Yaakov Hagoel urges governments to fight anti-Semitism 'like the other viruses'

World Zionist Organization leader condemns anti-Semitic graffiti in France, urges governments to fight anti-Semitism 'like other viruses.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/16/2020, 1:57 PM

'A vote for ZOA Coalition is a vote to defend Israel and the Jewish people'

The ZOA was the only US group at the first World Zionist Congress in 1897, helping to lay the foundation for the creation of Israel. OpinionYaakov Hagoel, 3/9/2020, 11:37 AM

Yaakov Hagoel, of WZO, wins Jerusalem Prize for fighting anti-Semitism around the world

Dignitaries honor Yaakov Hagoel after he wins the Jerusalem Prize.In cooperation with ZOA, 3/2/2020, 1:43 PM

US Jews unwittingly funding anti-Semitism on college campuses

Research finds Jews contributed billions of dollars to US colleges, including to schools at which Jewish students experience anti-Semitism.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/26/2020, 8:50 AM

Lebanese businessman who donated Hitler's items honored in J'lem

Abdallah Chatila, the Lebanese-Swiss businessman who bought Hitler's personal items to keep them from neo-Nazis, honored in Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/8/2019, 10:16 PM

'Masks are removed: Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism'

WZO, Jewish Agency praise French National Assembly for resolution acknowledhing anti-Zionism is modern form of anti-Semitism.Gary Willig, 12/3/2019, 10:04 PM

'Time for social media networks to be held responsible'

World Zionist Organization leader calls for social media networks to 'start acting' against online incitement and anti-Semitism.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/23/2019, 10:05 PM

'Argentine authorities must wake up to anti-Semitism'

WZO, Argentinian Jewish organizations publish study on worrying trends of anti-Semitism in Argentina.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/2/2019, 10:38 PM

'Anti-Semitic arsonists don't want to allow Jews true freedom'

Following Moscow arson, World Zionist Organization Vice Chairman calls on Russia's Pres. Putin to protect country's Jews.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/20/2019, 10:09 PM

'Time to make anti-Semitism a top priority'

World Zionist Organization's Yaakov Hagoel condemns Strasbourg anti-Semtism, says it's 'time to admit it's an anti-Semitic attack.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/2/2019, 8:06 PM

WZO Vice Chairman: 'Never a president who loved Israel so much'

Yaakov Hagoel: 'Unfortunately, regarding Pittsburgh, the writing was on the wall.'Orli Harari, New York, 11/7/2018, 10:12 AM

Why Revisionist Zionist leader Jabotinsky is still relevant

Ideas written by one of Zionism's greatest visionaries, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, are now coming to fruition. Op-ed.Yaakov Hagoel, 7/12/2018, 3:41 PM

WZO: France must intensify fight against anti-Semitism

Head of WZO Department for Combating Anti-Semitism sends letter to French President calling for tougher action on anti-Semitism.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/26/2018, 10:45 PM

One in four Jews in Europe hides his Jewishness

Survey conducted by World Zionist Organization finds that 51% of European Jews feel unsafe to be seen with Jewish symbols.Ido Ben Porat, 1/21/2018, 3:29 AM

WZO: Anti-Semitism on the rise in the US

World Zionist Organization survey shows spike in anti-Semitism in the US over past year.Hezki Baruch, 1/1/2018, 10:36 PM

'Jews are afraid to be open about their Judaism'

Rise in anti-Semitism in Europe causes Jews to fear appearing Jewish, threatens Jewish continuity in Diaspora.Hezki Baruch, 10/30/2017, 2:18 PM

'The criminals must be brought to justice'

Acting WZO chairman not surprised by latest anti-Semitic attack in France, calls for perpetrators to be brought to justice.Hezki Baruch, 9/11/2017, 5:06 AM

Anti-Semitic graffiti discovered in Ukraine

Anti-Semitic graffiti targeting the World Zionist Organization discovered near Holocaust monument in Ukraine.Chaim Lev, 7/31/2017, 5:46 AM

World Likud Chairman: We're not leaving Judea and Samaria

Over 600 members of the World Likud toured Judea and Samaria and gathered for a peak event at Shiloh.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/22/2017, 5:41 PM

'Jews are taking down their mezuzahs for fear of anti-Semitism'

Vice Chairman of the WZO says anti-Semitism increasing around the world, Jews in Europe afraid to even look Jewish.Shimon Cohen, 2/26/2017, 9:47 PM

WZO Head: 74% of anti-Semitic attacks unreported

WZO head Haguel's New Year message to Diaspora Jews: Stand firm against anti-Semitism but come to Israel.Yoel Domb, 9/29/2016, 1:13 AM

WZO Official: Antwerp Stabbing 'Not Surprising'

Yaakov Hagoel of the World Zionist Organization warns of increased anti-Semitism throughout Europe.Shimon Cohen, 11/17/2014, 3:14 AM

Watch: First Family-Sized Zionism Quiz at Ariel

Contestants speak about the first Zionist quiz for families, in which Judea Samaria families showed their knowledge.Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar, 4/9/2014, 1:43 PM