vandals desecrate more than 80 graves at a Jewish cemetery in the western Danish town of Randers.AFP, 11/10/2019, 1:46 PM

Muslim jailed for threatening to behead Danish queen

33-year-old sentenced to ten days in jail by Danish court, finding him guilty of issuing death threats over internet.Mordechai Sones, 10/29/2019, 6:57 PM

Rosh Hashanah Rescue 1943

In Denmark, planned arrests were set for Wednesday night, October 1-the first night of Rosh Hashanah. The Nazis assumed that the Jews would be in their homes that day celebrating the holiday. The Danes thought differently. Larry Domnitch, 9/29/2019, 11:59 AM

Trump cancels Denmark trip - over Greenland

US Pres. Trump cancels Denmark visit after Danish PM Frederiksen calls idea to purchase Greenland 'absurd.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/21/2019, 11:29 AM

Danes, Swedes, Germans and the Jews

Dazed Europeans will soon have no choice when it comes to Islamic control. Israelis know what it entails firsthand. What are you waiting for? Sarah Feld, 7/15/2019, 3:41 PM

In 1943 Jews found refuge in Sweden. In 2019 Jews are attacked there

Today, Helsingborg, Sweden is a small laboratory of European anti-Semitism. Giulio Meotti, 5/17/2019, 11:19 AM

Suspect arrested in stabbing of Jewish woman in Sweden

Danish police nab Muslim man suspected of stabbing Jewish northwest of Malmo in Sweden. Authorities not treating incident as hate crime.David Rosenberg, 5/15/2019, 11:45 AM

Danes downplay seriousness of physical assaults on Jews

Despite surge in anti-Semitic incidents across Europe, less than half of Europeans say attacks on Jews are an issue.Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 1/23/2019, 7:46 AM

EU sanctions Iranian intelligence unit

European Union freezes assets of an Iranian intelligence unit and two of its staff in response to its actions in Denmark and France.Ben Ariel, 1/9/2019, 5:00 AM

'Relations between Israel and Denmark are getting stronger'

President Rivlin hosts event marking the 75th anniversary of the rescue of the Jews of Denmark. 'Most Danes saw Jews as equal citizens.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/22/2018, 2:29 PM

'Zero tolerance for anti-Semitism and racism'

President Rivlin hosts an event marking the 75th anniversary of the rescue of the Jews of Denmark.Hezki Baruch, 11/22/2018, 4:37 AM

Iran: 'Zionists' trying to torpedo our relations with EU

Iran denies being involved in plot to carry out attacks in Denmark.Elad Benari, 11/4/2018, 5:52 AM

Iran: Mossad trying to kill nuclear deal

Foreign Minister Zarif accuses Mossad of working to scuttle Iran nuclear deal, shortly before new slate of US sanctions come into effect.Tzvi Lev, 11/1/2018, 8:38 PM

Iranian FM accuses Mossad of lying

Iranian Foreign Minister dismisses reports that Mossad aided Denmark in foiling assassination attempt.Elad Benari, 10/31/2018, 11:36 PM

Israel's Mossad foils Iranian assassination plot in Denmark

Mossad agency aids in foiling of Iranian assassination plot in Denmark against leaders of anti-regime group living in exile.David Rosenberg, 10/31/2018, 12:26 PM

Denmark recalls ambassador to Iran

Denmark recalls its ambassador to Iran after accusing Tehran of plotting a foiled "attack" against three Iranians in the country.Elad Benari, 10/31/2018, 4:32 AM

Denmark won’t fund groups that promote BDS, FM says

Following investigation into funding of groups tied to BDS, efforts to de-legitimize Israel, Denmark vows it won't fund anti-Israel groups.JTA, 10/29/2018, 2:52 PM

In Denmark, the world's only happy Holocaust commemoration event

In Denmark, Holocaust commemorations are joyful, celebrating the successful rescue of most of the country's Jews. But Danes are changing.JTA, 10/17/2018, 10:19 AM

'An attack on Jews is an attack on all of Denmark'

President Rivlin participates in ceremony marking 75th anniversary of the rescue of Danish Jews at the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/12/2018, 3:34 AM

Holocaust survivor: I've had nightmares all my life

Danish Jews recall desperate escape from Nazis, 75 years on.AFP, 10/11/2018, 12:52 PM

Rivlin honors Danish underground

Israeli Pres. Rivlin visits Denmark, lays wreath at monument honoring Danish underground.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/10/2018, 1:33 PM

Danish committee OKs draft call to ban circumcision

Path is now clear for nonbinding vote on a petition that calls for banning nonmedical circumcision of boys for humanitarian reasons.JTA, 9/28/2018, 5:28 PM

"Major police operation" seals off Copenhagen area

Major bridges and ferry services from Denmark to Sweden and Germany have been blocked, Danish police said Friday.Arutz Sheva, 9/28/2018, 4:16 PM

'It can be done:' New details on the rescue of Denmark's Jews

On Rosh Hashana 1943 and for three weeks after it, the Danes proved it could be done, but America was not listening.Dr. Rafael Medoff, 9/6/2018, 8:15 PM

What's the connection between Bluetooth and Vikings?

And how is this all connected with blue teeth and toothbrushing?Matanel Roth, 8/20/2018, 6:52 PM

Denmark won't ban circumcision

Danish Health Minister Norby says government will have no hand in banning circumcision, emphasizes close contact with Jewish community.Haim Lev, 8/13/2018, 11:19 AM

Denmark's ban on Islamic face veils comes into force

Women protest new Danish legislation banning garments that cover the face, including the niqab or burqa.Elad Benari, 8/2/2018, 5:45 AM

Some Danish Jews feel Denmark doesn't want them to belong

Denmark is considering a ban on circumcision. That has some Jews thinking about leaving.JTA, 6/16/2018, 10:23 PM

Danish circumcision ban to go to parliament

After securing necessary 50,000 signatures, proposal to outlaw child circumcision goes to parliament.AFP, 6/1/2018, 2:13 PM

Denmark bans Islamic face veils

Denmark approves law banning garments that cover the face, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa.Elad Benari, 6/1/2018, 3:06 AM

Denmark faces vote on circumcision ban

Petition to ban circumcision in Denmark nearing goal, would force parliament to vote on controversial proposal.Cnaan Liphshiz, 5/2/2018, 2:47 PM

Malaysia jails first person under fake news law

Malaysia jails Danish citizen who claimed emergency services 'responded slowly' after Hamas member was killed.AFP, 4/30/2018, 12:11 PM

Danish petition to force vote on banning circumcision?

Danish petition appears likely to force vote on banning circumcision.JTA, 2/21/2018, 9:13 AM

Denmark considering ban on Muslim face veils

Danish government proposes ban on niqab and burqa in public spaces.Ben Ariel, 2/7/2018, 6:37 AM

Danish bank denies involvement in BDS campaign

After New Jersey divests, bank representative denies boycotting Israel or Israeli companies.JTA, 1/15/2018, 7:46 AM

Palestinian Authority BDS organizations receive major blow

Denmark announces cessation of funding for PA NGOs after Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs report exposes ties to terror.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/23/2017, 8:47 PM

Denmark extends sentence of teenage ISIS supporter

Danish court extends sentence of teenage girl who plotted terror attack on schools at the age of 15 to 8 years in prison.AFP, 11/27/2017, 10:38 PM

Danish citizen who joined ISIS stripped of citizenship

Danish-born Muslim Enes Ciftc found guilty of supporting ISIS, has his citizenship revoked.Nissan Tzur, 11/17/2017, 5:44 AM

PA presents anti-Israel propaganda to students from Denmark

PA official meets students from Denmark, presents Israel as a colonialist power and accuses it of executing young Arabs.Dalit Halevi, 11/15/2017, 2:07 AM

Denmark to become latest EU nation to ban burqas

Coalition parties support law banning full-face coverings, including burqas, following in the footsteps of five European countries.Gary Willig, 10/9/2017, 6:46 PM

Denmark deploys troops to guard Copenhagen synagogue

Danish military deploys troops in Copenhagen to guard city's synagogue and the Israeli embassy.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 9/29/2017, 11:16 PM

Danish anti-Israel moralizers in huge corruption scandal

Danske Bank, which boycotted Bank Hapoalim, Elbit and other Israeli concerns for "ethical reasons," caught laundering billions of dollars..Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, 9/8/2017, 1:19 PM

The missing journalist making a storm in Denmark

Danish police identify headless body as belonging to missing journalist.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/23/2017, 9:51 AM

Discussion of NATO intervention to protect Sweden's neighbors

Denmark, Norway, Finland threatened by ISIS infiltration via Sweden's dissolving borders and collapsing sovereignty; Commentary.Mordechai Sones, 8/17/2017, 4:27 PM

Danish journalists to Israel: Don't close Al-Jazeera

Danish Union of Journalists says it is not in Israel's interest to close Jerusalem office of Al-Jazeera.Ben Ariel, 8/10/2017, 3:44 AM

Sewage cover from Ramat Gan - in Denmark

Israeli touring Denmark comes across a piece of home - covering a sewage pipe.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/26/2017, 1:11 PM

Denmark halts funds transfer to terror supporters

Danish government decides to stop funding for 24 anti-Israeli organizations. Netanyahu: 'Important step'.Mordechai Sones, 6/5/2017, 8:44 PM

Teenage jihadist sentenced to 6 years in Denmark

17-year old girl given 6 years in prison for ISIS-inspired plot to bomb Jewish school, other institutions.AFP, 5/18/2017, 7:10 PM

Netanyahu asks Denmark to stop funding BDS

Prime Minister Netanyahu meets Danish Foreign Minister following news that Denmark will assist organization supporting BDS.Ben Ariel, 5/18/2017, 12:04 AM

Danish teen convicted for plotting to bomb Jewish school

17 year old girl convicted of planning to bomb schools in Denmark, including a Jewish school, with homemade bombs.JTA, 5/16/2017, 10:11 PM

Danish teen terror suspect inspired by synagogue attacker

17-year-old charged with planning to bomb Jewish school inspired by terrorist who attacked Copenhagen synagogue in 2015.Ben Ariel, 5/12/2017, 5:36 AM

Danish Imam calls for murder of Jews

Jewish community of Denmark files complaint against Iman who preached that 'Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews.'AFP, 5/11/2017, 8:51 PM

Denmark bans entry to six 'fanatical religious preachers'

Denmark published Tuesday a blacklist of 6 foreign preachers accused of spreading hatred, including 5 Muslims and an American Evangelist.AFP, 5/2/2017, 2:17 PM

Trial of Danish teenager over alleged bomb plots begins

Trial of 17-year-old Danish girl suspected of planning bomb attacks against Jewish school begins near Copenhagen.Ben Ariel, 4/20/2017, 5:15 AM

Denmark teen becomes country's first female charged with terror

Denmark's first female terrorist gets released prior to trial.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/11/2017, 7:09 PM